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hi just a somepony who knows a few cursed individuals that get down voted for content but don't care because what they wright makes sense to them

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Are these stories one continuity?

their side stories for a continuity. yes I currently have a mess of chapters and stories thought I'd rework and recycle some here vorebelle will be reuploaded but I have to work out some "kinks" in the flow and backstory

Two other questions:
1. Is the vore fatal and permanent, or is there regeneration?
2. Would you be willing to take ideas?

I'm open to ideas and no never fatal sentient fat at worst

Should I put them here or PMs?


Descriptive vore is definitely going to require an M rating. Already took care of it here, but for future reference, unbirthing is not a T-rated topic.

Great start. Needs a few edits with misspellings and a few other things.

I do think Rarity should explain her intention with her would be foal crying tears of joy at a second chance at life. But I digress.

If you'd like, I'd be happy to help with edits if you ever need them

When's the next chapter or short?

unknown but I'm open to suggestions (there won't be much continuity just characters who know each other mentioning one another or rarity still having her new friend/foal with her when she appears in another chapter) other than that nothing


How does this keep getting up to the top of the recent update when searching vore?

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