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Writing wrongs.


I was there during the Canterlot invasion. Something happened that changed me, slowly. I lost myself to it...

An experiment in something stupid. Perhaps some of you will like it, but this is a warning that many will be disappointed. I had to write it, though.

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Violence, death and random tags? I like it already. :heart:

Plus with Canterlot in ruins, that means tourists will flock to the Crystal Empire. It's a win-win for you Cadence.

"No, he is not Daddy anymore, but Deaddy," I said somberly.

The mare cried, and her daughter also cried, and it was hella sad. In fact I felt so sad for them that I shot them both with a green energy beam, killing them insanely before they even hit the ground. Nopony should suffer losing a family, and they were better off dead like their father. I shook my head. It was never easy..........

Thug Life.

Are these horribly hard to miss typos on purpose? Also I think with all the random commentary and just the general vibe, you need a comedy tag,

The idea was for the writing to become increasingly awful, and yeah, good point. I'll add a comedy tag.


The first badnessess I was like "wait... that's definitely not an accident because [you] are a talented writer person" And then I got it and it gotted. I bet pople into bmimbofictation would fap to this.

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