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Dinky Hooves knew she was different to the other ponies in her class. she just couldnt seem to understand things the way the others did, and because of this, they avoided her. She could'nt find a single friend, except Mummy. Derpy and Dinky would have great times together, playing, baking, and doing just about everything they set their minds too. Derpy loved Dinky, even if no one else did.

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Me gusta :pinkiecrazy:
And YES. Finally! Somepony that uses Derpy instead of "Ditzy" as her true name!
TWO Mustaches for you, sir.------> :moustache::moustache:

much obliged sir:) :ajsmug:

Everyone likes an easy-to-digest sadfic. 'cept Fluttershy, she tends to stay away from them :fluttershbad:

1068286 that controversy will never die, will it?


although a few gramatial errors, i still enjoyed this very much. Moar plz :pinkiehappy:

thank ya kindly :rainbowkiss:

no, i guess not:rainbowlaugh:
but i hope for Derpy's sake we win it :derpytongue2:

This story is full of d'aww!

This made me happy, take my thumbs up!:pinkiesmile:

i will take your thumbs up and raise you a BROHOOF /)

1068368 Emotional investments in fan-accepted names aside, I think the only losers are the admittedly few outspoken minority who actually take personal offense to the word. For the average fellow, however, it shouldn't matter what her name is in the end as long as Hasbro decides on a canon name (which is *technically* ditzy doo but they didn't print it on the Comic Con exclusive toy box in fear of losing potential sales from diehards).

But hey I'm not here to discuss my indifference on the subject! I only wanted to say that there is no shortage of authors on this site who call her Derpy. I prefer the consistency at the very least on that.

Wow, that was heartwarming and very well written, only some minor mistakes which I don't care, even though you should.

I'll track you :twilightsmile:

yeah, there probably is mistakes in there. But, the reason is because i wanted the story to look more child based and innocent, to give a bigger impact.:ajsmug:

1068476 No, I don't mean that. You did that "child style" very well, yet there are still some errors, spelling and minor things like your and you're.

But nothing that does this wonderful story any bad harm :)

Ohhh, i get what you mean.
Cheers man /) :twilightblush:

:raritycry: but so sweet! /)^3^\)

i'm literally over the moon at the responses so far. i mean, i only joined a few days ago, so i never expected this!
i love all you guys, Brohoofs to all /):twilightsmile:
and moustaches :moustache: :)

Is Dinky autistic?

This is a hard question. You see, when writing, i wanted to show that Dinky had problems understanding certain things. But to avoid controversy, i refrained from giving her a named illness. So i guess you will have to fill in that blank for yourself :)

"Mummy, Why am I so different?" "Because sweetheart, you've got the most blessed and praised background character as a mother!:pinkiehappy:".
Now to the story, that was nothing short of great! I loved it and was a bit mad when those devil children stole her mom's picture! I wished The Cutie Mark Crusader's would've whopped their butts for it. I would like to see a sequel if you wouldn't mind that is, and would like to welcome you to FimFiction.net! :twilightsmile:

Anyhow it was a wonderful, I love it, wish for a sequel, you my friend get a 5/5,a like, a favorite, and a moustache!:moustache:

GAH! CLIFF-HANGER!! :fluttershysad: HNNNNG!


Is the author red different? :rainbowhuh:



Wait, what controversy? Derpy Doo and Ditzy Doo are two different people easily identified by their eyes. Derpy has all kinds of fanon works but Ditzy Doo on the other hand is smarter, has straight eyes, always has to cover when Derpy leaves with the doctor and is a Time Protector assistant.

Whatever are you talking about? :derpyderp2: Controversy. :rainbowlaugh:


Your red. The author comments' red. It's different. :rainbowhuh:

ohhh. I guess that because i'm the author, my comment has to be red, so people know that its an authors comment.


No, I know that!

The old author's red was burgundy. Now it's a different shade of red. The mods never said anything so i have no idea what's going on. :rainbowderp:

Oh, alright, yeah i get where your coming from now. But, i've only been a member for a few days, so for me it was always this colour. :ajsmug:

pure awesomeness :rainbowkiss: bravo:yay::derpytongue2:

Tried to do you justice Derpy, hope you'll be back soon :)
But seriously, cheers :pinkiesmile:

1154874 justice well served! Muffin for chu! :yay::derpyderp1:

This deserves more love!

I couldnt imagine it making the featured page, but if it did... wow!:twilightsmile:

YAY! Mini milestone of 400 views :pinkiehappy:
To me, that is ALOT of views:rainbowkiss:
Thanks to everyone who favourited, commented etc:twilightblush:

It`s sad and good story!

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