• Published 25th Jun 2019
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Behind The Name - Zippi

No pony, even the ones who seem to be living a dream, have it all

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The Letter

Dear fans,

I want to start by saying thank you. Thank you for everything, for listening to my music and for coming to my shows, for buying my songs and supporting me, It means everything to me. Its been a long ride and I couldn't be more happy, you've all made my dreams come true and I couldn't be any more thankful. Thank you to all my friends, family and peers for believing in my work and helping me get this far, I couldn't have done it without you.

I want to continue on by saying thank you to my brother, well not actual brother but the bond we have sure feels like it, and manager Premium Slot, I couldn't have gotten where I am today if it weren't for you and I'll never forget everything we've done together, you've been there for me many times and I'll always be grateful. I won't go over everything we've done together because its not over yet, we've got more time ahead of us. From sister to brother, manager to artist. I'll forever enjoy this road no matter where it leads us.

Second off I want to say thank you to everyone apart of my management team. You've all been with me since the very beginning and I couldn't be happier with everything that the team has done for me. Without your dedication I wouldn't be here and I'm forever grateful to everypony from the team.

With all this being said, I've done some thinking over the past few months and have come to terms with many things. One thing though has never felt right and Its what this is all about. I've reached a point where I've had to make some choices and really think about my mental and physical health and decide whats right for my future. After much deliberation and many talks I've decided that I will retire from touring at the end of this year, no more shows. I've enjoyed every opportunity and the chance to travel that its given me but I never felt right on stage, its not for me. I ask you to understand and stay with me through this journey, the end of live shows doesn't mean the end of PON3. I will never give up music and I will continue to speak to my fans through it, this is not the end.

The shows for the rest of the year will be reduced but not all will be cancelled, I plan to finish my current commitments.

Thank you all once more for everything, I will keep making ponies happy with my music as I re-evaluate myself and grow as an individual.


Vinyl Scratch

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