• Published 5th Jun 2019
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Keep Calm and Chaos on - Foal Star

Fluttershy who has been a draconequus for year has alot of pent up repressed rage and chaos magic. After one very stressful day she starts to unleash it all.

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Chapter seven: Planet of the Celestias and Lunas

Discord was tapping a paw on the ground waiting patiently in a seemingly infinite long white hallway full of doors on either side of it. He was feeling quite impatient as he took out a stopwatch and looked at it with a scowl, “ugh, she said this would only take a few hours? What's taking her so long!”

Fluttershy finally came through one of the doors with her cheeks flushed pink as she closed it behind her. The male draconequus eyed her, having a feeling something was up and snapped. “Hey! What took so long? Were you having fun turning your friends “relatively” back to normal?”

The yellow coated pegasus gave an annoyed shrug, “Yeah...I guess…”

“Oh!? Let me guess you turn them back to normal?” Discord grumbled irritably as he crossed his claws across his chest.

“I had to! I mean, they're still my friends!” The mare snapped back with an angry scowl on her face.

Discord just gave a looked down in disappointment and muttered, “Yeah...but it would’ve been funny if you had them continue doing their silly jobs and still looking crazy...though we are going to be gone for some time?”

“Oh, I know, But they did their jobs well enough. Now...what do you want to do for our first date?” Fluttershy asked casually, secretly wanting to change the conversation.

Discord rubbed his eagle claw and lion paw together as he explained. “I decided that if we pick a theme for our dates, each of these doors will lead to a fun and new universe where we can enjoy ourselves!”

Fluttershy turned around with a smirk on her face. “Oh, so there’s a theme...so who gets to choose first!”

Discord turned with a smirk on his face and scoffed, “I see you failed to let your chaos run wild, so I think I should go first?”

“Oh, stop! You should be glad I changed them back to normal and kept you from being banished or turned to stone again.” Fluttershy snapped back as she stomped her foot on the ground, getting flustered.

“Well, my theme is Celestia and Luna!” The Lord of Chaos shouted and zapped a door. Fluttershy chuckled, seeing the door now had the cutie marks of the princesses plastered on the door. They both slowly walked through the door, and they blinked, seeing they were now standing in a vast pasture. The sky was strange as it had this orange glow with the sun and moon high in the sky casting over each other. But this odd world had stranger things with alicorn sheep-like creatures. They had the bodies and build of Celestia and Luna. They seemed to be wandering about with giant fluffy wooly coats covering their bodies looking like sheep wondering about bawwing and chewing on the grass. The former pegasus blinked in surprise, trying to comprehend what she was seeing. “Oh my, they are quite adorable? Is this some world where Celestia and Lunas are just sheep?”

Discord snickered behind his claw. “Hehe, this is kind of funny.” He had a cake appear in a claw and watched one of the Celestia’s slowly coming over to sniff it, not unlike any wild animal intrigued by the interesting smell. She then slowly cautiously came over and started to sniff it, then came over and snatched the cake from the draconequus's paw and began munching on the cake, getting it all over her muzzle. Fluttershy dawwed taking a claw and bouncing it on one of the Luna sheep’s fluffy it was so soft and bouncy it was like touching a cloud. “Oh, so fluffy! Do they ever get their coats sheared?”

“Probably not; they look wild if you ask me?” Discord responded, looking around the seemingly long grassy plain, trying to figure where they were exactly. The lord of chaos turned around as an idea formed in his head and with a smirk as he suggested, “we could release them all over Canterlot?”

Fluttershy doubled over in laughter, just thinking about a bunch of Lunas and Celestia’s covered in fluffy coats running around. The female draconequus regained her composure and snickered, “that would be hilarious!”

She patted another Celestia sheep creature on the head and then took out some shears and electric cutters. “Why don’t we gather their wool?”

“Fine, so boring! After this, I want another go I didn’t know we would come to a stupid petting zoo.” Discord grumbled, snatching the scissors and started to clip and shear the wool from a Celestia creature who was bawwing and loving the attention.

Fluttershy did her job shearing the wool of a Luna one and then snapped a claw turning the wool into a giant fluffy dark purple pillow with Luna’s face on it. The female draconequus picked it up and exclaimed like an exciting foal. “Look, what I made!”

Discord smirked, taking Celestia’s wool and turning it into a giant sexy body pillow of the princess of the sun in a sexy pose with the cloth around all wrinkled as if she was posing on a bed. Fluttershy actually felt jealous seeing the princess’s sexy body and simply snapped, “haha, so mature of you? It seems you still have feelings for your ex.”

Fluttershy decided to get back at her coltfriend and zapped the pillow turning an ugly pink Hearthwarming sweater with an old looking Celestia drinking a cup of hot cocoa.

Discord rolled his eyes. “Seriously? You mares get jealous so easily!” He took the sweater and transformed it into a body pillow of Fluttershy (when she was a pegasus) posing similarly like Celestia in a bed of flowers, and with a smirk, he asked, “you happy now?”

Fluttershy blushed, seeing herself in such a promiscuous manner and sighed, “fine..I'll stop being jelly.” She turned her Luna pillow into a plushie and gave Discord this cute look as she squeezed the plush as it squeaked out a “sorry Dissy” in Luna’s voice.

Discord dawned and clutched his chest. “Oh, apology accepted!” He turned the Fluttershy body pillow into a life-sized plush of his crush in her pegasus form.

The female draconequus squealed, holding out her claws. “Oh, let me have it!”

Discord snickered and looked about. “I guess we can shave them all naked that would be funny!”

“Oh, that does sound like fun!” Fluttershy and Discord then went about cutting and shaving the oversized wooly coats from the alicorns. The two lords of chaos giggled as they looked over the normal-looking Celestia and Luna's wandering about aimlessly.

Fluttershy looked them over as she stuffed all wool in a giant sack as she suddenly came to a sudden realization and whispered under her breath. “You know...they look quite normal without all that wool?”

Discord tied his own giant sack up and agreed. “Yeah...I wonder if they really are just like animals here, or maybe they're just acting?”

“Who knows? It could be just some crazy pocket dimension?” Fluttershy responded with a smile on her face as she nuzzled another Luna covered her violet wool. The fluffy wool felt so soft and bouncy making her feel quite good. She turned to see that her sack was quite full and sighed, “Alright, that’s all the wool we can get..but…I think I’ll take one as a pet later?”

“It’s about time! I was getting so bored!” Discord shouted and snapped a claw as another door with the princesses cutie marks appeared and shouted, “alright! Well, let's see if we get something better this time!” The two opened the door and flew through into a blinding light.

The two draconequuss suddenly came over to see a giant pond in the middle of a park. There were benches, with statues of Celestia and Luna stuck as statues in various poses spouting water from their mouths while Celestias and Lunas all swimming in the giant pond. This time their wings were much larger than how they were back in their own dimension, flapping them about, and they had orange bills instead of muzzles. The weird duck-like alicorns were acting like waterfowl ducking their heads in and out of the water, catching fish while honking at each other. Fluttershy saw some of them were nestled in nests on the shore squawking and folding their legs under their bellies as they plopped out eggs.

The former pegasus turned to Discord with a confused look and asked, “Is the same world?”

“I...I don’t know I think its just a whole world full of Celestia and Luna’s acting like wild animals? ” The draconequus responded by scratching his head.

“Well, I might as well take advantage of the pond!” Fluttershy giggled, pouring magic overturning herself into a cute yellow feathered swan and flew right into the water, causing a giant splash. Fluttershy then burst her head through the water squawking as she swam off with the flock of Luna and Celestia's paddling about in the water adorably. Discord stood back blushing, “aww they do come off rather cute…”

The yellow pegasus laughed pedaling about on her webbed feet as she turned over to Discord and exclaimed, “come on and join in!”

The male draconequus rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t deny that it did look fun. The lord of chaos threw a claw and responded curtly. “Oh, I think I’ll stay over here for now.”

“Oh, come on! You're not getting out of having fun that easy!” Fluttershy exclaimed as she shot out a beam of magic hitting Discord and turning him into a giant brown feathered goose with a big yellow bill. The lord of chaos honked and flapped his wings angrily and shouted, “Hey! What the heck was that!?”

He waddled into the pond and honked at Fluttershy. “Who do you think you are, huh? I’ll turn you in a tadpole next time you do that!”

“Oh, hush, let's watch the alicorn swans they’re so adorable,” Fluttershy whispered, and Discord rolled his eyes as he swam next to Fluttershy and the two watched Luna and Celestia swans squawking and fighting each other. It seems that the two frequently got into fights over fish. The Princesses repeatedly tried to preen their siblings, but the Luna ones would squawk back at Fluttershy, turned her attention to the nests, and whispered, “So...I'm assuming since I don’t see any males those eggs might not be fertilized?”

“What? You want to eat one!?” Fluttershy exclaimed, quite surprised by Discord’s response.

Fluttershy snickered as they swam over to an unguarded nest full of violet and yellow-colored eggs. The two draconequuss turned into giant bunnies, Discord was a giant brown coated bunny, while Fluttershy was transformed into a giant yellow bunny with both having fluffy white underbellies. While picking the eggs and placing them in baskets, the lord of chaos smirked as a funny idea came to mind as he suggested, “hey Fluttershy? We should hide these all over Canterlot.”

The female draconequus was intrigued by the idea and replied in an enthusiastic tone.“Ok...that sounds like a better idea than letting a bunch of wooly alicorns loose.”

Discord shrugged and snickered, “why don’t we make a bunch of body pillows of Luna and Celestia form their wool too!”

“Oh yeah, that would be super hilarious!” Fluttershy laughed as they finished collecting the eggs from the various nests. It didn’t take long for the alicorns to notice and began running over honking and flapping their wings angrily.

Discord eeped, seeing a horde of the angry alicorns coming towards him and shouted, “let’s get out of here!”

Fluttershy eyes went wide and even shot some eggs from her rump as they bounced away through the woods. The two continued hopping along with Fluttershy still popping out eggs. The two turned back, gasping for breath from their mad dash from the pond gasping for breath and taking their time to make sure they were safe.

Discord brushed back his long floppy bunny ears before snapping a paw and transforming the two back into draconequuss. He then gave Fluttershy a smug grin and asked, “so...do, you want to go somewhere else?”

The female draconequus flipped back her long flowing pink mane as she rolled her eyes and snapped, “well, it seems the swans kicked us out from the lake, so I assume we should move on?"

Discord also agreed as he took out the baskets full of eggs and started to sort them into egg cartons then started placing them in a giant fridge. He then slammed the door shut and wiped his claw and paw together. "There, we'll store Celestia and Luna's eggs for safekeeping."

Then another door suddenly appeared before the two, and Discord opened it and bowed respectfully. "After you, my dear."

The female draconequus blushed and flashed her eyes as she pecked Discord on the cheek. "Oh, such the gentle colt." He snickered and followed his special somepony through the door and then suddenly cried out being thrown into a giant wall of water with a huge splash!

The two were surprised as they both blinked, seeing themselves floating about underwater. The two former draconequuss looked at each other, astonished at how they transformed. Discord having a long dark brown fishtail, he had his goat horns still planted firmly on his head, he had a long light brown fin running down his back, and he had his piercing yellow eyes with glowing red irises. He blushed, looking over to Fluttershy, who now had a long yellow scaled fishtail with a long pink fin down her back with those lovely piercing blue eyes flashing back at him. The draconequus was quite stunned at how beautiful his marefriend was with his cheeks flushing red. The lord of chaos slowly swam over with an unsure look on his face, not knowing what to say. Fluttershy looked over with a blush on her cheeks, being as bashful just as her coltfriend was and asked, “so...um...I guess we're sea ponies now?"

The lord of chaos whisked about underwater, trying to get a full view of his new body and replied, "Yeah, seems like it? But does that mean…"

The two then both turned to see Celestia and Luna sea ponies swimming about. The Celestia ones were quite beautiful with long multicolored fishtails accompanied by their pristine white coat that covered their horse-like chest and heads with an orange, yellow fin going down her back. Luna herself had a dark blue fishtail with a velvet coat that covered her horse like torso head and forelegs with an ethereal dark blue fin going down her back. The strange creatures did seem abit more intelligent as they went about swimming around clicking at each other, or going about hunting plankton, and some even were sitting on barnacle covered rocks playing golden harps and singing lovely tunes in a language Fluttershy and Discord couldn't understand. The two were so engrossed in the harmonious music they sat together watching not even knowing they slowly were touching their paws. As the group of alicorns finished their lovely song, both Fluttershy and Discord stood up, clapping and shouting "bravo!"

The seaponies looked at each other, confused before swimming off, seeming not to understand what the two odd draconequuss were doing.

Discord started to tear up and wiped his eyes as he cried. "Well, I have to admit that it was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard."

Fluttershy twirled her body around her lover and whispered seductively in his ear. “You know, seeing you like this is making me feel something I haven't felt in a long time."

The draconequus squeaked knowing full well Fluttershy's hormones must be raging in her new body, and he was not ready for this. The lord of chaos squirmed in Fluttershy's embrace and cried out. "I honestly don't think mating in these forms is not a good idea!"

Fluttershy got a little flustered and snapped, "Oh, come on! This is the one time I've felt like this all day!?' But she let her lover go seeing he wasn't ready and sighed, "besides...as far as I know, seapony males carry the offspring? Wouldn't it be fun to feel life inside of you?"

“Oh, wow!? I did not need to know that!” Discord shouted as he pulled back the seam of his scaley fishtail peered down. Fluttershy snickered and swatted his face with her fishtail. “You still have your little Discord cutie now why don’t we go find another souvenir to add to our mystery bags that were going to spread over Canterlot." They swam around abit but the two gasped, seeing at the bottom of the ocean were all kinds of glittery scales with a shiny sheen of gold and violet.

“Oh my, what do you think we can do with these?” Fluttershy asked me to pick some up.

Discord crossed his claws and asked, “come on, use your imagination? We got body pillows and eggs. Think of a fun embarrassing object we can make from their scales?”

Fluttershy snickered behind a claw. “Oh, ok?” She let her chaos magic swirl around the scales turning into cute bras with Celestia’s cutie mark on the white ones and a silvery moon on the violet ones. “Bras"

Discord laughed, clapping his claws together, snickering at the idea of the princesses trying to figure who made such fashion sense with their cutie marks.“Alright! That's my girl; I knew you can still be chaotic !”

The two then went about scooping up the scales and turning them into embarrassing bras and stuffing them in a giant closet which was also filled with Luna and Celestia body pillows as well.

After closing the closet and having it disappear. The male draconequus used his chaos magic to have another door suddenly appear. “Now to finish off this date, why don’t we spread our little goodie bags around Canterlot? I mean, it’s spring, and I’m sure all of those stuck up nobles can use a few gifts to let loose.”

“Oh yeah, I completely agree! Let's just hope Celestia and Luna don’t decide to turn us into stone later!” Fluttershy squeaked, getting super excited to spread their crazy love goodie bags as they both flew through the door and hopefully back to their world.

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Comments ( 3 )

Okay, well, this happened. :applejackunsure:

This was a fun chapter, I liked it!

There's going to be eventual problems if Fluttershy can't be returned to normal, given that she can't interact with her element anymore.

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