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I'll see you Starside, everyone. Through rain, shine, or clouds. (Crossovers Only)


in the realm of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle and Spike are working on a new spell that would enchant the Mirror Portal, allowing it to connect to worlds beyond Canterlot High.

However, the spell misfires, shattering the mirror and causing a rift that sends Twilight to a realm inhabited by mystical creatures known as Pokemon alongside the Humans that live, work, and battle with them.

Just as Twilight begins her journey alongside a group of humans and their Pokemon partners, evil begins to cast a shadow once more, not just over Kalos, but the whole world and regions beyond.

Are you ready for battles worthy of legend?
Pokemon crossover, set in Generation 7. Will have game and anime content and characters, alongside content and my Character from the fan-game Pokemon Sage. (I have received permission to use content from Pokemon Sage beforehand.) Will have violence and swearing, with some blood.

Pokemon Sage Wiki is here, use this for reference to Sage content.

Roster of Trainers and their teams is here.

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