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Serenity Now.

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gapaot #1 · June 6th · · ·

Inspired by sundown? I see you're a man of culture as well.

Check 2028587 on derpi btw, same but looks a bit better imo

I Really enjoyed the way you described single every detail of the scene. It really allowed you to clearly picture it in your mind.

Short. Sweet. Helluva good read. 10/10👌

What a "gentle"man, switching the sign closed before he left.

You gotta share, you gotta care.

He even fed her before leaving! He is a model person, and all people should follow his examples, not just bronies.

Hehehe if you could do the same magic with certain four panel coma 1643165

It would be awesome

NagaShark #7 · June 6th · · 2 ·

Holy shit this was epically hot. It was so hot I came reading it without touching myself in the living room surrounded by my husband and roommates! Keep up the great work! 100,000,000 out of 10!

I love the x-ray version of that! ^_^ It definitely had some influence.

Thanks! I tried to make it as vivid as my dumb peanut brain could ^_^

He tries to be polite, sometimes. xD

I'll put it on the list. Sundown's Anon images are usually top lols and unfs

Hahah, Awesome! I'm glad you 'enjoyed' it!

can someone explain how ro search up the images? I rarely go to Derpibooru and I can't find them

Can you do one with princess luna please with sprinkles on top

This was great but you got the numbers wrong.

M-Maybe? 😅

What numbers are you referring to? The Derpi numbers in the Description are correct, I just double checked. ^_^

If you go to Derpibooru and add a '/[Numbers in the description]' to the end on the hyperlink. It should direct you to the corresponding image.

nah 2028587 is the one with the red lipstick and rarity giving up and letting her forehooves down plus the face fuck matches your fanfic the most.

Ah, yep! If you look back at one of the previous comments, someone else mentioned it. I revealed it also had a lot of influence on the story as well. ^_^

...And the next day he gets sent to jail. You can't do shit like this without consequences.

gapaot #17 · June 7th · · 2 ·

What?! You mean clopfics about marshmallow cartoon ponies aren't totally 100% absolutely realistic stories? :pinkiegasp:

Dude3 #19 · June 7th · · ·

Not bad
The only change I would make in the description is "FORCEFUL face fucking."
Just to warn more sensitive viewers.

More stories about this Anon????

Kulpa #21 · June 8th · · ·

This Anon will definitely be a 'pleasure-menace' to other mares as well. ^_^

I could and would like to read more stories like this with other ponies.

You know, Sweetie, that only makes me want to do it more. 😘😂😂

Oh baby, oh baby. Someone knows how to have a good time.😂

A belt too! Oh wow, you’re breaking out all the fun toys!

Legends say that Rarity still sits there to this day.

Patiently waiting. She's going to be behind on a lot of orders. 😂

Will here be any more of this type of story? Where anon just goes and face fucks anyone he wants. Like going to Cantrlot one day in he middle if court and just face fucking sun butt. Then going to lunas room while she sleeps to give her a "wake up call"


That's good. I might steal that. Other than that, you can't go wrong with some good facefucking. Good job.

Techies demolition! how you doing?

I'm also quite skilled with him, but for some weird reason even though I win and am not a rude player I keep getting reported, almost lvl 20 with them 2

I actually don't mind Techies, just lost to him an hour ago, which was frustrating, but that was mainly because my team was afraid to push and end the game.

Reporting for playing a hero makes no sense to me. Even a 'bad' hero can perform well when played by a good player.

i Loved it especially the cum filling her so much as to have it shoot out her tight lips and nose thats hot lol thanks for the funny story

It would be funny if, later on after she composes herself, Rarity sets off to give Anon a piece of her mind, only to find him at Fluttershy's cottage, mounting her silly, and getting horny and envious.

That sounds like a wonderful idea

9676892 9823924
One day big strong anon will just fuck any mare he wants

It be better if no one try’s to stop him when it happens like the just watch and “get excited “ but don’t let him know it, or try to deny but deep down all pony’s want there turn because anon is master race.That is intill the other races find out and they too find out the how he wheels between his legs .

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