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I made this account to keep up to date with Spectacular Seven by Albi


It's just another day, the Main 7 are at Twilights playing Forza Horizon 4. Everything is going great until they're transported to Horizon Britain through the television. What will they do?

They'll have to race their way to the top of the Horizon Roster, of course!

Please note: Dangerous driving is all too common in this, it's Forza after all!
There's also a short scene of violence in Trials: Road Racing, so skip that if you want.

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Anything with supercars? Sign me up!

I'll add your name to the list lol, I'm gonna write the second chapter within a few days probably before the end of the week

About time someone made a crossover with a Horizon game.

Haha it just popped into my mind on Sunday and I was like THIS HAS TO HAPPEN

I am hyped for the idea, I can only hope it lives up to my expectations. As much as I prefer pony stories I can't pass up a crossover with a racing game like Fora Horizon. :rainbowdetermined2:

Edit: I just need to clear this up, I can understand some colors, like pink for Pinkie and blue for Rainbow, but some colors like grey and red are unclear. Please specify for me so I know who has what.

Red is AJ, cuz her cutie mark is mainly red. Grey would be Sunset, but I think the grey suits the Aventador SV more than her, she just likes the SV.

Nice, longer chapter. please. :pinkiehappy:

I'm loving this so far, not gonna lie. Been planning my own sorta Forza fic -- not based on any specific entry, but drawing elements from 2, 3, 4, and some classic pre 2010 Need for Speed stuff (mostly for environment). Not really sure if I should go through with it or not though tbh.

You totally should! I'd check it out, there definitely needs to be more Forza x MLP content on the site

If you want an idea of what I'm thinking so far, all I really have at the moment is the main character. A pretty chill but excitable gal with a passion for anything pre 2010, starting off with a bone stock '66 Chevy Nova nicknamed Paradise Maiden.

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Daayum that sounds good!

What not start with the first Forza Horizon game?

LEGO DLC? WHY? l just lost interest in the story.

Don't worry lol, that's just gonna be for this chapter. Back to normal cars in the next one

Because I've never played it and Horizon 4 is better

Tbh yeah the Lego cars suck. But hey, got a free F40 Competizione out of it. Better than spending 10m cr I don't have. They'll have no place in my fic.

I love it plus it's funny too :twilightsmile:

Actually the Lego Senna is X Class speed beast and the F40 C is an overall at it's best. However you're better off with regular cars. Plus with proper Gear tuning you can get the Lego Senna to do 265+ mph or 426 kilometers per hour

Yep, if you was watching the recent Monthly stream, spoilers: Mercedes 6x6, Koenigsegg CCX and MP4 12C to name a few then you'll know that there's some awesome new cars! Probably gonna use those in the next chapter

Yeah I'm really excited for that Tractor LOL:rainbowlaugh:

Nice chapter and hey, no LEGO DLC.

That was AWESOME and funny. I need to by that kind of car.

Twilight got up and walked towards the purple 6x6, opening the door and climbing in, she looked towards the girls as she put the key in, "I'm going next, these six by sixes can't be that hard to drive," she looked at Sunset. "Besides, you're used to riding your motorcycle."

I bet Twilight will have fun

Her hand shot to the E-brake and she sent the 6x6 into a spin, it did a full 720 degree rotation before coming to a stop.

Whoa! Mighty fast Twilight

Twilight opened up the door and jumped out with a victorious grin that would make the version of Midnight Sparkle that conquered Equestria in an alternate reality proud.

Twilight is acting like Rainbow again

hmmm will there be horizon blueprints in this story

Horizon Blueprints as in actual races made by users? Now you mention it... I might use one in the Road Racing chapter coming up. All races so far are proper races that are made by Playground though.

Yes, no LEGO DLC. I don't plan on it making a return.

Hot Wheels like the previous game?

Hehe, not in this story but it will come *wink wink, nudge nudge*

Not exactly what I expected. But yeah those 6x6s are a freakin pain to handle. Hense why I just painted mine gold and only use it to screw around. Save the racing for my 90's & early 2000's cars.

...All of a sudden i'm wondering how Dash would react to having to race a bone stock vintage racer.

Hm.... Dash might prefer having lots of speed, so she would probably not be a fan

...That gave me a devilish grin... Oh jeez what am I planning xD

I wonder if one of the Grand Prix circuits will be used at one point

The most famous ones are Silverstone and Donnington

The Motorsport Adventures? Nah, too boring. Though maybe a track day chapter wouldn't be so bad...

have you thought of basing the rest of this fic on a playthrough once the trials are done it might help with your story

Maybe? I mean, if we were to do every single race leading up to the final ones in the game it would get boring pretty quickly, this is meant to be (even though it probably isn't) more lively than the game itself.

Maybe you can just have the girls visit one of those circuits

That doesn't even sound like a bad idea, I'll see what I can do :D

Hm~ Quite the chapter. Nice enjoyable break from the sanctioned stuff.

I might do something just slightly similar, though... I'm gonna break from Forza norm and throw some cops in. Just to make the stakes a bit higher.

I never like street racing in the Horizon games.

Suddenly becomes NFS x Forza

I don't particularly mind them, but they're my least favourite.

Edinburgh Speed Demons... Sounds familiar? Must be some club from the game I had a bad experience with. Twilight thought, she could recall a memory of her being beaten by a Ferrari 488 that rammed her into a wall.

Ah Online Adventures, The chaos, the memes, the annoying Wall Riders and rammers. Glad that was fixed

Before jumping in, Twilight looked back at Danny and gave him the middle finger. He just stood there, mouth agape.

THE SALT IS REAL :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:😂😂😂

It's 5am and I'm just smirking cuz can relate to this comment SO MUCH

I know Twi is out of character in this fic compared to the show but God I love that final scene there :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks! I almost didn't put it in but it was worth it lol

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