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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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Coverart sauce: derpibooru ID:442982 or ID:443029

Both very NSFW.

Hopefully we get to the clop soon


Takes a lot of talent to make every character unlikable right off the bat.

The chapter name seems fitting.

Why do I get the feeling that every chapter title is going to begin with "Fuck" or "Fuck This?"

"Fuck this SHIT!"

I shouldn't laugh at my own jokes, but I fucking do

Pretty sure humans are the ones that can go the longest concerning stamina

Depending on how long it takes to get to the clop, I can see that title coming.

And the chapter after would be called "FUCKING YEET!"

John's about to undertake the greatest adventure of his life time. That being the exploration of the wondrous and mysterious anal cavern of the luxurious Daring Do. I believe he can do it, well he already did do it. Didn't he? :trixieshiftleft:

Just saying that Humans have much more stamina than horses, we just don't go as fast.

My hubby’s like three times bigger than that when he’s not even hard.

Don't horse wieners go back inside them when they're not hard? This mare is clearly lying to make John feel bad.

Equine penises do not retract inside their bodies.

By Equine you mean Equestrian Ponies, right? Because I live in Texas and I can tell you that I have not seen nearly enough floppy wieners for that to be the case for regular horses.

No, I mean real-world equines. Their genitalia are not physically capable of retracting into their bodies. They only retract as much as those of humans, i.e. into their sheathes.

Fair enough. I consider "inside the sheath" to be "inside the body," but that's just a wording miscommunication.

Still, we're talking about a stallion with a distance between his balls and tip of his sheath that's nine to fifteen inches long. Unless these stallions have dog-style dicks, that's pretty much all wasted wiener hiding in there.

So is this gonna be like the last story where you have half the chapter written down and will release them one at a time?

Christ, everyone is fucking unlikable, lmfao, I love it.

Good fucking show, mate

Wow. Everyone is an asshole.

At least none of them are Ass Hear.

Okay, but where's the dragon smex?

Good story, please Finish this one.

Now that humans can fly, will the pegasi get grounded?

Strong start, love the hate for everyone, definitely interested to see where this is going.

Can I hope for hate sex?

Hmm maybe John only needs time to adapt, that is one of the pride of humankind, we adapt according to the ambient, hot area? Our skin darkens, dense forest? We start to see patterns in which traverse, dangerous place with animals? Our senses gradually adjust, to detect predators.

Also an interesting fact, a human can separate sounds, something not all animals can do, so he can focus on what he wishes to hear, that is why when listening music you can focus in one single instrument if you wanted to.
Plus, true horses are faster but in a race of stamina, humans will always win because we sweat, as oppose to horses of ponies who also had to contend with an extra layer of fur.

So laugh it now ladies, once John adapts better, he will be on top of all of you…that came out wrong but you get the idea.

So what are the chances that they are looking for the magical Expand Dong crystal? Because it looks like it.

Honestly all the mares are so unlikeable I would rather read John beating the shit of them instead of fucking any of them, even Daring. Nothing is more of a turn-off than a grade A bitch.

I don't... I don't understand how this story wants me to feel. Everyone sucks, the pony are just unrelenting bitches john is just a bitch and this is one of the those story where the ponies are more or less the Ubermensch sooo (throes arms in the air) I don't know where we go from here?

If ponies are 3 feet tall, then their penises should be smaller than human ones. If they were that big, it would reach their heads.

Agreed. My whole thing on this site is the lack of description on bodies. Look at this picture of a pony from the show.
Notice how her head is bigger than her torso. Notice how a person would definitely make a big deal about her proportions if they saw this in real life. Notice how a brony would mention how a different body shaped pony would look if it was different than in the show.

Now, ponies have been calculated to be about three and a half feet tall. If they aren't, or even if they are, a human character would mention how tall they actually are. We as the audience don't know how tall the ponies in the story are because the author didn't mention it, just like most stories from most authors don't spend the effort to write one sentence telling how tall a regular pony is compared to a human.

Now for the penis. If a stallion's penis is, let's say, 20 inches long like I see in a lot of clop, then he either has to stand far back from the mare to get the expected 6 inches that her vagina could reasonably be expected to hold, or the author has to make the ponies the size of regular horses and explicitly state that in the story... Or he has to give the mare a vagina that extends deep into her rib-cage. Which you can do because of magic. Just state explicitly in the story that this is the case, or that Discord genetically modified ponies to have magically elastic vaginas, and internal organs that are very polite and just move out of the way during lovemaking.

The only reason I want more is to see a redemption Arc.

Glad to see you're back at it, Intricate!

Daring understands now, lol.

Fucking nice man, I love me a good Daring Do fic and this didn't disappoint. This is going nicely my dude, unless this is the end, idfk.
Keep it up and gimme some more Daring that isn't the stereotypical crap.


If the creature had anything like a pony’s stamina, John would tire far before it would.

Great, this is still in the story. Whatever, as long as the porn part is good.

Yes! I'm no longer feeling sorry for John! Oh, and scoring with Daring Do. Nice!

While the clop was earlier and different than I expected, I am not at all complaining. It was good all the same. Hopefully there's more to be seen.

Aw, Daring just fall in love…or is in a lust induced state. But either way, she is in love

Could you separate John's direct thoughts from the rest of the paragraph, somehow? It always gets confusing for a few seconds whenever it pops up.

A moan was all he needed to her


So wait, his stamina is worse than that of a pony but he can run as fast as a manticore and a very fit pony? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

At the best of times, humans didn’t have anywhere close to the same stamina as a horse

No dude, you're just you're average sedentary first worlder. A properly conditioned human can outlast pretty much anything on legs. Horses can't hold a candle to us, much less ponies :derpytongue2:

It might not be first person, but kudos on the unreliable narrator. He sounds like the kind of guy to complain a fuckton and then bemoan how the ones they're traveling with get pissed off with them.
Not that the mares are specially relatable, but them at least are not desk jockeys desperate for money, even if bitchy.

He was flaccid by then, so probably at two inches or less. This probably was setup for him getting hard later and surprising them.

Right. This is a clopfic, so I assume the human has at least the average penis length of five and a half inches erect. I forgot that the author mentioned that the human was a chunky boy, so he probably has an inch or more of adipose tissue hiding his flaccid length.

"Well, I’m not about to look a gift-horse in the mouth…”

“Good,” Daring said. “Fuck her in the ass instead.”

Goddammit AIDs, my sides! :rainbowlaugh:

The onion butt made me groan and laugh in equal measure. Sure, the porn is hot, but damn if this is not making me laugh more than it usually would :rainbowwild:

That came a lot sooner than I was expecting but I am not complaining!

Agreed, those bits need to be italicized or something.

Slowly, centimetre by centimetre

The metric system really took me out of it

Comment posted by Dunkle Dank deleted Jun 25th, 2019

“Not like that one guy with the ponytail who’s been trying to fuck me,” the violet one said. “It’d take a dozen pegasi to lift that boulder of a human.”

That was the most meta paragraph I've read in a story in a long time.

There are so many inconsistencies in this story, it's laughable!

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