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The unthinkable has happened. Canterlot, the jewel of Equestria, has been attacked. As these surprise invaders, the Changelings, make their way through the city, both the soldiers and leaders seem unable to stop them. All hope seems lost. What can those on the ground possibly do in the face of such devastation?

Simple. They do what they can.

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Comment posted by The Lunar Rebel deleted Jun 20th, 2019

Emergency response teams, fire-prevention groups, field medics, those responsible for evacuations, all the people whose job it is to ensure the wellbeing of civilians during times of crisis, even in times of war. People like that do enormously valuable work, and I decided it would be interesting to make a story where they were the focus

As someone who has seen the work of such people in person, I appreciate a story that gives them some focus :raritystarry:

I really like this fanfic.

Not all heroes wear capes. Not all heroes wear fatigues. Not all heroes get medals or parades. The greatest heroes of all do their job quietly and in the background. Not because of glory, recognition, or promotion. But because it's their job.


9691814 Well said :eeyup:

Woah. This was well written, very interesting, and is much needed in the additions that will be made to canon. (By that I mean this should be made canon. XD :D )

Interesting take and nod to emergency response teams in real life. Part of me thought one of them would turn into a changeling or something

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