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Fats writer, come here for the big blorps.

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I loved it~ would read again ^^

I can see how this could turn into a cannibalism horror story

Comment posted by fanreader999999 deleted May 27th, 2019

Not bad. As a mind control fetishist, I probably would have preferred if that aspect got a little more focus. As is, it’s a good and interesting fatpone fic

“Oh my Celestia! I’ve slept through every single alarm!” the suddenly panic stricken mare realised, trying to haul herself up out of the remains of the bed. A huge task in itself now that she felt like she weighed more than a couple of hundred pounds. Pushing her fat frame onto her hooves the classy mare tried her best to rush, but rushing was rather out of the question at her size. Lucky the only clothes she needed was her bow-tie which she un-elegantly stretched around her now double, verging on triple chins. Grabbing the rest of what she needed and levitating it by her side she quickly made her way downstairs to grab something to eat, her stomach sagging on the steps and almost tripping her up as she waddled and squished her way down the narrow passage.

Wait levitation, earth pony?


Thanks, a small oversight. Now corrected!

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