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Snowy Showdown - Draxonos135

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Sonata Versus Flash

It was a snow day in Other-Questria, and it wasn't like only a few pieces of snow had fallen on the city. No, the top of every rooftop, every building, the trees, practically the entire town was covered in the cold, white object known as snow, except the streets for some reason.

Of course, some people liked snow days more than others, like a certain Sonata Dusk: she was on the front yard of the house she and her sisters/bandmates/roommates/maybe-girlfriends shared, rolling around the snow while giggling like a child on sugar rush.

And some other people could do without snow days, like a certain Aria Blaze: she looked through the window to see what was Sonata laughing about, and she sneered upon seeing the pearly white cover on the yard.

"Adagio! Aria! Come out to play!"

"How about you come in to rest!?" Aria yelled, folding her arms. "I mean, good lord, what's so good about snow days, anyway?!"

"We don't have to go to school or work!"

Aria stomped the ground. "Dang it! I hate it when you have a point!"

Aria turned to face Adagio, who was making some coffee at the kitchen.

"Adagio, tell her to come inside!"

"And for what reason should I do that?" Adagio inquired, focused solely on the coffee. "As far as I can tell, Sonata isn't bothering anybody."

"She's not helping clean the front yard either!" Aria snapped. "I mean, it looks like a yeti had decided to shave itself naked in our yard!"

"And there's a mental image I'd like erased from my memory," Adagio rolled her eyes. "Thanks, Aria."

"You know what I mean: if she's going to be messing around in that white stuff, she might as well clean it up when she's done," Aria walked to a nearby closet and opened it. "And she won't be able to do it if she doesn't have a shovel."

Once she finished making coffee, Adagio sighed as she poured some of it on her cup.

"Let it go, Aria."

Aria had just grabbed a shovel when she heard Adagio say that.

"Let Sonata have her fun, Aria. If she wants to spend the whole day in the cold snow, then let her stay there. We can interfere when she's freezing to death."

"Why are you so calm about this?!"

Adagio suddenly grabbed Aria's chin, the cold feeling of her fingers causing her to drop the shovel with a loud *clank*

"Because, if Sonata's out on the snow all day, then we have the house just for the two of us."

Adagio made Aria look at her.

"And you know what that means, don't you?"

The pair exchanged sly smiles, and next thing they knew, they were getting ready to engage in a hand wrestling match.

"Same rules as always?"

"Whoever wins three times in a row will become the leader for the next week!"


Adagio and Aria grabbed hands and began their struggle to overpower each other.

Back outside with Sonata, the siren had finished building a snowman, but not just any snowman: this one had a strong resemblance to her, ponytail and everything.

"From this day forward, you shall be, Snowata Dusk!"

Just then, Sonata heard somebody whistling and turned around to see none other than Flash Sentry walking nearby, presumably heading back home.


He stopped and turned to face the siren.

"What's your name?"

Flash looked at his surroundings, then pointed at himself, with Sonata nodding to confirm she was indeed talking to him.

"It's Flash Sentry."

"Nice to meet you! Hey, do you want to play with me?!" Sonata asked as she created a snowball. "It's kinda lonely just playing by myself, and my friends won't join me!"

Flash raised an eyebrow.

"Did you ask them if they could join you?"

Sonata crossed her arms and pouted.

"I don't have to: Aria's a big grumpy girl and Adagio thinks she's above something like a snowball fight."

"Well, I have to go home, so-"

Suddenly, a snowball hit Flash in the face, with the first thing he saw after removing the snow being Sonata's smug face.

"Still don't want to give me what I want?"

Flash smiled a little and made a couple of snowballs.

"Oh, now you've done it! I'm going to make you regret challenging me!"

"That's more like it!"

Sonata and Flash began pelting each other with snowballs, dodging as many as they could while being hit by one every once in a while.

Eventually, Flash quickly built a snow fort and hid behind it, prompting Sonata to halt her pelting.

"Going on the defensive already? I'm not even serious yet!"

Just as Sonata chuckled pridefully, Flash came out of the fort holding a snowball as big as his head, which he threw soon afterwards.

Sonata easily dodged it, but the true tragedy came when Sonata's snowman got hit by it instead, destroying it completely.

"Snowata! Nooooo!"

"Never boast before you've secured victory for yourself!" Flash stated, getting ready to throw another snowball. "I'm not playing seriously either-"

However, right then, Flash felt a surge of negative energy where Sonata stood, coming from an aura surrounding the siren.

"How dare you kill Snowata!?!"

Sonata bolted straight for Flash, screaming at the top of her lungs.

But not one to be intimidated by the obvious dead end in front of him, Flash ran towards Sonata, holding his snowball tightly...

Back inside the sirens' house, Aria raised her arms and laughed proudly as Adagio grabbed her wrist.

"I always forget how strong your hands are," Adagio said, taking a deep breath. "But I didn't think your hands would ever become as strong as your hooves back in Equestria."

"But the most important thing to take out of this, is that I'll be the leader this week!" Aria chirped. "I will test-exercise this power right now!"

"That's not even a word," Adagio sighed. "And what do you mean by test-exercising anyway?"

Aria grabbed the shovel she dropped and put it over her shoulder.

"We're going to clean the front yard!"

"Fine, it's about time we check on Sonata anyway."

Aria and Adagio walked out of the house, both holding shovels.

"Sonata, we came to check you-"

Adagio choked at the "up," seeing the kind of position Flash and Sonata were currently at. Aria, meanwhile, couldn't help but be amused.

Sonata was pined against the ground, grabbing Flash's arm while the snow covered her face suggestively.

As for Flash, he stood on top of Sonata, one hand on her cheek, the other just barely away from grabbing a certain something.

Aria burst out laughing, while Adagio blushed.

"Sonata, you selfish traitor!"

"If you were going to seduce a man, you should've at least tried to be on top of him!"

"T-This isn't what you think! We were just fighting with snowballs!"

"And besides, I don't think that's how sisters are supposed to react to seeing their sister pinned down by a guy!"

Adagio and Aria helped the pair stand up, with Aria going with Flash while Adagio went with Sonata.

"Thanks for keeping Sonata company," Aria said, patting Flash's back. "Say, I can't help but feel like I've seen you before..."

"It's a common beginner's mistake, Sonata, don't worry," Adagio said, comforting an exasperated Sonata. "You'll eventually learn how to be on top of a guy, just be patient."

"Again, we were just having a snowball fight!" Sonata snapped, pushing Adagio aside. "But, on the bright side, now that you're here, maybe we can all have one big snowball fight royale!"

"Oh no, I'm afraid playtime's over, Sonata," Aria stated, putting her hands on her hips. "I'm going to be the leader next week, and as a test to get used to the power, I say we'll clean the front yard!"

Suddenly, a snowball hit Aria right in the face, thrown by none other than Adagio.

"I say we decide two out of three."

Adagio and Sonata did a high-five.

"What do you say?"

Aria wiped the snow off her face, exchanged looks with Flash, and they smiled and nodded before they made their own snowballs.

"You're going to be sorry you asked!"

And so Flash and The Dazzlings engaged in another snowball fight, delaying the cleaning of the front yard yet again.

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