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Twilight is planning a party for Equestria's latest residency anniversary! Rainbow Dash has one little problem with it though. The Beer.

Preread and Edited with help from: anonpencil, Mikesnipe, Flammenwerfer, Freglz,

An entry for the Fimfiction Feghoot Festival

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Not quite sure I got it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I mean, do you want me to explain the joke, my friend?

“I was quoting him! You can’t get in trouble when you quote!”

Really? Do they not have Zerba rap music here?

Your pun fills me with reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but I still love it


I don't get it either... :rainbowderp:


Yes, please :unsuresweetie: ?

Really. This whole thing was a setup for a middle-east joke?

Israel - Palestine




Shit, how I missed that... :facehoof:



Thanks. I had a hunch you were heading toward that, but it kinda hard to guess it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

finger foods

Wouldn’t that be... hoof food doesn’t sound the same.

I laughed a lot. I pity the plebs who didn’t get it.
Israel is an illegitimate apartheid state built on genocide. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians!

Alex_ #12 · June 22nd · · ·

This pun Israeli bad 10/10

Y'all should be ashamed of yerself. :ajbemused:

That ending is terrible and you should feel bad.

I’m going to commit war crimes to your front lawn.

That was an impressive pun.

Even if we all know that when Anon wants some Israeli beer, Hebrews it himself.

*reluctantly upvotes*

I hate this...thank you. <3

Dude, that was better than the one in the story. Upvoted comment!

I read the comments anyway. =P

Kudos on the pun, by the way.

“Well, yes. B-“

ut actually no.

Wow, priest really scraped the "bottom of the barrel" for this pun.

Ha, I had to read the end a few times but I got it and laughed out loud. Great pun!

When Anon explained what he actually meant, Twilight tried to work out the friendship dynamics on a pair of blackboards, but she ran out of room. She just couldn't find a long-term two-slate solution.

Best of luck in the contest, Priest.

You too man! I'm pretty sure you've got me beat, but I didn't enter to win. I just wanted to make a real groaner :V

Did you really contrive an entire short story about beer being too dark so you could set up a five-word gag?

I think I'm proud of you.


I audibly groaned once I got to the punchline, which means I both love it and hate it at the same time :rainbowlaugh:

Same here, it was so fudging stupid I laughed :rainbowlaugh:

Urm. Okay then

Five minutes of my life has been well spent.

Author Interviewer

Fucking shit. :facehoof:

...Okay, wait, but that joke only works when written. <.< If he said it to her, she wouldn't actually be able to misinterpret the words as their look-alikes because they sound nothing alike. I call shenanigans! :|

holy fuck, that was incredible

everyone knows anon can barely speak and does all sorts of weird enunciation

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