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A series of shot stores. Telling how the Equestria girls like to relax when they can.

Chapter one: Rarity and Twilight.
Chapter two: Twilight and Rarity.
Chapter three: Pinkie and Sunset.
Chapter four: Fluttershy and Rainbow.
Chapter five: Rainbow and Fluttershy.
Chapter six: Applejack and Sunset
Chapter seven: Sunset and Applejack
Chapter eight: Sunset and Applejack

Edited by The Dark Wolf

Contains: Farts, wetting, messing, soap/washing, food play, pet play, Olfactophilia, and fun in the rain.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 4 )

You forgot to edit the long description to say "Chapter 3: Pinkie and Sunset", and add "food play" to list of fetishes

Thanks I mad the changes.

Love it, and nice touch with the wetting while kissing.

Why make this a fetish story? The synopsis makes it sound like it'd work fine as a normal story.

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