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Yeah sex is cool, but have you ever been a citizen of Glorious Arstotzka?

A Somshy are really interesting ship.
A wait for more

Damn, this story already gets me a hard.

This 'hehe' mob crime must be stopped

I'm liking how slow this is playing out for the story. We're all learning and crap. feels so good to know who these characters are now.

when is the romance going to start

I must ask you to be patient. It shall come and shall be golden (imo of course lol)

when is the "romance" going to happen?

Aww...I want to see him get bitten...

It was kinda funny seeing how upset Sombra was with Fluttershy after what happened the evening before. I like where things are going and am interested to see what develops next.

I think anyone would be angry after chased by a vampire for six hours straight lol. Thank you btw.

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