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I'm a practising Seventh-Day Adventist Christian trying to improve his stroy writing and drawing skills.


Ponyville's new colt is from Ponyville, but nopony remembers him. He's not scared to make friends or face the shadows following him.

This story was originally a 2017 role play GM'ed by Commander Stryker. The story has been heavily edited and proofread with permission and supervision. Also participating were Tzarina 8472 and Captain Sea Dog.

Special thanks go to the friendly people on the FimFiction Discord server who are helping me improve my writing.

Rated T for presence of firearms and military action later on.

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Writing the story in the present tense is an interesting, but questionable choice, I think.

I actually take a few tips from my sister now and then, Taz. She's been writing Sonic fanfictions for quite a while, and she's pretty good. Present tense lets you add a quip of backstory to a moment without having to differentiate it from the main story. Thanks for the comment.

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