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Equestria's Weather Ponies are known for having the literal control of the sky. 'Natural Disasters' are a rare event that only happens when someone in Cloudsdale messes up big time, it's out of Equestria jurisdiction, or nature itself commanding its own elements.

After prolonged experimenting with the Crystal Mirror leads Equis to cross over to Earth, while a connection was formed and eventually lost when unknown forces prevented the connection, Equis starts to see a massive surge of disasters. Flash Floods lasting for days, Hail the size of volleyballs, Hurricanes that could bring part of a nation to its knees, Heat and Cold that could put the deserts and frozen North to shame, Twisters that could wipe towns off the map within moments, it was mind-boggling.

With town after town getting hit, rescue racing to the scene like a swarm of locusts only to arrive at the destruction left behind leaving many to pick up the pieces and to race for an answer of why this is happening.

But when the portal is reestablished and with options rapidly limiting with each failure, Equestria turns towards more outside help in the form of the greatest team of Storm Chasers on Earth.

This story is based on an old project I once was actually apart of but the original creator that brought me on to write the story couldn't get it off the ground and so it was abandoned. Now I'm changing it up to work as a technical 'crossover' but it's not rooted to any distinct franchise.

Story will include: Weather, Technobabble, Technobabble about the Weather, Some Shenanigans here and there, Death, Destruction, maybe some flashbacks, in-accurate science, in-accurate magic, Storm Chasers, Ponies, lots of Tornadoes, lots of driving, lots of pony-based references to places, references to other things involving storm chasers and tornadoes, made up and real world events, and most likely more to come.

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It saddens me that there are not that many storm/tornado related stories on here.
You have my interest. :twilightsmile:

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