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I'm a newly-converted MLP fan and amateur writer. Oh, and a hard-core Fluttercord shipper. Got a problem with it? Come at me, Bro! (or sis)

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This could get slightly dangerous...

Oh you have no idea...

you will just have to follow to find out what happens next

Well, that was interesting. You have my attention.
I think those last two sections should be switched around.

This is good so far! I hope you continue it soon because I can't wait to read it! :heart::pinkiehappy:

Thank you! Viper Pit and I are working on it

Thank you and thanks for the suggestion

Your fimfiction gave me an inspiration to draw!
I like the story and can't wait to read more :3

Thank you and I'm glad to hear that!

O no sunburst is dead

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