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As the girls settle into a fun day at the beach, Sunset and Trixie get the opportunity to explore their newfound friendship. They soon discover a common thread that ties them together and, beneath the starry sky, they find the warmth and hope they had each been searching for.

This story takes place shortly after the events of Forgotten Friendship.

Some lovely fanart by starwantrix :


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Comments ( 23 )

amazing story. makes me wanna start shipping these two

This was lovely. Thanks for sharing it.


Well, it was definitely worth the publish. I love it. I'm also always up for some SunTrix shipping.


Simply, certifiably adorable!

This is one of my favorite ships in all history and I am ecstatic that you've written a story detailing it!

As a writer, I'm sure you know that the mark of good writing is keeping those who read interested, and I am gratified to inform you that I unequivocally continued reading throughout my evening -- only pausing to maintain physicality through eating and the like. Hence, it is my pleasure to thank you for delivering this risibly-pleasant form of entertainment!

My only issue was that, at some point, you capitalized, "Sun," and later did not. It's not grammatically incorrect either way (I don't think); however, it is my opinion that, "Sun," is a proper noun like the star names of, "Vega," "Arcturus," and, "Betelgeuse." Of course, I don't see myself of anyone ever saying, "Did you check out those emissions from Sun recently?" so I am conflicted with the idea of referring to the Sun as a proper noun -- thence I recognize why people would consider it an improper noun -- but at the same time I like the way, "the Sun," reads capitalized and I see that everyone calls it, "the Sun," rather than, "a sun," or, "our sun".

Really, what hurt me was seeing it read capitalized once and then, in the same paragraph, it not being capitalized, but this is such a minor thing and so damn irrelevant that I honestly feel the need to apologize for mentioning it. Still, not that I exemplify the following claim, consistency is important; do as I say not as I do!

This story is adorable, gave me that giddy sensation that only romance ever has, and deserves my deepest approbations!

Thank you again!

I want you to thank for your time of this wonderful read!!! I definately enjoy every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff of your blog a must read blog! shell shockers

Rarity was right. Adorable.

Sunset, still lying on her front, peaked over her shoulder.

PEAKED — Reached a maximum or summit. The ‘A’ looks like a mountain peak.
PEEKED — Took a quick look at. The two ‘EE’s look kinda like two hands playing peek-a-boo.
PIQUED — French for pricked or poked. In English used mainly in the phrases ‘to pique one’s interest’ or ‘in a fit of pique’.

Kind of a slow start, but very nice story. Sunset and Trixie made a fun duo in Forgotten Friendship, and I enjoyed seeing more of them together.
Too bad it ends before Trixie shows Sunset her card tricks.

And then they fucked. The end
Joking aside I loved it

Thank you! After watching Forgotten Friendship they immediately became my favourite ship!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the kind words! SunTrix doesn't seem to be very common unfortunately haha.

Thanks so much! I'm very happy that something I wrote was able to captivate you in that way :raritywink:
I did a little research and it seems that, according to the Chicago manual of style, sun should be capitalized when it is not preceded by the, or when other celestial bodies are mentioned in the same sentence. You're absolutely right about consistency so no need to apologize. I'm usually pretty good with that sort of thing so thanks for pointing it out!
I keep trying to write stories in other genres, but romance is the one I keep coming back to. The giddiness is certainly a lovely feeling :twilightsmile:

Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the tip! Bit of an embarrassing error on my part but I've corrected it now.

I realized as I was re-reading it prior to posting that it does have a very slow start. I was worried the payoff might not be worth all the buildup, but I'm glad you liked it. Perhaps I'll write a sequel someday that's chock-full of Trixie's card tricks

I considered writing a saucier ending, but decided to keep things wholesome for now haha.
Glad you liked it though!

"Sorry we're late, guys. Ah've never driven here before and, uh, Pinkie was navigatin' so..."

:pinkiegasp:Yes! And then I told A.J. to turn puce at the thing, by the place, leftish but not up, sorta cinnamon but she turned magenta instead and we really had to push to make the trip in less than nine parsecs but thanks to a handy tesseract, we managed to get here in Neapolitan!

:ajsmug: Actually, Google Maps had us turn early and we had to backtrack.

This was so sweet and adorable, oh my gosh!! So much that I'm saying things like "oh my gosh." Now That's What I Call Content Vol. 69

Absolutely adorable.

This is a criminally underrated ship and I'm alway happy to see new storys of it

Man this was a great story.

It had some cheesy elements for sure, but the stellar characterisation and the vivid scene descriptions really made it work to it's own benefit.
Grounded, wholesome, cute and all around lovely, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Well done! :raritywink:

Trixie the great and powerful friend of our favourite redemption girls.

Absolutely adorable fic with one of my favorite ships :heart:

Hope to see a sequel (maybe of their first official date)

This is awesome), thank you very much for such a great story.

Lovely story 😁

I'd sure love to see this happen in the series after the events of Forgotten friendship that I hate and cry about since time broke my heart

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