• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam34

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond there sky.

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Chapter 1: Waking Up

A set of brown eyelids slowly lifted up, exposing brown eyes below it. Those brown eyes went back and forth, looking around the dark room. The set of eyes belonged to a man who was wearing white armor that covered his whole body. The man tried to get up, only to feel a strike of pain shoot through his back. The man sat back down and rose up his left arm. A small silver device blinked green as he activated it.

"Hello? This is Clone Trooper Strider of strike team Indigo, does anyone hear me?" Strider asked into the device. When his only reply from it was static, he muttered something under his breath, before turning the com link off.

Strider once again tried to get up, this time ignoring the throbbing pain from his left leg. As he rose to his feet, he spotted an outline of what looked like another trooper. Strider limped over towards his fellow brother, happy to see that he wasn't the only trooper left after a scouting group likely left the Gunship. However, his happiness faded instantly when he realized that the trooper wasn't moving at all.

Strider bent down and checked the trooper for a pulse, but nothing came. Then, Strider's eyes fully adjusted to the darkness within the Gunship. He identified the entire squadron he had been deployed with dead, sprawled across the area.

"The crash..." Strider said out loud, the realization hitting him like a punch from a Super Battle Droid. He went around the area, checking every body to see if anyone had survived. But he had been correct the first time, they were all dead. That was, until he heard movement from outside the Gunship.

Strider looked around, seeing if there were any holes in the ship for him to crawl out. But the place seemed sealed. He went over to one of the doors and gave it a massive shove. It barely moved. Strider tried the other door, that one however shifted slightly.

Ignoring the sharp pain from his leg, Strider slammed against the door a few more times, before one shove finally knocked the door off. The metal sliding door fell to the ground with a loud THUD!, sending a small cloud of dust into the air.

Strider raised a hand to shield his eyes from the sharp light of the sun, until they adjusted again and he took in his surroundings.

The Gunship seemed to have crashed in the middle of a thick forest. Trees surrounded the crash sight, along with bushes, weeds, and strange flowers he couldn't identify. But that wasn't what Strider was focusing on. What he was listening for. Strider tried to hear the sound of footsteps he had heard from within the Gunship, but the only sounds he heard were a few chirps of birds and the gushing of the wind. That and the sound of sparks flying from inside the totaled Gunship.

Strider got out of the Gunship and began walking towards the other side, his boots crunching a few scattered leaves that had fallen victim to the ship. Strider looked up to see the two pilot seats. The whole ship was tilted away from him so he managed to get onto the ship and crawl up. Once he was on top of the machine, he looked over at the cockpits where the pilots should have been sitting. To his surprise, both were empty. He expected their bodies to be here, but they weren't. That meant that the pilots might have survived.

Strider would go looking for them later. For now, he got into one of the pilot seats and activated the navigation panel. He tried to see what planet he had landed on, but every scan led it to say unknown.

"That's strange, every planet that has been discovered has been inputted into the NAVA computer. That means, I crashed on an undiscovered planet." Strider told himself. A noise brought his eyes over towards the forest, where he hear movement from within. He began to get that feeling that he was being watched.

As quickly as Strider could with his wounded leg, he got out of the cockpit and back to the ground. He rushed over to the main area of the Gunship and looked around for a weapon. He quickly found a DC-15A, resting on the ground. He picked it up and primed it. Then, he grabbed the only helmet that wasn't on a dead body and put it on his head.

Strider, now decked out with a weapon and full armor, gave one last look at his fellow brothers, before walking off towards the forest. He needed to find the pilots, they knew about Gunships more than a classic trooper which meant that if they had any chance at leaving the planet, they would have to repair the Gunship. He just hoped this forest didn't have animals that would like to have a snack, or the two brought blasters. No clone or even Jedi knew what was lurking in that forest.

Even with his limp, Strider was quick to make distance from the Gunship, his eyes peeled for any movement or noise. He was about to make another sweep when he spotted a set of white armored legs sticking out of a bush. He rushed over to the bush and pushed leaves and sticks out of his way, until he saw the helmet of one of the pilots. Dead.

Strider stuck his head up as he heard the sound of something crunching down on food. He looked around the area he was in, only to pinpoint the area where the sound was coming from, which was behind a tree right in front of him. He made sure the DC-15A was primed, before advancing towards the tree. He took a peak around the trunk, only to see a haunting sight.

A strange wolf shaped creature made out of wood was chewing on something. On closer inspection, he identified the other pilot's helmet in the creatures mouth.

Strider had to hold back a gasp at the discovery, before quickly turning and rushing as fast as he could away from the creature. He swung below low hanging branches and over bushes, trying to find his way back to the Gunship. He stopped and frantically looked around, trying to identify anything that could show a sign towards the crashed ship. But everything looked the same. He was lost, alone, in a forest full of creatures he had no idea how to fight. Then, right when he thought things couldn't get worse, he saw the forest grow darker and darker. Striker looked up to see the moon rising into the air, followed by howls from the wolf he had seen.

Night had fallen...

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