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Friendships and Crocs - The EnderPony Master

A human gets sent to Equestria as a Krookodile. Let the chaos begin!

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The Ticket Master

Well, time seems to fly by in this weird world of magic. I mean, it's been about 2 weeks since my stay here in Equestria. I've been learning a few things around here. See, for the past week, I've been settling down as Pinkie Pie's new pet crocodile. Albeit a pocket monster version of the reptile. Nearly everyone in Ponyville has gotten used to me. Though, I was still the children's play thing every now and then. Which made Pinkie bring me to every one of her parties she throws.

I've hung out occasionally with Pinkie's friends from time to time. I've got to say, they are quite the interesting bunch. For starters, Applejack sure loves her apples as she takes good care of her family's apple orchard. It was named Sweet Apple Acres. It's pretty cool if I have to be honest. I've never been on a farm before until now.

Also, I've met her family. She has a big brother named Big Macintosh. He was pretty much the silent type. The only response I ever heard from him was 'Eeyup' or 'Nnope'. There was also a little filly named Apple Bloom. She is really cute, especially when she laughs happily when she rides me sometimes.

Next is their grandma named ironically, Granny Smith. She is... well, old so to speak. Not saying it is a bad thing, but she's sure... interesting. When we first met, she tried to either run for the hills or smash some pots and pans together to scare me off back to the woods. However, after a few words from Applejack, I was sitting with the Apples eating some apple pies. Well, not with them on the table, but rather near them with a bowl on the ground. Yeah, it sucks now that I'm partly going to be treated like an animal. Albeit an intelligent one, but still an animal.

Which, brings us to our final guest, Winona. She is a Border Collie as she the Apple family's beloved work dog. I've got to say that I was kind of surprised when I can understand her. I figured I could only understand Gummy since we were both reptiles. Maybe I can only understand domesticated animals instead of feral ones.

Anyway, Winona is a pretty cool gal, or dog in this case. She's pretty quick to warm up to me. She told me her life with the Apples when she was a puppy. Winona is pretty cute if I say so myself. Not to mention, she is soft as hell with her fluffy fur.

Alright, next up is Fluttershy. I've already mentioned it before, but she is really kind. The buttery Pegasus lives in a cottage near the forest, which I found out was called The Everfree Forest. In her cottage is filled with all sorts of animals. There were many birds, cats, dogs, and etc.. Though, the one that stood out the most was a bunny rabbit named, Angel.

He was pretty much a dick to me when I first showed up to Fluttershy's home. However, with a quick use of Scary Face, the little white bastard left me alone. As for the other animals, they don't seem to mind me too much. Hell, most of the reptiles that lives there greeted me kindly like we all knew each other.

Speaking of reptiles, I visited Twilight's home too as she now lives in the Ponyville's local library, The Golden Oak Library. There I've met Twilight's little assistant who, to my complete surprise, was a small purple and green dragon named, Spike. The kid was scared of me at first when we first met, but soon eases up when I didn't made a move to eat him and Twilight. Though, for some strange reason, he couldn't understand a thing I say like most of the others. He too only heard ordinary crocodile noises when I tried to speak to him.

Which brings us to Miss Bookworm herself. When she caught a glimpse of my 'intelligence', she immediately started testing, observing, and analyzing me from top to bottom. She was paying even more closer attention to my powers. Though, I've only showed some of the minor attacks since I didn't want to give away all my tricks. Not to mention, I seriously didn't want to be labeled as a menace for using some of my more destructive moves.

Now, the next pony on the list is Rainbow Dash. She is... well, there isn't really much about her that I can tell. To me, she is pretty much your typical cocky, arrogant, and hotheaded Jock. She tried to have a rematch with me for using my intimidating moves on her. It was pretty much a draw every time. I had reach with my move set while she had flexibility with her speed and flight. Soon, our little matches turned into training spars from time to time.

Finally, we have the white Unicorn of the group, Rarity. A little fun fact about her, she is a fashion designer. She owns her own boutique called The Carousel Boutique. I saw a bunch of clothing materials and mannequins with premade clothes up for display. I'm not going to lie, some of them do seem rather... nice in my opinion. Not to say I like dresses or anything mind you!

Anyway, Rarity wasn't the only one to live there. Living with her is her pet cat, Opalescence. She is a white Persian cat as she wears a purple bow and diamond collar. Now, as for her attitude, well... let's just say she is not a very nice cat. I'm not going to say that Angel is any better, far from it. However, Opal doesn't take shit from anyone. Like, she pretty much plays by her own rules.

For example, when I met her the first time, she pretty much turns me away like I'm just a meat on a platter. I set my own dominance by using Leer when Rarity wasn't looking. Opal didn't like that very much. So, she made a mess and had me blamed for it. Honestly, being outplayed by a fucking cat just pisses me off. Which is why I rarely go over Rarity's place.

Overall, I'm settling in this world just about fine as any other person in my situation. I'm not sure how long my adventure is going to go on, but I might as well try to have a good time from it. Who knows, maybe I maybe I could learn a few cool moves while I'm here. My Iron Tail still needs some work.

Sweet Apple Acres

(Late Morning)

Today, I am helping out Applejack, Twilight, and Spike with collecting some apples. Pinkie Pie is currently back home, which I found out is called Sugarcube Corner, helping the Cakes with the upcoming lunch hour that is going to start in awhile. I figured I would go and do something productive instead of lounging around in Pinkie's room all day. Gummy might be there, but he's still not much of a talker. So... yeah...

"Thank you kindly, Twilight for helping out." Applejack said before turning to me. "Thank you as well, John."

I give the cowgirl a nod as I pull the wagon full of apples. It was a good thing that I've gave the girls my real name by writing it down in the dirt for them to see when I had the chance. "Crocky" wasn't really going to stick for me. Though, Pinkie was the only one that calls me that.

"I've bet Big Macintosh that I would get all these golden delicious in the barn by lunch time. If I win, then he would have to walk down the street wearing one of Granny's girdles." She giggles.

"Not a problem, Applejack." Twilight said as she carries her basket of apples. "I'm glad the goal is lunch time. All this hard work is making me hungry."

"I know, right?" Spike said as he tosses another apple from my wagon.

'Psh! You haven't done jack shit all morning.' I thought.

As if she read my mind, Twilight rolls her eyes.

"Oh, please, Spike. You've been riding behind John all morning."

"Exactly! You three are taking so long that I've missed snack time."

At the mention of food, Twilight's stomach started demanding for some. She chuckles sheepishly.

"I guess we better get some food soon."

Spike goes back into looking through the apples in wagon before finally picking a nice big red shiny one. Twilight licks her lips at the sight of it.

"Oh, Spike. That looks delicious."


However, it didn't last long because the precious fruit was quickly devoured. However, not from the dragon, but yours truly. I've got to say, sucks to be them. That WAS a good apple.

"Hey! I got that first!" Spike complained.

"What? In the wilds, you got to snatch your prey up before it disappears, little man." I smirked.

"Ugh, I'm kind of glad that I can't understand you." Spike grumbled. "Don't want to hear you gloating--ERK!"

Just then, Spike's cheeks puff up as he looks like he was about to barf. I quickly step away from the splat zone.



Instead of stomach bile as I thought it would be, it was a scroll that magically came out of Spike's mouth. It gently floated down to us four.

"It's a letter from Princess Celestia." Twilight said.

'Huh, I wonder what Sun Butt wants.'

Spike takes the letter and opens it. He clears his throat before speaking.

"Hear ye! Hear ye! The Grand Royal Highness, Princess Celestia of Equestria is pleased to announce the Grand Galloping Gala to be held in the magnificent capital city of Canterlot on the 21st of yadda-yadda-yadda cordially extends an invitation to Twilight Sparkle plus one guest!"

Both Twilight and Applejack gasped at this before hopping around joyfully.

"The Grand Galloping Gala!" They cheered.

I look between them and Spike. The two seem to like this Gala thing while Spikes does not as he gagged at this.



Spike then coughed up two golden tickets. He snatches them before showing them.

"Look! Tickets!" He waves them.

'So... this whole coughing up delivery thing is normal? Am I missing something here?'

Twilight said happily. "Wow! That's great! I've never been to the Gala. Have you, Spike?"

"No, and I'm keeping it that way. I don't want to have anything to do with that girly frilly nonsense!" Spike responded childishly.

'Well, I guess Sun Butt is throwing a classy party in her home. Then again, what royalty doesn't?'

"Aw, come on, Spike. A dance would be nice."

"Nice?! It's a heap a more than just nice!" Applejack cuts in. "I would love to go. Well, shucks! If I had an apple stand set up, then ponies will be trying our tasty apples until the cows came home! Do you know how much business I could drum up for Sweet Apple Acres?"

'Probably a lot from what I can tell.' I thought as I adjust my Black Sunglasses.

"Why, with all that money, we could do a heap of fixing up around here!" Applejack gestures to her home. "We could fix up that saggy old roof! Big Macintosh could replace that saggy old plow! Granny Smith could replace her saggy old hip!"

I couldn't help but smile at the blonde's noble cause. This Gala would be beneficial for her and her family.

"Wow. I would give my left hind leg to go to that Gala."

Twilight walks up to her.

"Oh. Well, in that case, would you like to--"



Just then, a familiar rainbow-haired Pegasus comes crashing down onto the two ponies from one of the trees next to us. The apples from their baskets were either smashed or scattered around the ground.

"Are we talking about THE Grand Galloping Gala?!" Rainbow asked as if she didn't just landed on her friends.

"Rainbow Dash!" Applejack yells as she gets up while I pick up Twilight myself. "You said that you were too busy to help me harvest apples! What were you busy doing, spying?"

"No. I was busy napping."

I look up to were Rainbow fell from and saw both a blanket and a pillow resting on a tree branch.

'That does not look very comfortable. How does she sleep through that?'

Rainbow turns to Twilight with an innocent smile.

"And I just happened to hear you have an extra ticket?"

Twilight looks uncertain. "Yeah, but--"

"YES!! This is so awesome!" Rainbow does an excited flip. "The Wonderbolts perform at the Grand Galloping Gala every single year! I can see it now. Everybody would be watching the sky. Their eyes riveted on the Wonderbolt, but then in would fly, RAINBOW DASH! I would draw their attention with my Super Speed Strut. Then, I would mesmerize them with my fantastic Filly Fletch. Finally, for my grand finally, my Buccaneer Blaze!"

'So she basically wants to show off so she can be noticed by her idols.' I thought as I munch on a fallen apple with Spike besides me.

"The ponies would go wild! The Wonderbolts would insist that my signature moves would be incorporated into their routine, and then welcome me as their newest member." Rainbow floats right into Twilight's face. "Don't you see, Twilight? This could be my one chance to show my stuff. You've got to take me!"


Applejack then pulls Dash away with her tail in her mouth.

"Now, hold on just one-pony-picking-minute!" Applejack spits out the tail. "I asked for that ticket first!"

"So? Doesn't me you own it!"

"Oh, yeah? Well, I challenge you to a hoof-wrestle! Winner gets the ticket!"

Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash rush to a tree stump and start their little competition, only to get separated by Twilight.

"Girls! These are MY tickets. I get to decide who gets it thank you very much. Whoever has the best reason gets to have the ticket, don't you think?"

Applejack immediately steps up. "Drumming up business for the farm?"

Rainbow follows suite. "A chance to audition for the Wonderbolts?!"

"Money to fix Granny's hip!"

"Living the dream!"

I can already tell that Twilight had no clue as to who to pick by the look on her face. That's when I realized something.

'Oh, fuck. Wait until the others hear about this. Shit is going to hit the fan real fast.'

"Oh, my. Those are pretty good reason, aren't they?" She said sheepishly.


Just then, not only does Twilight's gut remind her of getting food, but mine started demanding some as well. Though, mine was louder as it startled the others.

"Well, look at that. Both me and John are starving." She said back away towards me and Spike. "I don't know about you, but I can't make important decisions on an empty stomach. So, I'll think about it as I take John back to Pinkie Pie and get some lunch after. Okay?"

"Okay." I hear them both say as me, Twilight, and Spike head our way back to Ponyville.

Sugarcube Corner


It was now around mid-day as the lunch hour started not too long ago. Ponies where lining up into the bakery as they all ordered different pastries from the menu. The Cakes were working their asses off as they take orders and serve the customers. I was in the kitchen with Pinkie Pie as she bakes the orders given to her. I was helping too...well, sort of. I was mostly handing a few ingredients to her while she was doing most of the work.

"Wowie, Crocky! We had plenty of customers during lunch hours before, but now we are getting much more than usual lately!" Pinkie said as she throws another batch into the oven. "Who would of thought those berries of yours would be so popular!"

Remember when I said I was passing her some ingredients? Well, those were the berries I had on me when I came to this world. I was able to plant and grow some more. Pinkie Pie decided make some cupcakes out of them, and they sure were tasty. The Cakes tried some and like them as well. Soon enough, they added the new recipe to the menu. It wasn't long until they became a hit with the ponies.

"HEY! I just realized something! I've never given you your very own party yet!!" Pinkie yells. "I've thrown one for Gummy! GASP!! Next time, I'm going to throw a pet party! Everypony will bring their own pets and will have an amazing time!!"

I sighed at that, but gave a tired smiled. I am kind of getting a little tired of being labeled as a pet. It was funny to me at first since it was ironically a pony owning a human, albeit a human turned Pokémon. After awhile however, it gets annoying hearing other ponies mentioning "Pinkie's pet red crocodile". The only reason I'm going along with it was because the pink party mare is nice and never treated me badly so far.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Just then, a bell started ringing off.

"Oh! Lunch hour is finally over!" Pinkie said. "Now, this is the part of the chapter where I jump out the window!"



Just as Pinkie just said, she... jumped out the window for some reason.

"What the hell..." I muttered. "What does she mean by chapter? Hmm, living with her for two weeks and I still can't figure her out."


I hear Pinkie screaming outside. Curious, I go outside through the back door and see her running around with Twilight's Gala tickets on her face. Twilight and Spike themselves are watching her panic.

"Pinkie, calm down. Their not bats, they don't even show up during the day." I said.

Pinkie must of heard my hissing as she stops pouncing around. When she sees what was actually on her face, her eyes sparkled.

"GASP!! ARE THOSE TICKETS TO THE GRAND GALLOPING GALA?!" She gasped in everlasting excitement. "ItisthemostamazingincredibletremendoussuperwonderfulterrifichumongouspartyinEquestria! I always wanted to go!"

'Holy shit! She sure can talk fast under one breath.'

I shake my head before deciding to take my leave. I already knew what was going to happen. All of Twilight's friends were going to ask her to give them the damn extra ticket. I can already see Applejack, Flutterhsy, and Rarity coming from different directions. Hell, I even see Rainbow Dash perched on one of the nearby buildings watching from atop.

'Like I said before, shit is going to hit the fan.'

"Hi, John!"

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of familiar Border Collie.

"Winona? What are doing all the way out here?" I asked looking down at the cute dog.

"I followed Applejack all the way from the farm. She and Rainbow Dash wouldn't stop competing for those tickets." Winona said as she sits in front of me. "Honestly, if it were up to me, then I would chew those stupid piece of papers up."

"I know what you mean. I can see Applejack's reason for going to the Gala, but there are a few problems to it. For one thing, if it's royalty throwing a party, then there is bound to be plenty of food at the buffet. Including apple related desserts. Not to mention, they're all for free whilst Applejack will be charging for her products"

"Yeah, I've heard Rainbow's reason too, and I'm not sure if it's going to work either."

"Me neither. She won't be allowed to interrupted these Wonderbolt ponies' performance during the party. Plus, she would probably be turned down like any other fan if she decided to talk them before or after the show."

I look up to the sky and the passing clouds.

"Besides, I don't really see her as a stunt flyer, but more of a military person, or pony."

I can just picture her in a military uniform. Honestly, she would look badass. Come to think of it, I think anyone would look awesome if they were military.

"Well, her dream is her dream." Winona did her own version of a shrug. "Say, while they all focus on those dumb tickets, want to go relax somewhere?"

"We could go hang out at Twilight's place. It is a public library after all."

"That would work."

Golden Oak Library


It's been a while since me and Winona left the ponies to their ticket business. As of now, we are just being lazy and hanging out at the library. I'm reading some of the books about magic while Winona was sleeping on one of the pillows Twilight keeps around. Normally, a library is not really my place to go relax, but since nobody was around, we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.


Well, nevermind then. It seems we have a visitor. I look up from my book to see to my surprise, Fluttershy and a few animals I've met from her cottage. They were mostly just birds and squirrels. Their scuttering woke up Winona.

"Oh. Hello there, John." Fluttershy greets me. "I didin't know you were here. I hope you don't mind."

I give a shrug. Not my house, not my problem.

"Oh, thank you. If I'm disturbing you, then just pretend I'm not here."

With that, the buttery Pegasus and her animal friends go all over the library and start cleaning. I turn to see Angel going into the kitchen.

'Now, what is he up to?'

I get up and follow the white rabbit. When I enter, I see him mixing up a few lettuces, carrots, and other ingredients together in a bowl.

"Hey, Angel. What are you doing?" I said getting his attention.

"What does it look like, Scales? I'm making salad." He said sourly as usual.

"Right. Well, what about the others? Why are they here cleaning the library?"

"If you must know, the lavender one named Twilight has an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala. We are trying to win that pony's favor so she can give Fluttershy the ticket."

"Huh, didn't think Fluttershy was the competitive type."

"She's not. I'm pushing her into getting the tickets herself."

I raise a scaly brow. "Even if she does get the ticket, I don't think the Gala would allow animals into it. Hell, I don't even think I could go if I wanted to."

Angel suddenly points his wooden spoon at me.

"Don't get any ideas that I'm just using Fluttershy to get into the Gala. I know I can't go, but me and the others want her to go. She deserves to have a good time for what she's done for all of us back at the cottage. I'm only pushing her because she's too shy to ask for the ticket herself."

"Be that as it may, I'm not sure if that's the kind of party Fluttershy would like to go to."

Angel continues to make the salad. "Oh, I know. She's not one for parties anyway. She just wants to visit the animals that live in the royal garden. If that's what she wants to spend time in, then so be it."

"Would that even work?" I said adjusting my sunglasses. "I'm pretty sure the animals that live there only interact with either the princess or her garden keepers."

"Fluttershy will get them to cooperate. She has a much better understanding with us unlike most ponies."

"Well, good hunting then."

I leave the kitchen and go back to the main room. I see Winona looking at the animals cleaning with Fluttershy. The Pegasus is singing some tune while scrubbing the walls.

"What's all this about?" Winona asks curiously.

"They're trying to get Twilight to give her ticket to Fluttershy so she could go to the Gala." I said taking a seat besides her.

"Again with the tickets? At this point, Twilight might as well rip the extra one and go by herself."

"To be honest, this whole situation is getting pretty irritating."


Just then, another pony comes into the library. This time, it's Twilight herself. When she sees the occupants of this room, she gasps.

"Fluttershy, not you too." She said tiredly.

"Oh! Why, hello there, Twilight." Fluttershy greeted her innocently. "I hope you don't mind, but we are doing a little Spring Cleaning for you."

"It's Summer." Twilight deadpanned.

"Oh, well, better late then ever, right? It was Angel's idea."

The bunny himself comes out of the kitchen and present the salad. Where did he get that chef's hat?

"You're not doing this for the ticket, are you?" Twilight asks suspiciously.

"Oh, no. I'm doing this for my very best friend."

I couldn't help but step in and give Fluttershy a look that says 'Try again'.

"Uh, I mean, yes. We are doing this for the ticket." She corrects herself.

Angel goes over and tries to sway Twilight with the salad as a peace offering. The purple pony's stomach growls. I guess she still hasn't eaten yet.

"No! No! No!" Twilight yells as she goes to the door and magically opens it up. "Well, this was all very nice of you and Angel, but I'm not accepting any extra favors until I make my final decision. So I'm going to have to ask you to leave."


A cloud of confetti clouds the door as party horns blow out. Then, a pair of pink hooves grabs Twilight and pulls her outside. Curious, me and Winona go outside too only to see Pinkie Pie and a bunch of other ponies carrying Twilight. They start tossing her while Pinkie begins to sing.

"Twilight is my bestest friend! Whoopy! Whoopy!"


"She's the cutest, smartest, and all around bestest pony! Pony!"


"I bet if I throw her a super duper party! Party!"


"She'll give her extra Gala ticket to me!"


The singing stops along with the ponies tossing Twilight. She falls to the ground as Pinkie looms over her.

"Yes, Twilight?" Pinkie asks.

"At least the other ponies TRIED to be subtle about the tickets." Twilight said getting up.

"Wait a minute, what ticket? What gala?" A random mare asks from the crowd.

At this point, I had the sense that something bad is going to happen. Winona also senses too.

"Oh, here we go." She said shaking her head.

"Oh, you didn't know? Twilight has an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala!" Pinkie announced for all to hear.


The news surprises the ponies as they get excited. Soon, they start crowding around Twilight as they too start offering favors for the ticket.

"Have I ever told you that I love your mane?"

"I'll wash your dishes."

"Do you need help with your gardening?"

"I have a pot load of extra carrots."

"I'll paint your house."

"I'll be your best friend!"

"I'll take you on a date!"

Just then, Spike comes around out of nowhere and pulls Twilight away. However, they didn't get far as the crowd of ponies blocked their way.

"What are we going to do?" Spike asks in panic.

"We're. Going. To. RUN!!"

Twilight jumps up into the air and runs off with Spike on her back. The ponies turn and follow her in pursuit. All there was left was me and Winona as we watch the mob chase down the purple duos.

"I knew this was going to go down in the shithole when those tickets came around." I take of my sunglasses and rub my eyes. "It was funny at first with Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Now, this is getting out of control. I may not be that close friends with Twilight, but she still needs help. I'm going after them."

"Well, I hope your successful, John. I would help, but I've been away from Sweet Apple Acres too long. I better get going before Apple Bloom or the others get too worried about me." Winona said as she runs off back to her home. "See you around, John! We should do more of this sometimes!"

With that, the brown and white dog is gone as it is now just me standing outside the library.

"Alright. Let's get to work and stop--"

*Puts on sunglasses

"--horsing around."

I look up to the sky. "Really? Pinkie gets a song when she sings, but I fucking don't?! Sigh, whatever."

Ponyville - Alleyway


I've got to say that I'm surprised with how much stamina Twilight has. The fact that she's been running from the mob for hours without getting tired is impressive. Hell, they even gave me a hard time catching up to them. However, as good as the game of cat and mouse we've been playing, it has finally come to an end as Twilight and Spike are cornered in an alleyway with the ponies advancing towards them.

'Now is my chance!'

I focus my power and twirl my tail around. Soon enough, a huge gust of windy sand appears as I use Sandstorm. I'm only using it at minimum power as I didn't want to hurt the ponies.

"AH! I can't see!"

"Where's Twilight?!"

"Where did all this sand come from?!"

"Spike?! Spike, where are you?!"

Now that everyone is blinded, except me since I'm a Ground Type, I rush in and grab my friends with ease. I run out of the alley and around a corner until we got a good distance away from the mob. Twilight and Spike look up to me from under my arms.

"John? Man, glad to see you!" Spike said with relief.

"Yeah." Twilight's eyes go wide. "Wait a minute. Oh, no! Don't tell me you only saved us because YOU want the ticket?"

I give a hiss in irritation before dropping them on their asses.

"Ow! Hey, what's the big deal?!" Spike complains.

I ignored him as I bend down and start writing in the dirt. Twilight takes notice and reads my message.

To answer your question, Twilight, no. I didn't save your flank to get the tickets. I'm not that cruel. Also, I don't think they allow animals to attend the Gala.

"Oh. Right, I should of thought of that." She said sheepishly. "Come on. Let's head back to the library."

I nod as I follow the two back to the their home. So far, so good. There is no one coming our way--

"Hey, do you see them anywhere?"

"Maybe they're over here!"

We stop in our tracks as we see two ponies coming towards us.

"Oh, no! They're coming!" Twilight whispered loudly. No point in giving themselves away further.

"There is no place to hide!" Spike too whispered.

He was right as we are out in the open. I look around before I got an idea.

'I know they're not going to like this.' I thought as I grab the two.

"Hey, what are you--"


I cut Twilight off as I stuff her and Spike into my mouth. I can feel them squirming in my large maw. Just in time too as the ponies come around.

"Hey, aren't you Pinkie's pet crocodile?" One of them asks.

I would of rolled my eyes if I wasn't struggling to keep my mouth shut. My friends aren't making it easy with their squirming. The ponies see this.

"Eww!! I think it's going to barf!"

"Ugh! Forget this!"

The two ponies run away with green faces. When the coast was clear, I spit out my friends. They are covered in my saliva.

"John..." Twilight said in a steady voice. "While I appreciate the help, please for the love of Celestia, Don't. Do. That. Again."

"Yeah." Spike agreed as he wipes away my spit. "What she said."

I cross my arms and snorted.

'You're welcome you ungrateful dicks.'

"Come on. Let's go." Twilight sighs.

Golden Oak Library


It was about night when we made it to the library without being caught. Boy, it was kind of hard when you have half the town looking for you. Luckily, we were sneaky enough to evade detection. Even then, my friends would use me as a wall to hide from passing ponies instead of using my... previous idea. It was kind of weird now that I think about. Twilight tasted like lavender. Perhaps she used scented shampoo?

Anyway, we are currently at the front door as Twilight tiredly opens it.

"Finally, we're home." She said as we all enter the room. "At least now I could finally get something to--"

Twilight stops mid-sentence with a terrified expression. I look on ahead and see just about all our friends standing in the room. Probably waiting for her to make the decision.

"GAAAAHHH!!" Twilight screams. "I CAN'T DECIDE! I JUST CAN'T DECIDE!! It's important to all of you and I can't stand to disappoint any of you, but giving me gifts and favors won't make a difference because you're all my friends and I want to make you all happy, but I can't! I just can't!!"

I can't help but feel sorry for Twilight as she crumbles to the floor like she's ready to cry. I bend down and pet her gently while giving the girls my best Leer. I also growled and showed my sharp teeth for good measure. To their credit, they do look both ashamed and frighten by my intimidation. Applejack was the first to come forward.

"Twilight, sugar? I didn't mean to put so much pressure on you, and if it helps, then I don't want the ticket no more. You can give it to somepony else. I won't feel bad. I promise." Applejack smiles apologetically.

Fluttershy floats over to us.

"Me too. I feel awful for making you feel awful.

"And me too." Pinkie joins in. "It's no fun upsetting your friend."

"Twilight, it was wrong to force you like I did." Rarity adds.

"YES! That means the ticket is mine!" Rainbow Dash unhelpfully boasts. "I got the ticket~ I got the ticket--"


I stopped her annoying rant by trapping her in my maw. I keep her in there for a little bit before spitting her back out. She lands on her back as she is now completely covered in saliva.

"GROSS! What's your--"

She stops and makes a squeak when she sees another one of my Scary Face, or as I like to call this face, my Evil Face.

"Uh, you know what? I haven't perfected my signature moves for the Wonderbolts anyway. I don't need that ticket neither." Rainbow said sheepishly to her friends.

Applejack rolls her eyes before speaking. "We were so gung-ho on going to the Gala that we couldn't see how ungung-ho we were making you."

"We're sorry, Twilight." They all said together.

As I watch this little moment from the sidelines, I couldn't stop thinking that all this was somehow planned from the start. I can't put my claw on it. Well, needless to say, I think I got the best solution for this problem. I give a hiss and get the girls and dragon's attention.

"Huh? What is it, John?" Spike asks.

I make a motion of me writing something.

"You want paper and a quill?"

I nodded. Spike was confused, but goes with it as he fishes me a piece of paper along with an ink and quill. I immediately get to writing.

Dear, Princess Celestia

It's me, John, or as Pinkie likes to call me, Crocky. I'm writing to you a complaint about the number of tickets you sent to Twilight Sparkle. Just two? Seriously? Like what the hell? I know it's common to only be allowed to bring a plus one to a party. However, I'm thinking you have forgotten that Twilight's friends are the ones who saved Equestria. Let alone saved your sister, Luna from staying as Nightmare Moon from what I've heard!

So, I believe that Twilight's friends deserve a boon for their service to their country and to let them go to the Grand Galloping Gala.


John Gate

If it's not too much, I would like to have an audience with Luna. Didn't get to meet that little filly at the party a couple weeks ago.

Not sure if your student told you about me, but I'm what is called a Krookodile. Basically, a crocodile that lives in the sandy deserts instead of the lakes or swamps.

Once I finish writing, I put ink on my claw and stamp it at the bottom of the page. I roll it up and give it to the young drake. He looks at me questionably.

"You want me to send this to Princess Celestia?" He asks.

I nod. Spike hesitates, but complies and sends the letter through his magical fiery breath. A few moments later, a scroll comes popping out of the drake.

"It's a letter from Princess Celestia. That was fast." Twilight said surprise. "What did you say, John? Nevermind, what does the letter say, Spike?"

Spike opens up the scroll.

"My faithful student, Twilight. Your friend John is right. I should of taken to some consideration of what your friends would want. For that, I apologies and offer you--" Spike pulls out five more golden tickets. "five tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala!"

The girls gasps at this while I grin triumphantly. Twilight turns to me.

"What did you really say to Celestia, John? How did you convinced her?"

Pinkie hops on my back. "It doesn't matter! Crocky got all of us tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala! Even he can go!"

I blink before realizing that the five tickets we received plus the other two Twilight has means we got seven in total.

'Pinkie's right. It does mean I can go too.'


I heard Twilight's stomach yet again growling.

"Allow us to treat you for dinner, Twilight." Rarity offers. "You too John. Thank you for getting all of us tickets as well."

"And I'm going to be making a special batch of those Berry Cupcakes as a reward!" Pinkie adds.

"Oh. I do love those." Fluttershy says happily.

As everyone starts leaving the room, I notice Spike sagging behind.

"How come I don't get a ticket to the Gala?" He asks himself sadly.

I feel bad for the little guy. I should of mentioned him too. Before I could cheer the kid up, his cheeks bulges before he burps out a scroll and another ticket. He reads the letter.

"And one more for you, Spike." He said shocked before morphing into excitement. "I got a ticket!"

With that, he runs out to join the girls. I was the last one in the library.

"Man, this is one crazy day." I say as I adjust my sunglasses. "I wonder what other things Equestria has to offer."

Something tells me though, that things are just getting started.

Author's Note:

Hey, everypony. It's me, The EnderPony Master.

I hope you guys like the chapter. I'm planning to add the Mane 6's current and upcoming pets to the story more often then they did on the show. Also, I'm not sure wether or not to have a Displaced encounter like they usually do in Displaced stories. Still thinking about it, and even who would John meet in the future. Only time will tell.

Anyway, like I said. I hope everypony like the chapter. I'll see you guys next time. Also, I know it might be too late but, Happy 4th of July everypony!

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