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Upon finding a cradle on her doorstep Then-Teacher Miss Celestia decides to see if anyone in the City of Canterlot has abandoned the child. When no one claims it for the month that she had promised to her sister the two of them choose to raise the child on their own, not knowing that said infant isn't from their world.

Without a name that they can understand, Celestia chooses to call the child Solaris and raise him to be a fine scholar, but Solaris' nature comes into conflict with how he is raised and this causes issues for the new family. Will they be able to fix these issues by the time he reaches adulthood, or will Solaris become just another thug in the alleys of Canterlot City?

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 5 )

It is a good start. I kinda want to see what happens next.

I'm not used to getting feedback, but thank you for the comment on my fic. I hope that you will continue to enjoy it

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I like your story, it's very intriguing. Keep up the good work! 😁 The plot was good and I like it. 👍 I can't wait for the next chapter to release!

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