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Just thought I'd give writing this kind of thing a go. May write more depending on how well this goes

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This was pretty solid for a first time. I thought Flash's orgasm was a little stale but you did bother to take the time to properly set up the scenario which was greatly appreciated. Many are usually in too much of a hurry to get to the action. The dialogue wasn't too cheesy or obnoxious either, which is something even vets can have issues with. Again, a real good start with hopes of more to come.

Yeab flash is going to die if Shining was piss enough to break his noise by catching him ass grabbing the kids gonna be castraited finding out her had sex with his wife also a big error you write did not kill i think you ment killed like last time

Good set up but there are some grammar issues.

Awesome hope you continue this.

Very very nice any chance of a sequel?


I'm gonna turn into an English teacher and say there were quite a few spelling errors but overall the story was fantastic!

9790089 Out of all the languages I know, English is not my best.

I apologize if I came off as rude. It wasn't my intention. Seriously though, the story was absolutely fantastic! Wonderful plot!

I want a sequel too, maybe where Twilight finally decides to go all the way and talks to Cadance about it and they both tag team Flash.

9790358 It's cool. Honestly, I know I suck at grammar and stuff like that.

She stepped out of her car and walked up to the two story suburban home. She figured Flash's parents were probably both still at work, having learned his dad was an archaeologist and mom was a history professor. She stepped up to the door and rang the bell.

I know where you got this inspiration from...and why are you not updating anymore of your stories! I NEED MOAR!

I love this, I need more.

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