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Pinkie's tail is a lot bigger on the inside, and certainly will keep three fillies hidden when they get in trouble, but is it really so easy to get out? They certainly think so...
Takes place sometime during Season 4 (before Twilight gets a castle).

Made for Matthewthawes as a fic request.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 8 )

Very funny, spot-on Pinkie characterization, but way too short. You must continues!

Oh, and this has been added to my Group!

Edit: I'm an idiot. I didn't see this is marked 'Incomplete.' At least more am coming!

Ohhhh my word XD And this is a multi chapter story? I am DEFINITELY sticking around for this! Nice writing, only spotted a few typos and it flowed pretty well!

Pesky typos, I thought I got 'em all before I submitted, but should be fixed now.

I briefly had it marked as completed, since originally I planned to release all chapters at once, but the new plan was to release them one at a time. 2 more chapters are coming, with the next focusing on Pinkie.


Cuts off a bit of Pinkie’s tale, dyes it green, gets it turned into a bag.

Well, they were certainly the butt of the joke...

....I’ll see myself out.

"I've got a place! My tail! It's bigger on the inside; I call it a TARDIS: Tail And Related Diabetes-Inducing S'mores,"


thanks again nebbie this pulled me out of the cutter today

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