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Georg #2 · Jun 20th, 2019 · · 1 ·

You've done it, Estee. You found an accent⁽*⁾ which is more incomprehensible than the Southern US. Grats!
(*) Ok, technically it's not an accent, but I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. And there's a lot of doubt there.

B_Munro #3 · Jun 20th, 2019 · · 1 ·

Come on, Estee. Tell us what you really think of Displaced fics. Don't soft-pedal it. :twilightsmile:

It's like you read the FIMfiction "new" column.

You poor, poor thing.

Got MOST of it, but did not understand "awesome ass hear" :rainbowhuh:

Estee #6 · Jun 20th, 2019 · · 1 ·


There was an... inspiration for this one. I am 99% certain that party meant 'gear.'

Right! I was thinking "Aesir" (as in Thor) & that didn't make sense

This was horrible.
Also, hilarious. :D
Thanks for suffering through it for us. :)
...Though I missed some of the more terribly-misspelled things. Not sure I want to know, in general, but in particular I still haven't figured out what "Awesome Ass Hear" itself might have been supposed to mean.

edit after reloading and seeing the comment:
Ohh, thanks!

edit two:
Ah, sorry:

that was painful to READ.
clever ending, though.

... I think someone, who shall remain nameless, needs a break from the feature box :derpytongue2:

Estee #12 · Jun 21st, 2019 · · 1 ·


Don't worry. This story is not reaching the Feature box.

On merit.

...lack thereof.

I thought it was “awesome ass hair.” Which left me with two questions. Was it awesome ass-hair, or awesome-ass hair? And given the protagonist’s relationship with hygiene, how can any of his hair be awesome without the application of soap or shampoo?

(I demand a Pony Stark spin-off story!)

Edit: yes, I corrected “Spark” to “Stark”. Either I was concentrating so hard on correcting the protagonist’s speech in my head that I didn’t notice the difference, or you nailed the characterisation so well I just didn’t notice the name change.

"Oh, really ," was the dry response. "You show up dressed as a inbred hedgehog with the verbal capacity of concussed tree bark, and my knowing two basic facts which took rather less than a minute to research is the part you are somehow having trouble with?"

Damn, I felt that from here

The invader stared down at the heap of commas and apostrophes.

This is amazing and I love it.

You didn't have to put yourself through that kind of torment for a story, but I can't deny that it was a most enjoyable read. Especially the brief aside on which corner of the multiverse they're currently occupying, and everything involving Spark. At least some good came of this Iron Throne cosplayer.

Thank you for a wonderfully surreal comedy. Though I'm surprised nopony thought the creature was just really good at listening to donkeys... though I suppose that would mean he could listen to anything outside of his own head.

Estee, you're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The Feghoot Contest ?

Well... that... was a thing... that happened.

A very funny thing at least.

So, uh... You were saying something about some "virginal hypertitties?":pinkiehappy:

I loved seeing Mr. Stark, I mean Spark make an appearance. I wonder if he will recreate his wonderful suit?

Nice, fishing on the cliches of bad writers.

oh dear

Goood. Gooood. Embrace your hatred...let your rage flow through you...

"Oh, really ," was the dry response. "You show up dressed as a inbred hedgehog with the verbal capacity of concussed tree bark, and my knowing two basic facts which took rather less than a minute to research is the part you are somehow having trouble with?"

Needs some aloe for that burn.

Grumpy #26 · Jun 21st, 2019 · · 2 ·

I'am on this site since 2012 and i never read a good Displaced story.Never were able to find one and i enjoy HiE.Good job,it was a fun read

Why do I have a feeling this man is an Ork in disguise?

Not well-spoken enough for an Ork.


As a former displaced writer and on behalf of everyone who has written/is writing these stories, I simply must state that I am incredibly amused.

Have a like.

I don't think it's impossible to have a good one; just about any concept or idea can be made to work, and the execution matters an awful lot... but I think it's improbable, as the authors who are skilled enough to make it work, aren't going to write one, except maybe as a parody as happened here.

Okay. That was horrible to read, but hilarious on comprehension.
The saddest part is that I can relate to Twilight here. I knew a 'person' who would have fit the description and mannerisms of the Invader down to a 'T'. In REAL LIFE! :pinkiegasp: The... misshapen lump of mutant 'humanity' (I can't really refer to the 'person' as a guy because it was never confirmed if it was, actually, male), would enter the Gaming room at the store, immediately demand all the table space for it to set up whatever game took its fancy, then proceeded to break every rule in the books trying to prove how awesome its gaming powers were. No matter what the game: tabletop, RPG, computer game (it broke several controllers over the course of three weeks during that phase) and if we defeated it, A.K.A. 'thrashed its sorry ass', it immediately decided we were full of shit and ran home to whatever spawn of the Underworld gave birth to it. Only to show up the next Saturday with something "new' to try and beat us at that we'd abandoned several months before.

Not to mention it kept ogling at my chest... though, in its defence, as the only female gamer in the group, it hardly had anyone else to ogle at. :raritywink:

I ran across it several years later, after WoW had released Lich King. It hadn't learned any semblance of proper English (or any other normal language, for that matter), it still turned people away from it in droves with its attitude (thought anyone who played anything other than Humans were nothing but trash, just for starters), and I believe it still holds the record for the longest time a corpse has been camped (thirteen entire guilds working around the clock for thirty-five days straight, taking turns, of course). I still to this day wonder if it hadn't just decayed away in its chair in front of the keyboard instead of dying like any decent person might have done (or just made a new character).


I suspect even James friggin Joyce would have trouble understanding what the heck is going on.

Took me a fat minute to read. Deciphering his speech was an absolute nightmare.

Reading the entirety of this story, however, was not.

First of all, why did you do this to me?

Secondly, the pills... I don't get it.

Translating that was physically painful, I’ll have you know.
Still, a fun read :twilightsmile:

It may have physically hurt to write (and my sympathy to you there) but it was still a right giggle. Letting it read itself out with the text to speech function was fantastic too, the misplaced 1's between exclamation points were a nice treat in particular.

That was painful to read.
And amazing.
And funny.
And painful (it needed saying twice).

I don't get the fish pills though.


…That is, gear that belongs to an awesome donkey? :pinkiesmile:


Aloe is quite a nice mare and doesn't deserve to come within smelling range of that... person.

Pinnacle of literary achievement, right here. Where are we going to go now that we've peaked as a species?

I especially liked the part where they got the multiverse confused. It's rude to link was great too.
It almost makes up for the brain cells lost trying to read the protagonist's 'dialogue'.


There's only one donkey with awesome hair in Equestria, and he would likely be quite vexed if some idiot ran off with it.

The saddest part... is that I have a friend who texts me exactly like that... and I could actually understand about 75-80% of what this guy was saying the first time I read each of his lines...

And the other sad part is that a lot of displaced stories end up unfortunately like this to the point of where I've been in writing limbo trying to think of an idea that wasn't already innately broken and could make for an interesting story because of all the ones that I haven't been able to complete so far.

SRY #44 · Jun 21st, 2019 · · 7 ·

So first off I enjoyed the story, but....

Did you really have the ponies violently murder someone they knew was basically a mentally retarded minor and was for all practical purposes harmless? And they are the good guys here?

Ow ow my head hurts....and my grammar bone exploded. Honestly only got half way before the pain became insufferable. The culmination of all the bad text and gameplay comments ever seen! Also....
:moustache: {"So does this mean I'm Twi's literal armour??? Spiked armour...ahh now I know why Twi is purple, bruised from the armour!"

Now my brain is trying to comprehend what Anthony 'Built a miniaturized Arc Reactor in a cave with a box of scraps' Edward Stark can make with access to Equestrian Magic...

My bad, the power went out in my house while I was reading this. When all the links came up as "Server not found," I thought that was a joke in the story, not my internet router being off. Already reading that Monster Girl fic.

It's okay to treat anyone badly if they are being big jerks and also threatening you and your friends with rape.

"Well," she placidly said, "he did dare us to just try and put him in pail..."

Still trying to figure what he said that refers to this?


Well one time he was banished to the realm where Thor’s hammer was created and he helped the Dwarves make him a new armor. So magical metal+Iron Man tech equals a lot of pain for his enemies at the time.

"I'm sorry," she said. "Believe me, I've never been sorrier to say what I'm about to in all of my life, but -- could you repeat that last part?"


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