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A German who likes history, and WW2 technology but not war. "Within the darkness there is light and hope"



This story is a sequel to A Black Sun Rises

It was supposed to be a fun day. Nothing but spending time with her friend, Lilly Longsocks. But a new adventure on Earth awaits.

The legend of The She-Bear.

Can they survive the legend of The She-Bear?

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Good and intriguing beginning, I am waiting for next chapter!

Thanks, it will be up in a few days

Good, good! It's becoming more inretesting, I can't wait to see a new chapter!

It stills interesting and great! I'm glad to read it!

Glad to hear it!. Last chapter in Saturday

Comment posted by RainbowThunder deleted Jul 6th, 2019

Good story, now I am going to read sequel.

The story was pretty good and it gave me the feeling that there was going to be an occasional reference to CoH2 at the time of reading the first chapter and then finally there was, and the way you placed the tutorial mission of the game was pretty good I literally imagined the full mission with hud and everything, with the protagonists nearby, and the part of the prison (by the way, the link at the beginning of chapter 5 is banned on youtube) was tense but it made me laugh about potatoes as pomegranates in training and at the time of the commissioner already said that "this bastard will not get away with it"
and the spirit was, it seemed strange to me that this spirit appeared in "A black sun rise" and did practically nothing and by the time I was reading this it gave me the extreme sensation that would make its appearance and save the protagonist...well expect for Casp that he did not survive, even if it was in the last chapter and with what dinky said at the end

I am sure his assistance will come in handy.

she is right, he help will be quite useful
and yuri's death is already too bad luck to die that way after surviving the stukas attack
and good choice of the soundtrack of the company of heroes 2

Really? The Link Works just fine for me. And the Potato, its From The Red Army Training of cod 2

How strange, now the link works, maybe it was an errod from youtube or something and the potatoes had no idea that it had been used in COD2

Yeah, strange at times. And about cod 2, funny is friendly NPCs don't react if a potato is thrown at them, but hostiles will be confused/surprised and can even die from it. Blau's comment is a reference to that

Killing an enemy with a potato must be fun xD
and what confuses the enemy and the allies do not react to potatoes is a good detail

>Hot Chocolate
>Eastern Front

Hey, its the best way to warm up for a Child

No, it's just the Eastern Front was a hellscape and I thought it was funny that a Wehrmacht unit had access to hot chocolate mix.

Of course. I just took that so they could warm up, plus, given it's 1941. it isn't that bad yet

It's fine. I mean, what's better for kids to warm up than hot chocolate? And as it's 1941, the sitation isn't that bad yet

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