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Also, did forget to mention, I'm taking chapter requests on this one.

If you have an idea for a classroom lesson for Rarity post it here or PM me.

If there's an upvoted idea I'll try hard to work it in.

Lesbian sex 101?

Considering it's Rarity, the obvious one would be proper flirting/presenting.

Proper speech. Rarity shows them how to speak correctly and enunciate their words, probably focused a bit more on Scoots and Applebloom then Sweetie. I'm not familiar with its actual name but it would involve the circular mouth gags that keep the mouth open.

Let's not forget table manners, i.e., the proper way to play with your food.

Ring gag.
Though speaking around bits may be similar. And actually doable .

Well... that was a little unsettling to read. Foal protection are gonna have a field day with this one.

Apart from that, well written and paced.

The obvious: a chapter covering the right way to interact with the other sex, including how to properly present yourself, then please them with your mouth and pussy!

A good little mare never touches herself, darling. That simply isn’t done.

Screw you Rarity, there's nothing wrong with masturbation.:twilightangry2:
Also, got rather dark there at the end. Rarity is a manipulative selfish bitch in this one.

I need her to use Sweetie to help keep her friends in line. With more and more things planned as 'lessons' it will become too unbelievable for them not to talk to Dash or AJ about it, unless Sweetie helps.

I think end goal will definitely not have her act like a monster, but rather just selfish.

Masturbation is out for now since Rares doesn't want them taking care of things outside the shop. They got to go to the source.

Alright, so next part is definitely some group play. Absolutely had that planned to go in.

Next I've gotten like three ball gag requests. I think that seems workable, so let's get some gags in those fillies!

Ideas for future chapters: magic cock, bondage, role playing, biuld up or forplay, rape descised as a lesson, proper toung tecnic, ECT.

This story hits so many of the right buttons, I love it! I'll definitely come back for more

Idea for future chapter: substitute teacher (Coco Pommel/Sassy Saddles/...) holds a regular etiquette (?) lesson, oblivious to Rarity's methods. Menawhile, the fillies have something that Rarity left them with that they can't relieve without her (say, magically stuck vibrator) and have to keep up the appearence of normalcy with the substitute.

This was a fun read. Obviously on the sinister side, but not so blatant that I just shrugged. Slow & subtle is the way to go, and the first 2 chapters are on point.

I wish that Molestiarity was my big sister. In keeping with the etiquette theme, one lesson that should make it in is table manners featuring a spread of suggestively-shaped foods that the two uncouth fillies cannot help but make rude comments about and an ensuing food fight. Follow that with a lesson on proper hygiene, since they are going to need a bath at that point.

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:scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry:: "But Rarity, where is your rich and powerfull mate?"

“Oho, has our little Pegasus already started clopping? That won’t do either, young lady. A good little mare never touches herself, darling. That simply isn’t done.” Rarity put her hoof over the small orange pony, guiding her back to her seat.

I bet Rarity takes this rule very loosely for herself.

Rarity smiled at all the fillies. “Very good! I expect you all to keep those inside you all day tomorrow at class. You may take them out to go to the bathroom, and nothing else.”

Good luck explaining that to Cheerilee, Rares.

this is reminding me of the tarnished silver series by HamGravy only more pleasant to read

I have only followed one author and it was HamGravy. I remember talking with him on discord years back.

Although I never could bring myself to his levels of depravity I do applaud his commitment.

I am totally ok with that. This kind of subject matter needs to be paced out carefully; sinister, but not graphic. If you go too extreme, it goes from a dark story to just 'extreme writing for the sake of itself', and the story will be lost.

Where did you get the cover art?

Apple Bloom started running her tongue down the flank of her friend, kissing her near her dock and tailhole.

Hopefully the next chapter will involve all four of them eating out each other's butts. :pinkiehappy:

Well, that escalated quickly.

I hope so, or Rarity with a strap-on, fucking their virgin asses

9706720 Yeah, that would be great too. I don't see why both can't be done. I'm hoping that this story ends in an orgy with Applejack and Rainbow Dash getting involved, so that their little sisters can show rather than tell them all the things they learned under Rarity's tutelage.

The fillies already have better posture after just one lesson, I'm surprised at how quickly they learn. Great chapter!

Lovely new chapter. My favorite part is Bloom and Sweetie getting to know each other, they're just too cute.

How can Applejack and Rainbow Dash be ok with Scootaloo or Apple Bloom wearing a bridle? Is it not as big of a deal as I think it is? They just trust Rarity that much?

9725009 Well, as Rarity said, ponies mainly wear them for decoration. Plus, if it's to keep them from swearing, I'm sure Applejack and Rainbow Dash won't see a problem with it.

So basically their sisters want them broken.

We'll be seeing this next chapter. I plan to get Dash and Applejack more involved, even though I'm bad at writing apple horse dialect.

You're right, somehow I missed that passage. Looking back on it,

“Of course, ponies today still wear bridles. Sometimes as strictly decoration, or for fun in the bedroom.”

I'm still not sold on such an accessory being appropriate for children. It seems to me that bridles today are toys mostly intended for sexual use, sometimes doubling as fashion accessories with a strong sexual connotation. The time in which they were used as an educational tool are long gone, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that such an use today is frowned upon. Furthermore, like the butt plugs, bridles may get uncomfortable if wore for long periods like Rarity encourages.

I must take notice that very little has been said about bridles in this story so far, and I'm likely biased by what I've read elsewhere. A lot will likely get cleared next chapter.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack have shown clear interest in going through with Rarity's lessons

“All ah know, is my sis tanned my flank last night when ah tried to get out of going back. She told me this was happenin’ whether ah liked it or not.” Apple Bloom said softly.

“That’s nothing. Dash told me she was sending me to some weird camp near Los Pegasus if I tried to get out of it again. She told me it got shut down for a few months for being too rough on the fillies there…”

They also are aware of the long-term benefits her lessons will have on the young ones. I doubt that they are aware of her methods and of their short-term side effects.

Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I'm excited for what light next chapter will shine on this topic


It seems to me that bridles today are toys mostly intended for sexual use, sometimes doubling as fashion accessories with a strong sexual connotation.

I kind of figured that was the whole point of them being used in this story. And I'm still hopeful that this story will end in an orgy between the CMC and their big sisters.


I'm still not sold on such an accessory being appropriate for children. It seems to me that bridles today are toys mostly intended for sexual use, sometimes doubling as fashion accessories with a strong sexual connotation. The time in which they were used as an educational tool are long gone, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that such an use today is frowned upon.

I'm strictly going off the show. We can see bridles on display with some of Raritys mannequins in episodes. The pony visitors from Saddle Arabia wore bridles. Cant remember the game, but a Hasbro branded game had promotional art featuring the mane 6 in bridles. There were some points in the show the mane 6 wore bridles but they were mostly tongue in cheek gags.

So my take is that its probably super uncommon and very much a relic of the past. Ponies would see it like wearing a top hat around town. It would definitely be seen as odd on children.

It's probably very embarrassing but not necessarily sexual to most.

Thank you for the clarifications.

My initial impression was off, now I have a better understanding of what bridles mean in this universe and of what they can mean with strict regard to the show.

Thanks again for taking the time to explain me this detail


I would also add the bridles in this story are purposely designed for sex play, as they have rubber gags on the bit. Of course, you wouldn't be able to easily tell that just looking at them. The filly wearing them would have to show you, or you would have to know some other way.

A normal bridle a pony would actually want to wear to a fancy shindig of some sort wouldn't have a gag in it to prevent talking. I would imagine the bit would be as unobtrusive as possible so the wearer could still speak normally.

I really hope that Rarity puts Applejack and Rainbow Dash in those bridles later for swearing in front of the fillies.

I wonder who will these 3 want as their mate?

This gives a me a great plot idea.

Pun intended.

So will button mash get revenge on Rarity

I hope we get another more extended and detailed tribadism scene later on. This one is good, but it feels like an appetizer to me. :rainbowwild:

Been really liking this story so far.:heart:

It may be me but I wonder if Blooms and SB keep doing stuff together they may just become lesbians.

Unf. Yet another great chapter

Having all the fillies flustered all day was hot, their interaction with older sisters on point. Tribadism also delivered splendidly.

Rarity's technique are starting to bear fruit, the fillies now going to her willingly and actively proposing new ways to expand on their lesson. What has she done :pinkiecrazy:

“Just like her sister…” said Rarity softly.

:pinkiegasp: that's an innocence I didn't think would have been broken. That opens up many new exciting possibilities, even the giant all sister orgy is now one step closer to reality

I do like the starting part on bridles, further clarifying their purpose and role in Equestria and the way in which other ponies see them. Rarity still managed to sneak clop in even there. Bloom genuinely surprised me, super excited to see where this goes

Oh don't half ass it you little bitch; either have her break them down until their completely helpless little toys or don't do it at all.


even the giant all sister orgy is now one step closer to reality

Yeah, that would be great! :pinkiehappy:

9745203 I hope that involves their butts. :twilightsmile:

Since bloom is enjoying humiliation, maybe pet play eventually?

“I bet it feels really weird, huh?” Dash asked. “It feels pretty strange the first few times, but you get used to it. I have one for fancy events at home; I barely notice it when I wear it anymore.”
The orange filly stayed silent. She had no way of knowing Dash was merely talking about her dress bridle, specifically designed to not even be felt when worn.

I wonder how Dash would react if she knew about the actual nature of Scoots bridle?
This parts gives me hope she won't react well...
(Same with AJ later.)

“No winking girls. Or off it goes.”

I would have expected Rarity would even encourage winking.

“Remember though, we are all proper fillies and mares here. If I hear about you clopping outside our classroom, you will be punished…”

I've got a feeling she would require lots of punishment herself if that would be the case.

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