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Children making mistakes when playing with one another is by no means a rare or unheard of thing. But one day, while doing just that, Spike and the Crusaders find themselves getting into a lot of trouble. And it isn't long before their carers are brought in to explain something very important to them.

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Very cute. This could easily have been a season 1 episode.

I like it, short, sweet and entertaining

"They're out-of-town a lot, so she's under the care of her Aunts usually."

Who are also out of town. Rainbow Dash does more care taking than her biological ever has.

Plus, we hardly see those 4 hanging out together.

In their case, doesn't out of town mean simply mean living outside of the Ponyville boundary, just like Rarity's parents do?

A nice little story with excellent portrayal of all characters. It's always nice to see the Mane cast in this role.

Considering it took the better part of an afternoon to get there from Ponyville, I'd estimate that the distance is somewhere between Canterlot and the White Tail Woods.

I know it's been said, but this does feel quite like it could be a season-one type story. Nicely done. :twilightsmile:

REALLY good job with the exchanges and situation here. EVERYBODY is completely in character for what they would be in Season One and as was mentioned by other reviewers, this IS a situation that makes A LOT of sense for a Season One episode. I especially liked what Twilight said to Spike at the very end.

To emphasize that last line, Twilight later uses a want-it-need-it spell to mind-control the whole town, Cutie Mark Crusaders included, and turn it into a violent brawl.

She doesn't pay a single bit for damages incurred.

Still, though, this is a good slice-of-life story about responsibility, with good dialogue and interactions, and a very season-one-like feel. And, as others pointed out, it's good to see a story where the CMC and Spike interacted, even if a punishment was the result.

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