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Writer of Fillies doing lewd things and Ponies doing cute things. People seem to dig that stuff around here. Commission Status

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No, legit, what happened there?

naughty fillies neglecting their homework

All I wanted was fillies having lesbian sex, but you just haaaad to keep them from a quality education, didn't you? Have you no shame?

I accidentally clicked on new comment instead of save chapter during the stream when I was working on this. Just went with it.

I'm the first writer on the site who wrote a lewd Wind Sprint story.

I have zero.

So much cute filly love. And lovin'.

Seriously though that was super cute. Ginger is such an innocent little goof the whole time till she gets a taste of the good life.

that was very cute and hot, very good read again.

I'm the first writer on the site who wrote a lewd Wind Sprint story.

love you for that one by the way ;D

that also was a nice take on a "not so innocent" dinky, what a Cookie selling little predator :rainbowwild:

love to read about my favorite little filly dinky:yay:

How dare you write a story with explicit nose-booping and hoof holding, you pervert. :flutterrage:
I can't believe you tainted this innocent lesbian story wtih such filth.

Author's Note:

They gave that weirdo stallion all the sugar cookies. Poor guy, he just wanted to see some filly butt.

Well... why don't you fix that if you ever get time. Lol he need to burn off all that sugar or he will get problems lol:twilightblush:

Well they getting a head start on the stereotypical subject of biology or anatomy :ajsmug:

Well, I'm gonna be frank: aside from discovering a picture embedded into the story, this story was way more tolerable than the similarly titled Filly Scout Delite, especially considering who was also there; as a matter of fact, I usually avoid reviewing such things as a precaution should history become far from kind.

Now that it's out of the way, it's way nicer than the time I read a similar story with Coconut Cream and Toola-Roola, especially since it didn't end in a threesome with a creepy storeowner; on a similar note, I made a take that to said clopfic in mine while also making a shout-out to The Big Lebowski, or in MLP's case, Letrotski since Pezuña is based on Quintana whose actor Turturro took cues from the late great boxer as I've learned while writing this review.

I didn't even think about the embed that much to be honest, but you're right. Removed it.


It's fine; as a matter of fact, I've uploaded it to derpibooru earlier...

wat sick filth...i mean..really...who writes about filly's neglecting there homwework

Funny thing there, I had the story loaded from before you removed the pic and thought, "Huh, must have changed his mind." And proceeded to reload the page to find it gone. I thought it was a funny and cool picture.

It's still in the description!

I didn't even know you where the one who did that wind sprint fic great work hope you keep going

I also did a bunch of other foalcon fics! I do regular streams as well. Feel free to join my Foal Party channel and my Picarto Stream (Links on my profile)

Will do given the chance are you streaming this weekend

Probably! I tend to go with how I feel. So potentially any time this week


Love Dinky's self-awareness. She knows who she is and what she can do because of that, and has no remorse making use of herself to sell all the cookies. Such foals are as dangerous as they are enticing.

Love also this take on hoofholding as a romantic fetish, it shows off affection without breaking the clop's immersion and without feeling out of place.

Great story!

Unf. Adorable, and very hot. The perfect mix in a foalcon fic.

Since you have Noi as avatar, ever thought about making a story where she's the main character?

Yes! And many other background fillies.

Nice! And it's nice to see another author focused on foals

Thanks! I'm always trying to fill the void in the foalcon group. I can also wholeheartedly recommend anything by Lilslipsy, Some Leech and Clopficsinthecomments, of course.

You're Welcome, though i meant foals in General. And i am familiar with those Autors.

Myself, i write Stories with foals on Earth, sort of my little dashite combined with Game crossovers

Nice work. Think you might do one with Dinky and Pip one day?

It's always nice to see foalcon like this, with the underused characters. Although, more Diamond Tiara/Sweetie Belle would be nice. (Hint hint)

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