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This story is a sequel to A Tale of Two Suns, Book 1: The Two Suns

Sunset Shimmer's life has taken a rather large turn since her "mother," Sunny Skies, came to Canterlot City. But while Sunset's problems with Child Protective Services may have been solved, life is not exactly calm for the ex-unicorn.

While Sunset and her friends try to deal with a new round of troubles amidst school and average teenage life, new and terrible dangers rise on the other side of the mirror.

Disclaimer: I don't own My Little Pony Friendship is Magic or any of it's characters. I'm just a fan.

Cover art done by my very good friend PrettySoldierPetite.

Proofread by Dragon of Shadows

Pre-read by Setokaiva

EDIT: Now with a TV Tropes page

Side Story
Swimming Lessons

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 43 )

Ok. We've got the dangers of Equestria down. NOW TELL US WHAT IS GOING ONE WITH THE POLICE!

I’m going to repeat what I said for the original posting of chapter 15 on the first book, (which is reused mostly here). Princess Celestia splitting herself between her pony self and Sunset’s ‘mother’ will likely cause a major hiccup in their plans. The only question then is what would happen Celestia. Would she end up fully in Sunny Skies or what?

I don't really understand how this new plot ties into Sunset Shimmer's trouble with CPS

I'm sorry. I was already working on re-writing and restructuring and it would have taken too long for me to create a whole new chapter. I felt bad and awkward about it too, trust me, but this seemed the best course of action.

I'm gonna repeat myself from the last story I just don't see the point of this Equestria plotline it just feels way too disconnected from Sunset's troubles with CPS which still haven't been fully resolved. I can understand wanting to introduce an Equestrian wrinkle but if you want to do that it should be the focus of the story. Splitting the focus between the current troubles Sunset is going through and what's happening in Equestria only serves to overcomplicate things.

Frankly not a fan of this side of the story. Detracts from what interested me in the story Sunset and Celestia

Indeed and not why i I started reading. I have no investment in these ponies but i do with Sunset and Celestia. I feel this plot line is a waste of time that could be on the REAL plot.

Oh, you are back!

I like the side plot it cool

I disagree with the detractors. I'm personally loving this plot thread since most issues across the mirror have been dealt with. Feels like a natural expansion of the initial scope of the plot and more situations to explore the new developments of Sunset's and Celestia's relationship. Good stuff:twilightsmile:

Problem is we aren't done with problems in the human world. In case you forgot the last story ended with Rarity's father being arrested. I'm far more interested in that plot thread and would rather the story focus on that than the Equestria plot thread.

I mean I understand how that plotline could eventually cause a problem for Sunset and friends but until then all it serves to do is distract from the main story.

But it's clearly not like a random side story. These plot threads are going to crash violently at some point. Regardless, I was referring to the premise of the original story being wrapped up.

Except it isn't Cinch's family is still going after Sunset. Yes I see the plan to connect them but i feel it's an unneeded side plot.

It's just too disconnected from the main plot with Sunset. It involves none of the characters we care about and it's just not needed when Sunset still has her own problems. I want to see what happens with Rarity's father and how it connects to Cinch if at all. I don't give a damn about the weird vampire thing in Equestria because it has nothing to do with the rest of the story. I can see what the author is planning to do but we don't need what is clearly a completely different story distracting from this story.

Look the Equestria plot should be its own story it shouldn't distract from what's still happening with Sunset. We need to finish what was started there before we start on this complex Equestria plot.

I was more keen on the slice of life centered plotline of the first story vs Equestria gets attacked by vampires who feed some old god like entity.

And yeah I remember those 3 from Friends Forever Issue 25 and dissolving rainbows wings into a potion was something I found ridiculous. Princess Twilight was also able to link souls to combine their special talents like doing a sonic rainboom herself......

But lets see where this story goes, this are only the first two chapters and as long as the story doesn't get to dark I may still enjoy it.

Nice going Raynard I'm still thinking what chinch is planning for Sunset.
Please don't have Sunset killed also if Celestia was to die and move to the body of Sunny Skies then I will get kingdom hearts vibes since Terra in kingdom hearts used the armor that he possessed as a vessel for his "Lingering Will" to fight Xehanort after he took his body.
Also the Lingering Will gives kingdom hearts fans PTSD Because of how many times people died to this super boss

First, I think it was a good decision to split the story into a Book 2. It was a bit too much of a tonal shift, especially Chapter 15.

That said, I think this story could really use a prologue. As someone who has followed this story for a while, I know where this text is coming from, but a new reader would almost certainly be confused by the sudden shift in setting and perspective for the first two chapters. If it's not too bold of me to suggest, an interlude/recap by Luna, Twilight or someone else on the Equestria side who is in-the-know with the Sunny Skies situation would be helpful, as well as provide a transition for the Equestria-heavy chapters that follow.

I am, I'll admit, not really on-board with this second plotline yet, but I'm willing to bear with it a while to see where it goes.

Honestly, I can see the point of the new plot and new characters being jarring because it's likely that very few people have heard of them (includes me 'cause I don't read the comics), but that's about it. I can see where the author is likely going with this, and it actually makes me excited. For one thing, the issues on the human side, at least the most major ones we have seen so far, have already been resolved. They're done. Now, new threads are starting, simultaneous with what's happening on the Equestria side right now. This is precisely the right time to introduce new characters and conflicts, especially if, if it goes like I'm thinking, this will bring them careening into other ongoing plot threads I've noticed (not saying which yet). So yeah, it was jarring for me at first, but I'm over that. We're still gonna get to see what's happening on the Equestria side, but we are also now gonna have a new conflict that makes what's happening in Equestria more meaningful at the same time. Don't forget, Celestia is a main character in this story just as much as Sunset. There's a reason why it's called "A Tale of Two Suns."

I finally got around to re-reading the entirety of book 1 and catching up to the second. Much appreciate the splitting of the story into two books. I am interested in this Equestria side of things for several reasons, not least of which is you are an engaging writer. But also, Sunset's parents were killed in some mysterious fashion. I hope this plot line gives some resolution to her parents, and Celestia's stepping in to fill their shoes.

You gave us a bit of warrior!Celestia when Sunset was threatened by that black widow; and Sunny has been more of a, well, cute placeholder than someone who exercises much agency. Besides the Twilight, Sunset, Celestia debacle, she's been, well not as prominent a protagonist as Sunset.

I'm with Seto: I think some readers need a reminder that Celestia is one of the two suns in the title, and she really hasn't gotten a chance to, uh—not something as quaint as 'shine' but perhaps not as harsh as 'burn'—anyway I love Celestia and I love Sunset and I'm looking forward to Celestia being more of an actor.

Thanks for writing

Yeah. It seemed like a good, if small idea. I know it's not going to wow anybody, but it wasn't really meant to. It was just meant to smooth things over some more. As for why I'm releasing it NOW rather than later, well, I get to that in the blog post I liked in the author's note.

Wasn't this already posted ?

Nope. Just posted the prologue today. I know, it's weird. But I thought it was a good idea, and I didn't want to just post it with chapter 3 because, well, because as I stated in the blog post I linked in the prologue's author's note (which I HIGHLY encourage people to read), I started a Patreon and it's by creation.

Nice prologue, definitely does help smooth over the transition between books.

...did Twilight poke Murphy? oh dear. And yeah the time's all funky on the other side of the mirror.

Thanks for writing~

It makes a certain kind of sense for Starlight to be the prologue POV considering her affinity for time magic, being in a prologue added after the story started.

Wibbily-wobbley timey-wimey!


You might be thinking of Book 1. This is Book 2.

OK yeah no, I'm also getting deja vu reading this. Why was this reposted?

Because I created Book 2 by first reshuffling content from Book 1, refining the scenes as I went along. Everything I moved and did in changing the original A Tale of Two Suns into simply "Book 1" and to make Book 2 was explained here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/861165/atots-book-1-updated-moving-forward-and-other-important-announcements

That... is a good point. I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're totally right. XD

Huh didn't know you already posted Book 2. And yeah this prologue serves as a nice enough transition.

Gotta say its nice to finally get back to the Sunset storyline which continues to be great. I feel like I can at least tolerate the Equestria stuff as long as the Sunset stuff continues to be this good.

Wouldn't be surprised if this was the second in a string of Humane Fam Framing. Amusing to put a bookstore as the shop next door. I'm honestly so amped to see Celestia's reaction to the Equestria issue.

(saw a typo: "listening until Decepticolt new every nuance by heart" knew*)

Thanks for writing!

Some time ago, the three of them had crafted a plan to become alicorns, to raise themselves to the places they belonged. Goldcap had created the spell herself, a formula for a magical potion that, when ingested, would allow a pony to grow their own wings. All it required were the wings of another pony, dissolved into essence.

Oh no. It’s these idiots again. If Twilight doesn’t turn them to stone by the end of this...

I can't wait to see how these two stories intersect.

I hope you continue this because I can't wait to see what you come up with and i love both these narratives you've developed.

Yeah. Thought it'd be that wolf. Mention anything connected to the sun and all other business will naturally go on the back burner.

Shining Armor might be overly optimistic, since the expected immediate change to the narrative will be that Hondo had an accomplice. Even finding whoever did the break-in to the pharmacy and store (assuming it's the same party in each case) and conclusively proving that Hondo wasn't involved in any of it just means the investigation just is temporarily out of known crimes for Hondo to be guilty of - although that really ought to be enough to get him released presuming the investigators are themselves entirely clean. And that shouldn't be a real problem here. Even in the unlikely event that the good ol' bolts network extends much into the local police force, Shining himself is a graduate, his little sister abandoned Crystal Prep, and he already knows if any of his coworkers gave him any grief then.

I hope we get another chapter soon, I love this story!

I wish I could say it will be soon. While I am working on it, it's a slow process, slowed down by the fact that I'm pretty busy these days. But slow and steady wins the race, I suppose.

Well I’m willing to wait. I’m sure it will be amazing, loving this story so far, you’ve done really well.

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