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You are going to LOVE ME!


When Starlight Glimmer went back in time to stop the Rainboom from happening, who would have guessed that so many people from alternate dimensions would stop her?

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Wait a minute.
You make a story about time travelers going back to fix time and don’t include Mr. Peabody and Sherman? :facehoof:

That is literally what they do.

That said this was a awesome and funny story.

Oh, right. Forgot about those two. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for enjoying!

Hermione, Bill, and Ted all did a guitar riff before heading off to their phone booth.

That line alone is worth the read. :rainbowlaugh:

I have no idea. A FNaF character was holding a knife to my back the entire time I was writing this.

Best story ever. This was a brilliant read. :rainbowwild:

If Hermione would've missed, here's another alt:

Suddenly, Starlight froze, falling to the ground. She slowly stood up on her hind legs, then fell forward to all fours. She looked at her hooves and said, "Oh, boy."

Looking around, she focused on an empty space and said, seemingly to nopony, "Al? Ziggy? What am I here to do?"

Seen only to her, a human in garish clothes, holding something looking like a graphing calculator made of Legos, said, "Hey, Sam. Ziggy says your name is Starlight Glimmer, and you're trying to change history by preventing something called a 'sonic rainboom.' Oh, and you're a pony."

Starlight/Sam looked at his hooves again and groaned, "Oh, boy."

I adored the reference to Bill and Ted. It just fit. Doc Brown was as amazing as ever. The fact that the doctor used bill and Ted was hilarious. The end comment with Rick and Morty was amazing. And I don't know Harry Potter

Time travelers, eh? Chibi-usa, Trunks, Silver, and Lucina would also love to have a word with Starlight.

Doc Brown, your Delorean. Dr. Who, your Tardis. H.G. Well's bicycle thing, whatever Skynet's making, and this hot tub.


this story is rather silly :rainbowwild:

I'm sooooo happy you think so, Four! I knew you'd like it!

"I'm sorry," the Tenth Doctor said, a sympathetic expression on his face. "I am so, so sorry." He grinned. "But not really. Alons-e!" He spun around and strutted back to the Tardis. "I need to go find a bow tie from that pony counterpart of mine. I have the strangest feeling I might need it later."

I think it's supposed to be spelled 'Allons-y!'

"Well then, where's your hoverboards? Where are your self-tying shoes?"

Yes!!! :flutterrage:
This was very random, but I approve. Very comedic interactions, lots of references. 'Fantastic.'

You took this from Studio C didn't you?

Time travel gives me a headache. This is why I can’t watch awesome shows like “Doctor Who” and “Legends of Tomorrow.”

"One thousand oh-five ALB."

What's ALB?

Rick and Morty don't do time travel. They do alternate universes.

I think they said something about time travel being too boring for rick so it'd never be in R&M even though there's been a box labeled 'Time Travel Stuff' in his garage since the pilot. I imagine that's the only way he'd have been able to make abridolf lincler

After Luna's Banishment.

They technically get away with going to a Universe that's 20 minutes ahead of theirs since there are infinite universes.

that one's frustratingly also 20 feet to the left

After Luna's Banishment? Maybe?

I love to see what the Knight and Maid of time would have thought of the situation

It IS suspiciously similar to their "Killing Hitler" sketch.

Oh dear god, I just read the description and it sounds like a cluster fuck. (In a very good way!)

Lets stop Starlight!

Bruhhhh that was Tooootally narly.

Fun ride good laughs haha.

Didnt read the comments yet but ALB looks like it atands for. After Lunas' Banishment right?

Edit: Called it :P

"We visited this totally uncool future where the world is in a mess and Donald Trump is president," Ted explained, completely ignoring Doc Brown. "We found out that it's this chick Starlight Glimmer's fault."


I love this. I wonder how the author forgot them?
Brady...? 9830691

Yes, my Liege? *trips and stumbles, but recovers*

How could you have possibly missed Sam’s Quantum Leap?

So I guess these all take place in the same universe now? Or is everyone just casually going between dimensions too? :rainbowlaugh:

Is there an actual Time Police that goes around busting time criminals, or is it just these few guys policing the entire timestream? Either way, the stability of reality is questionable here.

Time travel can be a mess, as everyone in this story has learned. Basically, it takes a god or a super genius to learn how it works without causing trouble and chaos in the space-time continuum.


What just happened? :rainbowhuh:

Uh, time travel mumbo-jumbo or something. It's best to not think about it too much.

This reminds me of a Studio C sketch.

Loved every bit of it. :rainbowlaugh:

This was just amazing! Its beautiful, there's nothing more to say. :rainbowlaugh:

Well that was a wonderful slice of crazy

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