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What's a forlorn fashionista to do when the rainbow-haired ruffian who made her teenage years miserable comes crashing back into her life? Join a fighting tournament to beat the hay out of her, of course.

There will be blood... and smooches.

A slow-burn, Raridash-flavored Omniship adventure.
Cover art by Xenon.

Content Warning: Depiction of suicidal thoughts.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 8 )

Let's fighting love!

Huh. Ok then.

I've got no problem with it, just kinda an odd choice.

depends on what circles ur in i guess
for alot of the pony ppl i know, it's such a common headcanon that we sometimes genuinely forget it's not canon

I'm going to slightly piggyback on this, and ask. Transgender, post surgery trans? Or am I thinking wrong. Also, I support transgender rights, and support them wholeheartedly.

none of the girls' transition histories are ever rly elaborated on. the actual mechanics of transition, such as taking hormones and the changes that come from that, or the decision of whether or not to get surgery, etc. aren't as interesting to me as the mental stuff, the shadow of transphobic violence, the feelings of dysphoria (and lack thereof), or the importance of trans solidarity, so the story ended up being alot more about that stuff.

I understand. I was just trying to confirm, because I didn't understand. Thank you for the elaboration about what the story will focus on though. It will help me to keep my mind open for the points the emotions flare.

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