• Published 26th May 2019
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Caramel's Confections - Liquid Savage

A brand new business comes to Ponyville...

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“Alright, class,” huffed Cheerilee, “we’ve had a lovely lesson today, but I think it’s time for a snack break.”

Everypony in the classroom eagerly reached under their desks and each grabbed a box of Caramel’s Confections of their choice.The Ponyville Schoolhouse was definitely packed now, but it wasn’t due to more students; it was due to more of the students. Everypony in Ponyville, maybe even all of Equestria, had eaten themselves into hedonistic, carefree blobs of blubber and batter, and the fillies and colts of the class were no different.

Nopony even realised that there wasn’t really a lesson at all. They all just talked about how amazing Caramel Crumble and her treats were. But any excuse to snack was taken.

Even the Cutie Mark Crusaders, once believing themselves to be Equestria’s saviours who would rid the world of a plague of gluttony, had ballooned into a trio of colourful, jiggling orbs digging into cookies and cakes.

“So, girls,” Apple Bloom mumbled through an apple pie, “what’re y’all gonna do after school?”
Scootaloo raised her head from a box of glazed muffins. “I’m gonna head to Caramel’s and get a snack before going home. The stash in my room’s been calling me since this morning!”
“Mine too,” agreed Sweetie Belle, taking a large chomp from a tub of triple-chocolate ice cream. “I dunno why we ever thought this stuff was bad, it’s so delicious!”
“Yeah, like Caramel Crumble says, anything that tastes this good’s gotta be good for you!”
“She’s such a nice pony. Ah wonder if she’ll let us deliver fer her again?”
“I dunno, but getting free snacks just for showing up is a great deal!”

Indeed, the fillies began a slow, awkward waddle out of the Schoolhouse - after a squeeze through the door - toward their new favourite hangout. They even met Princess Twilight and Starlight Glimmer along the way. Starlight had to be the fattest mare in town, with how her globular shape towered over most other ponies and how she was cramming muffins into her mouth like she needed them to live. And honestly, she believed she did.

All over Equestria, wings and hooves were becoming used more for holding doughnuts than moving, and magic was reserved for holding up as many milkshake cups as possible to a unicorn’s mouth.

But everypony was big and happy, and that’s all they cared about.

Caramel Crumble was happy too, but she was only getting started. There was so much of Equestria to introduce to Caramel’s Confections.

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Comments ( 5 )

you meet a terrible fate dont you?

You shouldn't have done that

Loved reading this~ best ending too~

Great story. My only niggling issue is that you said Octavia was brown-she's gray.

Thanks much :yay:

Oh I'll fix that. Thanks!

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