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So this is a humanized version of equestria? Also,have the main 6 married and created children? I'm kinda at a loss.

Written well, but not quite my thing. I shall depart, but you may proceed at your own discretion, for I have no doubt that it is someone else's thing for sure.:moustache:

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Love the premise, just a bit confused About the character relationships.

Well apart from aj being his mother, the others are like his "aunts".
Since their bond is so strong it's like they were a big family, and it's not uncommon to call someone aunt or uncle, even if they are not your real uncles, when you have a strong bond

I commissioned this from B-52, it's set in Anthro Equestria (plantigrade anthro, so they have hands and feet instead of hooves) and is set in the future, so AJ and some of the other Mane 6 have kids (not all of them though)

Omg yessss finallyyyy
Please continue this

…...in the words of princess molestia……"I CAME!!!!"

Is this going on?

The commissioner is working on the next outline for this, methinks.

Ok, thanks for the answer

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