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When you wish you could just yell at the character for there mistakes xD

This story has a lot of potential, I'd love to see how this plays out.
Keep up the good work.

When it 3AM and you see a spider but you have a book

Hast thou memories lost, just like you and the cursed woods.

Nice work, teach then the wrath of the Raven Knight

How dark will this story get? It won't reach Dairies of a Madman dark, will it? I won't read it if it does.

Comment posted by PsychoFox44 deleted Aug 13th, 2019

The story won’t get any darker than this for our main character. But there is going to be a few dark spots in the story.

The ears of the death, The strength of the week.

Did you mean "deaf" and "weak"? If yes, you might want to fix that.
Typos in story description tend to not leave a good impression on would-be readers.

I was going to point it out myself but I couldn't think of a good way of wording it, that has got to be the best wording on a correction I have seen, at the very least, in a long while.

This is a promising story hope to read some more of it soon

I want more, defiantly want more. Yes!

More please what class is the MC and what his race is he pony?

I like that it involves a changeling as not many good stories that catch my interest like this one does,

And I can’t think of anything bad so far.

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