• Published 7th Jun 2019
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Friendships and Crocs - The EnderPony Master

A human gets sent to Equestria as a Krookodile. Let the chaos begin!

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Friendship is Magic

Have you ever wondered if it would be great to work as an employee in a pizzeria? Well, if you did, then I'm going to say that it's not worth it. Not only does it not pay as much, but I don't even get an employee discount for the pizza. Not to mention, I have to deal with a bunch of idiots everyday that come into the shop. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. Most of the customers seem cool, but there are others who are going to be those type of customers. You know, the kind that complain about every goddamn thing, and will demand to see my manager if they don't get their way.

Anyway, why would I take this job if I'm complaining so much about it? Well, I am trying to save up to buy a new Nintendo Switch. Word of advice, never let you young siblings play with it out of you watch. How do you even drop it in the damn toilet?

"John, can you man the front for a bit? I'm going on break." My supervisor, Jane asks me.

"Sure thing, Jane." I replied as I see her exit the front door to her car.

Luckily, today is pretty slow as it was a rainy day outside. So far, there has been barely any customers coming in or calling to place an order. Good for me, more free time.


Nevermind, here comes another customer. I look up to give them the mandatory greeting, but paused as I look at the strange sight. The person in front of me was some creepy looking old man. He had long black hair and beard. He is also wearing a very fucking suspicious trench coat.

'I swear to god if this is some flasher, I'm calling the police.'

"Uh, hello there valued customer." I said with a forced smile. "How may I take your order?"

The old man looks up to the menu board for a minute before responding.

"I would like one pepperoni pizza, please." He answers.


I go over to the back to grab a box from where we keep the other premade pizzas. Pepperoni was our usual topping choice. A moment later, I come back to the old man with his food.

"That would be $11.50, sir."

The old man frowned a bit as he digs into his coats pockets. He pulled out a five.

"I don't have the amount."

I sigh. "Well, then I can't give your order, sir."

"Come on. I had a long day of work. Not really fun dealing with pushy clients."

"Tough luck then, man."

The old man puts on a thoughtful expression before brightening up. He reaches into his coat and pulls something out. It was large tooth of some kind.

"How about a trade." He offers. "I'll give you this if you give me a discount on my lunch."

I look at the old man like he's an idiot. What kind of trade is that? I was about tell him to fuck off when my thoughts turn back to the tooth.

'I have to admit. That tooth does look cool.'

"Uh, what kind of tooth is it?" I ask.

The old man smiles. "It's a special tooth from a very great predator."

I turn between him and his offering. Normally, I would send Jane to deal with customers like him, but since she's out and I don't feel like going through an argument...

I sigh. "Fine. I'll take it. Here's you pizza."

The old man smiles as we make the exchange. He has his food while I get the tooth and the five dollars.

"You got spunk, kid. I like that." He said holding the pizza to his side. "Say, what's your favorite video game?"

I raise a brow at that. That was an odd and random question, but I decided to humor him.

"Well, I like to play Pokémon." I answered.

"Ah, that should do. Now, if I happen to offer some time off work, would you take it?"

Okay, at this point, this was getting weird. Especially the way he's looking at me with that smile.

"Sure, I guess." I said before holding up a hand. "Alright, before we can go any further, who are you?"

The old man puts his pizza down before giving a bow.

"I have been called many things. Some good and some bad..."

He leans closer to me.

"However, I am known as The Merchant."

Before I could question him further, I was starting to feel a bit light headed. Everything around me was spinning.

"Wha-What is?" I groggily say as I stumble. "What's going on?"

"Don't worry. Consider this as my way of saying thank you."

Before I know it, I'm laying on the floor facing the ceiling. Everything turns black as I pass with the tooth still in my hands.

Chirp Chirp Chirp


I groggily open my eyes at the sound of birds chirping. Though, I immediately regret it as the sun was shinning in my face.

"Gah! Screw you, sun." I cursed at the giant fireball in the sky.

I turn over and pick myself up. I look around and I see that I'm in some sort of grassy plain. There were trees surrounded all around me.

"Where the hell am I? How did I get outside?"

That was when realization came to me.

"Did that asshole drug me or some shit?!"

I honestly don't know what the hell happened. All I remember was that guy, or The Merchant giving me a tooth piece and lost consciousness.

"Okay, there is no need to panic, me." I said as I take a deep breath. "I just need to get back to civilization. Then, I'll get my revenge on that fucker."



All of a sudden, a scroll just appeared out of thin air and lands on the ground in front of me. I blink at what I see.

"...Okay... now there are magical scrolls appearing out of nowhere."

I stare at the parchment for a bit before deciding to read it. However, just when I was bending down to pick it up. I was startled at what I saw.


I stumble back a bit as I look at my hand. Or rather, my CLAWS! The length of my arms were smooth crimson leathery scales. I instinctively reach up to my face and felt a long muzzle and a few sharp teeth sticking out from the sides.

"How the hell did I not notice that?!" I said crossed eyed looking at my mouth.



I look to see that during my panicking, I've stepped into a little pond.

"Why did it hurt to touch it?" I ask myself.

I shake my head before leaning over to see my reflection. I was shocked to see a large dark red bipedal crocodile. My belly is white as there was black stripes all over my body. Also, my eyes were pitch black as was my irises. I look like I'm wearing huge sunglasses. On my back was a few black spikes that run down my body all the way to my large tail.

"No. Fucking. Way." I said with wide eyes. "I'm a Krookodile!!"

I honestly don't know what to feel about my situation. Should I be excited? Scared? Disbelief? Or maybe all of the above?!

"This has to be a dream..." I whispered to myself. "There's no way this is all real."

I raise my hand, er… claw and punch myself in the face as hard as I can. I instantly regret.

"Gah!!" I rub my self inflicting wound. "Okay... not a dream. Still can feel pain."

At this point, I'm sitting on my scaly ass as I hold my head. I am so confused. How is all this possible?

"Did the merchant did this to me?"

I look over to where the parchment was still laying during my episode. I sigh as I get up and go over to he piece of paper. I fumble around with it a bit since I now only had three fingers instead of five.

"This is so strange." I said flexing my claw. "Yet if feels so natural."

I shake my head before focusing on the scroll. I open it up carefully as I didn't want to rip it.

Dear, John

If you are reading this, then you are probably done panicking, crying, fainting, and/or cursing me out. Now, I know what you are think. "Where am I?" and "How the heck am I a Krookodile?". Well, to simply put, magic. Anyway, you are in another world unlike your own and I figured that you would have more fun if you were a creature from you favorite video game. I didn't know which Pokémon you like, so I picked one out of random. Hope you don't mind.

Also, as a way of thanking you for the discount on my pizza, I've sent a little care package for you. I hope you have a swell time in your adventure.


The Merchant

I don't think I need to tell you, but watch out for water. Liquid does not go well with Ground types.

Try not to scare the local populace. They a quite weary with carnivores.

I narrow my eyes in confusion.

"Care package?" I look around to find nothing. "I don't see any care package--"




Just right on cue, a brown sack magically appears and hits my head. I grunt as I pick it up and look inside of it curiously.


Inside the bag was a bunch of Poke' Berries. There's Tamato, Pecha, Pinap, Razz, and Leppa berries. Along with them were a few Super Potions, and the Black Sunglasses.

"Huh, well this is thoughtful of him." My thoughts then turn back to the sunglasses. "Wait a minute. This boosts the power of Dark Type moves. Does that mean..."

I look down at my claws as I flex them.

"I have powers now?"

I'm not going to lie, this new discovery is pretty awesome. However, I need to test this out. I look around and see a fallen log lying around.

"That should do it."

If I remember from the Pokedex entry, a Krookodile's bite is strong enough to rip a car in half. With that said, I should be able to do the same thing with this tree.

"Here goes nothing."

I rear my head back as I open my maw.



Okay... my theory in having powers has proven correct. The Dark Type move Crunch allows the user to bite down onto its' foe with extreme force. Now, couple that with the Black Sunglasses and the results can change drastically. So, imagine my complete surprise when I not only crush the log in half, but also completely demolish the whole thing into splinters.

"Holy shit..."

My face soon morphs into excitement.

"This is amazing! There's got to be other cool shit I can do!"

With that being said though, I realize I have more important things I need to attend to.

"Right, I need to find civilization again. Though, is that even a good idea?"

I mean, how would you react if huge-ass bipedal crimson crocodile from a video game franchise suddenly comes to town?

"Either I would be hunted down for my skin, or I would be a celebrity... You know what, screw it! I have powers now. I can probably handle a few gun wielding hunters."

With that said, I pick up my care package and head off to a random direction into the forest. Hopefully, I don't get too lost.

(Many Hours Later)

Alrighty then, I'm officially lost. I have been wandering this damn forest for who knows how long. I just keep seeing tree, tree, and more trees!

"How big is this damn forest?!"

It was night time by now as the moon shines throw tree branches from above. At this point, I was becoming agitated as I'm getting really hungry. I tried snatching some birds or other wild life during my trek, by the little fuckers always manage to spot me before I could make a move. Then again, red and white does not blend in well with the environment I'm stuck in.

"I need to find bigger game." I said as my stomach complains.

I have eaten one of the berries from my pack, but I found out that they aren't very filling. So I've saved the rest since they could be useful later. I have to admit though, while the Tamato Berry was really spicy, I do feel much Tougher now.


My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a roar from the distance. Curiously, I head into the direction and try to keep myself hidden as possible, which was hard because of my new size and color scheme. Anyway, when I made it to the source, I couldn't help but gap at the site before me.

"What the hell?" I whispered.

In front of me was the strangest thing I've ever seen in my life. The first thing that caught my attention was the pack of very colorful horses. Though, what's more strange is the fact that some of them had either wings or horns on them.

"Are those Pegasi and Unicorns?"

I turn to the other thing. I honestly have no clue as to what the hell it was. It looked like a lion, a bat, and a scorpion had an orgy and made this freak of nature. It had the body of a lion, wings of a bat, and a scorpion's tail.

"Something tells me that it was the one that made the roar." My stomach made itself known with a growl. "You know what, fuck it. I'm too hungry to care."

With a new prey in my view, I put down my sack and dug into the ground with Dig. My eyes and snout were the only things showing like an actual croc in the wilds. I sneak my way over to the beast carefully as I stalk it.

'This feels so weird hunting like this, but also very exciting! Now I know how it feels to be on Animal Planet.'


The beast roared again as it leaps to one of the horses. The white unicorn to be specific. I chose that time to jump out of the ground like it was water and chomp down on its' swiping paw mid-jump. It roared in pain as we both tumble away from the group of horses.

'The hunter has become the hunted, bitch!'

When we both pick ourselves up, the lion monster thing takes a look at me before suddenly flinching back in fear. I guess I have the Pokémon Ability, Intimidate. Meaning now my prey's attacks will be less effective against me, giving me the advantage in this fight.

"You better be afraid!" I taunted.

The animal shakes away its' fear before giving off a roar of defiance. It then leaps at me with its' claws extended. I counter with Sand Attack as I kick a whiff of sand in the face. The large cat flinches as it misses me by inches.

"My turn!"

I turn around and fling my tail at the monster. However, for some reason, it didn't glow white. Instead of throwing the lion a get distance away like I wanted, it only went away a few feet. I look at my tail.

'Wait, does this I don't know Iron Tail?'



Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention as the monster comes back from my failed attack and stung me in the back when I wasn't looking.

"You fucker!"

I instinctively use Rage and slash my sharp claws across its face. It paws its' face in pain as blood was pouring. I didn't stop though as I charge forward and Bite down on its' neck. That made the lion roar in pure agony as it swats and stings me in attempt to dislodge me. I close my eyes as I feel every blow, but kept my mouth shut. I can taste the cat's blood in my mouth.

After what feels like forever, the battle is finally over as the mighty beast goes limp. With a heave, I rip a chunk of its' neck before swallowing.

"TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN MOTHERFUCKERS!!" I shouted triumphally.

However, as victory was mine, the pain comes back to me as my adrenaline taps out. My body shakes in pain as I feel the poison was finally kicking in.

"O-Oh... fuck m-me..." I said. "I need my s-sack."

Since my food wasn't going anywhere, I left it was safe to leave it alone as I head back to where I left my supplies. When I did, I see that the horses was still there. Though, they all look at me with fear. I guess they saw the whole fight.

"What are you looking at?" I snarled. I was not in the mood to be gawked at.

Up ahead, I see my sack laying by the bushes where I left it. I tried to go over to it, but stopped and fell to the ground. The poison is much stronger than I thought.

"F-Fuck... N-No..." I whispered. "I d-don't want t-to die like t-this..."


I hear someone gasp in the distance. I look over to see that one of the horses were coming over to me. It is the Pegasus with buttery fur and pink hair.

"Fluttershy! What are you doing?! It's going to eat you!" The purple unicorn shouts.

My eyes widen at this. Theses horses can talk?!

"Twilight, this creature hurt." The one named Fluttershy said. "I need to help it."

"Are you nuts?!" The cyan Pegasus with the stupid rainbow hair yells. "You saw what it did to that Manticore! It's going to kill you if you get close!"

So that's what the monster I killed is called. Huh, well you learn something new everyday. Anyway, Fluttershy doesn't back down.

"I know what it did, and I don't really approve of it." She nods. "However, I understand that is what predators do in the wild and I learned to accept that. Now though, I need to help this one or else what it did to the Manticore would be for nothing."

I blink at that. Wow. I never would of thought a herbivore like her would be okay with something I just did.


I grunt in pain as Fluttershy floats over to me and puts a hoof onto one of my wounds.

"There, there, little guy. I'll do what I can to help heal you." She said soothingly.

"Little?!" The rainbow one exclaims.

I look into her eyes and for some reason, I feel like I can trust her words. She looks so kind and gentle.

"Fluttershy…" I gasp in pain. "I-I need my sack."

I pointed over to where my stuff is. She looks over and sees it.

"Is that what you need, Mr. Crocodile?" She asks in concern.

"Yes, please." I shake my head. "Also, my name is John."

Whether Fluttershy heard me or not, she doesn't say as she goes over and picks up my care package before coming back.

"Here you go." She said passing my things to me.

I fumble with the bag for a moment before picking out a Pecha Berry. I toss the little sucker into my mouth and swallow it. Soon enough, I can feel the effects of the Manticore poison leaving me. I sit up straight as some of my strength is coming back.

"Oh, thank you, Fluttershy." I said in relief. "You don't know how much this means to me."

I literally would of died of poisoning if it weren't for her. Which is why I didn't stop her as she looks into my bag and pulls out a Super Potion.

"Will this help you feel better?" She asks me curiously. "This looks like medicine."

"Yeah. Could you pass me that?"

Fluttershy gives me a confused look. Didn't she hear me?

"Uh, could you give me that, please?" I lay out my claw.

She seems to get the message as she gives me my healing item. However I am having some trouble with using it as I can't reach where my wounds are. Not to mention, I only had three appendages instead of my usual five. Fluttershy sees my struggle.

"Here let me help you with that."

She takes the spray bottle from me and proceeds to treat my injuries. I sigh in content as I feel my wounds closing up. Damn, that Potion is sure is soothing. I look over to see that her other friends were walking over to us. I'm guessing since I haven't tried to kill Fluttershy, they seem to think I'm safe enough to be around. The orange one with the stepson hat speaks.

"Hooey, Fluttershy." She said in a southern accent. "Never would of thought you had it in you."

"Amazing..." The one named Twilight said. "I've never read anything about this creature before. It almost has the same resemblance of a crocodile."

"Well, your close." I said. "I'm what you call a Krookodile."

The rainbow horse fly over me.

"Hey, Flutters, do you know what's it saying? You speak animal, don't you?"

I blink at that. What does she mean by that? Can she not hear me? Also, Fluttershy can talk to animals?

"I'm sorry, Rainbow Dash." Fluttershy replies. "But I can't understand what it is saying. All I hear is regular hisses and growls like any other crocodile would make."

At that moment, everything around me freezes as I came to a conclusion.

'They can't understand anything I say... well... this will be problematic.'

I should of seen this coming from a mile away if I was planning on talking to anyone. Then again, it's strange that they are hearing regular animal noises from me instead of hearing me saying my specie's name repeatedly. That would be annoying.

"I must say, this creature's color scheme seems rather... intimidating." The white unicorn comments. She sounds posh.

Just then, I feel something clamp around my back.

"WEE!! This thing looks so cool! Hey! Do you think the Cakes would let me keep it!? Oohh!!! Do you think it likes to party?!!" The pink horse said with excitement.


"Pinkie, there is nothing more cooler than yours truly." Rainbow Dash boasts as she gets in my face. "I bet I could take this thing on!"

I snorted at that. 'Oh, really?' I thought as my eyes flashes red and I give my best evil toothy smile. Rainbow Dash immediately backs away from my Scary Face.

"Okay... that is just creepy." She said.

Twilight steps up. "Look, as much as I want to analyze it, we still have to stop Nightmare Moon! Come on, girls!"

The others seem to agree as they all start heading up a trail. Though, the one named Pinkie stayed for a bit as she gives me a cupcake. It was chocolate as it had white and red frosting with the red shaped like a medical cross.

"Here's a little 'Get Better' cupcake! If you want a place to stay other than this scary place, then head over to Ponyville! Just follow the tail we came from, Crocky!"

With that, she runs, or rather, hops her way and catches up to her friends. I look at the cupcake as I think about her offer.

"Well, it would be better than staying in a place like this." I said as I eat the dessert. "Mmm, this is good."

Alright, I think I could safely say that this Ponyville place is weird. One moment, the ponies (I figured they were ponies because of their town name.) were panicking and were saying that I was a reptilian monster here to reap their souls or some shit, then the next, I'm being treated like I'm in a petting zoo by their children. Literally changed from 0 to 100 and back to 0 again from just a few words by Pinkie Pie.

Right, I probably should explain myself. Well, I took up Pinkie's offer and made my way to Ponyville. It was empty as I did not see any ponies in the streets. During my search, I came across a cool looking gingerbread house. Well, it looked like one. I took bite out of it and found it if was only décor. Hmph! Anyway, after a while of searching, I gave up and decided to take a nap.

After a while, I was awoken up by the sound of screaming and panicking. Not to mention, there was a party going on as there were decorations and buffet tables put out. How they set it up while not noticing me till now, I will never know. However, Pinkie Pie came to my rescue and told the crowd of ponies that I was her new pet mutant crocodile. For whatever reason, they took her word for it and went back to partying.

Now it comes to the present. I am just sitting on my scaly ass as a bunch of cute fillies and colts were climbing all over me. Their parents were close by as they watch me with both weary and cautious stares. At least they were careful around me instead of trusting me completely. I mean, I wouldn't if we switched places.

"Are you absolutely sure it is safe to be around, Pinkie Pie?"

I look over to see a grey Pegasus with blonde hair talking to Pinkie. Her daughter, which was a unicorn oddly enough, was riding on top of my long muzzle. Her giggles lighten my heart.

"Don't worry, Ditzy!" Pinkie says happily. "Crocky doesn't mind the foals! Besides, look at him! He seems to be having fun!"

I can't really deny her statement. Being a Pokémon in land of ponies while being covered by said ponies seems like a joke to me.

"Well, I guess I'll take your word for it-- Oh! Your highness!"

Ditzy said as she bows to the upcoming princess. The one they call Princess Celestia. Yes, I've seen her mingling with some of her subjects along with a small midnight blue filly by her side. Surprisingly, they both had wings and horns. They both wore some royal attire as well signifying their status.

Anyway, Princess Celestia earlier announced that her supposedly student, Twilight Sparkle would be staying in this town to learn the way of the Magic of Friendship. Which is ridiculous in my opinion. I figured she and the filly would of left awhile ago in a chariot ironically, but it seems she decided to pay me a visit before she leaves.

"So this is the creature my student has told me about." She said.

The children that were playing with me were long gone by now as they returned to their parents. I stand up straight as I look at the ponies' ruler. Celestia and I were just about the same height minus the horn. Her fur was white with a pinch of pink hue. Her hair was literally a mix of a three color rainbow as it magically waves even though there is no wind.

"Yeppers, Princess!" Pinkie confirms as she goes over to my side. "Crocky here saved us from a Manticore in the Everfree Forest last night!"

I heard a few ponies around us gasp as they look at me in awe and a bit of fear. Princess Celestia looks at me in interest.

"Indeed? Well then, creature. I'm not sure if you understand, but I thank you for saving my little ponies."

Though, just like that, she then puts on a face of authority.

"However, be that as it may, if I come to hear that you have in any way harmed my subjects, then you will be met with consequences. Do you understand?"

I give a nod with my arms crossed, but I used Leer with it as I wasn't going to just tremble from her gaze. This mildly surprises her but she puts on a straight face and nods back. Seems we both have an understanding. 'Don't mess with me, and I'll won't mess with you.' Respectively anyway.

"Very well, then." She then turns to Pinkie. "I trust you will keep an eye on our... friend here?"

"Don't you worry, Princess!" Pinkie answers. "I'll take the bestest care of Crocky! I'm sure him and Gummy will get along just fine!!"

'Wait, who's Gummy?'

As if she read my mind, she pulls out a small bug-eyed alligator out of her poofy pink mane and puts the little guy down in front of me. I will have to say, this is one strange looking alligator. However, I don't want to seem rude. Besides, if I'm speaking in regular crocodile dialogue, them maybe I can understand gator.

"Uh... hello, Gummy." I spoke. "I guess we're going to be roommates."


"So... how's life?"

"...fine..." Oh, he does speak.

"Well... that's good, I guess."


"..." This is awkward.

"AWW!! Look at them! They're practically brothers already!" Pinkie cooed.

"...Indeed..." Celestia said as she too is weirded by Gummy, but doesn't show it. "Well, it seems everything is concluded. I will be on my way. See you next time, Pinkie Pie."

As Celestia heads over to her chariot, Pinkie hops over to me and Gummy before pulling out a camera.

"We are going to have the bestest greatest time ever together!" She giggles as she pulls us all together. "He's for the scrapbook! Say, cheese!"


Well, this is going to be fun.

Author's Note:

Hello, everypony. It's me, The EnderPony Master

I hope you guys like the story. I'll be honest. This was my first Displaced story I've wrote. Not to mention that it's been a while since I've wrote another story at all. I was just watching Pokémon on TV when I thought about Krookodile and well... here we are.

Anyway, hope you readers like the chapter. Sorry for any mis-grammars. See you guys next time.