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Thunder Volt

Just a brony that has a real knack for writing adventure and romance. With some smut from time to time!!


Jackson McLaughlin, a hybrid canine from across the waters that bordered Equestria, decided it was a good time in his life to leave everything behind and travel to Equestria, a place of magic and talking ponies. Ponies that stood, on average, up to his stomach. Sneaking onto an airship late one night, he starts his adventure to a new land, and hopefully, a new life.

However, as with any true story, nothing ever goes your way. There's always bumps in the road. This is his journal, and his attempt at living as a foreigner.

This is my first attempt at an adventure/romance story. Hopefully it's as good as I want it to be.

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Comments ( 2 )

I am interested. I'll be tracking this for now.

Well, the ponies will become more prominent coming soon. I've got a few plans for this story, so stay tuned!

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