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This somehow was good for a 1,000 word story...huh..(heh coco n u t s)



I'm so good at jokes. *wink wink*

Yea, i see nothing wrong to your story, you did a good job on this!

. . . . Is it bad that I read this entire thing in Wuten’s voice?


Any voice besides mine is probably a good idea.

D-deez nutz ha! Got'em

-some black pranker

This was a completely retarded wast of time and I'm pretty sure we're all a little more autistic for reading it.

I love it:pinkiecrazy:


It wouldn't be a story by me if it wasn't incredibly dumb and padded. I'll win the award for "Most Forced Narrative."

I dunno, man. Personally, I thought the over all roll of the narrative and the sense of humour reminded me of George Carlin, a bit, so that’s a big thumbs up!


The day that I'm as funny as George Carlin is the day I start sh*tposting when I'm out of ideas.

Oh wait


You mean my life? Yes, yes it is.

A work of art, you've brought tears to my eyes with the beauty of your writing :raritycry:


Is that like the tears you get from smelling an old onion, or...?

This improved my life on a very large scale. I'm pretty sure I have achieved the third eye reading this. A m a z i n g


I'd have thought it would remove your other two eyes and ruined your life, but to each their own.

Hey guys, I'm working on a new story where Nightmare Moon loses her keys and must travel to the Ends of the Earth to find them!

Found this in derpibooru.


Really? Derpibooru? Wait, the art or the story?

Because if the story, I'd like a link.

Wait, aren't bat ponies an actual thing here? Wouldn't that be considered offensive?

No, because bat ponies aren't bats. If they were, then it still wouldn't be, because then bats themselves would understand how difficult it is to explain it to their own species when they're retarded, and understand you completely...unless they're SJW bats, in which case they could make literal REEEEEE noises and would be upset if you so much looked at them.


Questioning the logic of a story called "She Wants The D" with the chapter called "Nah Boi."

You must have even more free time than me.

I wasn't questioning, I was answering. Anon was questioning. :trollestia:

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