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Steelhooves was decapitated with little time to think about how he wished to spend his last moments. It may be a bit of stretch but I've made a little something which I hope will give him a sense that his efforts were worth it, almost literally cost me an arm and a leg to make this place and bring him here but I think it will be effort well spent, wish me luck! -Ambassador: Celt
P. S Ah shoot he's a pony.....best try not to show him what is probably from his perspective an uncomfortably flat faced equine standing on hind legs with weird sausage tipped hooves....Wait idea!
'dons knight armour'
Ok problem sorted, he won't be able to see my face or hands.
'opens spinning green portal, steps in'

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Just letting you know it's FO:E.

FOE is something... really really really bad.

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