• Published 2nd Jun 2019
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Swelling into Love - Honeydrops

Six months after Spike and Rarity get together, Rarity decides it’s time show her beloved drake just how much she loves him. And Rarity plans to make the experience as… unique as possible.

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I'm a big gender bender fan and I love it!

Heeeee! So am I! I'm a total addict. And no, I definitely can't quit any time I want to. I also don't want to! :3 Thank you so much!

Love the content here, especially the expansions. Great work!

Got to say, I think this is probably the first Barbity story, and it was damn good.

Best month, hun~! Best month~!

Thank you, sweetie~! I don't usually do big stuff (heeee!) for expansions, but this commission might have changed my mind~! <3

WOW! Really?!?! Okay, now I'm all blushing and it's your fault~! I hope you're happy!!! :3

Thank you so much~! I do love these two together and it's always been easier for me to do girls for stories~! Barb's fun, even if I sometimes think her name's a little silly. ;) <3

It looks like porn, it smells like porn, and it weights like porn. Is it a witch?

Well done!! I have to admit, I kinda want to see more of Rarity and Barb together, and I have to admit, one of the parts I love about this is that Spike/Barb knows without a doubt his mare loves him, regardless of gender. Bonus points that Rarity swings both ways as well.

I have to wonder, since Rarity has that spellbook, and it turned Spike into Barb, where there will be a related story in this universe where Rarity may decide to see what she would react to Barb if she turned herself to Elusive, and while Spike is Barb. I have to wonder how much desire would be there when a randy Stallion and his lusty dragoness run into each other, even if it's for just a day or two (or a week :trollestia:)

I do hope you consider doing another Barbity story in the near future. I've seen some SpiLusive stories, but there's not enough of Barbity.

Succubus, actually~!

Thank you soooo much~! Judoon is the one who decided Rarity was bi, which gave me a lot of flexibility for her romantic interests (I play her as practically pansexual, actually~!)

That would be a very fun sequel and it would totes involve Spike/Barb figuring that out for himself/herself. After all, you're getting put in a totally different body, who knows what's gonna get you all riled up! That would be a great commission, though I probably won't have any time to write that solo anytime soon~! :( Still, I'm filing that away~!

Thank you again, hun~!

Well, if you want a little bit of spoilers... Spike the... Succubus? will eventually get around to Barbity, when I get time to get back to it~! <3

Yes, she could get used to this. She’d have to thank Twilight properly for giving her that book.

Rarity the magister of kinky spells.

Haven't read that. Maybe I should.

She's got nothing on Cadence~! :duck:

Hopefully I can get a new chapter of it sooooooon~! :moustache:

Heh, so, glad I gave this a lovely story a read and can't wait to see what it's sequel holds in store for these two once u get a chance to write it of course :twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy:

Link to picture pls?

Does anyone have a link to the cover art?

Can't link directly to NSFW stuff here, hun, but if you do a search for "barb, rarity, shower," it's the only thing that pops up~!

I can't find it

can you tell me where you found it?

Nvm found it

Noooo, don’t tell me that! I’m totes not even halfway through the season~~!!!! Can u spoiler all the S9 stuff plz?

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