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Exhibit 36, Museum of the Tyrant, Freecove.

The items are approximately two hooves tall, and one and a half hoof wide. The item, one of the oldest and most important in our Museum, harkens back to just after the founding of Freecove. Written by the hoof of Cicerone the Guiding Light in her final days of rule, the sheaf of loose parchment forms a detailed recounting of the events of the Tyrants and the invaders which forced Unicorn kind from our home. In this memoir, addressed to her granddaughter prior to her crowning as the Second Queen of Freecove, Cicerone lays bare her hope for our ponies. For hundreds of years, each Royal has passed this tome to their successor, that the memory and mission of our foreponies burns strong in their hearts.

For the first time ever, on the dawn of our 200th Selection, the Crown Princess has elected to display this account to the public. Please turn your attention to the screens behind you to find a full transcription, from the First Queen's hoof, of our escape from Equestria.

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