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Luminous Skies

No regerts!


(Yeah that’s a picture I took from my phone, so what?!)

My first story!

*Sigh* Alright, here we go! (Man I’m bad at this)

What’s up Fimfiction? My name is Jaden Dekay, and I am a human turned pony by some otherworldly force that I could honestly care less about, and also somehow I ended up in Equestria!
I used to live in a run-down apartment with overdue rent, and being broke didn’t help. I also had no friends or family. So ending up in Equestria was a total upgrade considering that I am a huge fan of mlp. If waking up in this cartoon world wasn’t good enough, I woke up in the body of my OC, Luminous Skies!
Luminous Skies is a green Pegasus with a short green and blue mane, and unusually big wings. He also is bipedal, can use his wings like hands, and can harness the Aurora Lights.
He is also the seventh element of harmony: Courage.

At first I thought my new life in Equestria would be nothing but smooth sailing.

Boy...was I wrong.

Prepare for fourth-wall breaks and random references!

Sex tag for funny innuendos

Criticism and advice are deeply appreciated!

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...Is this gonna end up being a 'seventh element' cliche or worse; you follow the main mlp plot and it doesn't matter what your character does, it will never cause the butterfly effect where he ends up changing the events to his presence/actions?

Do not fret, I’m going to add butterfly effect so it won’t be a total flop. C’mon, I ain’t that low!
(P.S, Cut me some slack this is my first story and I’m only sixteen years old!)

Do not fret, I will add the butterfly affect to this story. Come on cut me some slack this is my first story and I’m only sixteen years old!
Also I’m pretty sure at least 25% of the brony population imagined their OCs as an element of harmony. I was just tired of imagining and decided to write a fic of my own.

But thank you for the feedback!

As long as you avoid alot of cliches that most human turned pony in equestria stories do, and that your character does not become a mary-sue/forms a harem/befriends and/or meets the mane six easily/is suddenly the chosen one/becomes the seven element/follows the main plot/becomes powerful.

Lucky for you that is exactly what I’m trying to refrain from doing!

Especially not the harems or chosen one.

Again, thank you for the advice!😁

There's an edit button for a reason, you don't have to send three different messages.

Sorry about that the first few messages didn’t seem to go through on my phone. It’s kinda slow.

You might wanna add writing to this chapter

AAAH! I didn’t know I posted it! I’m so sorry! 😣

Whelp! I love this story so far! Just wish I could find more than two references.

Thank you!
If you find all of them your OC will be included in The story!

But since you are the first one to comment positively on my story, I’ll put you OC in anyway! (That is, if you have one)

*Falls over laughing and gives an evil smirk.* I approve and love what ya did with the boys!

I was the 13 Person to like the story

I love your humor so much... all this story needs is SBEVE

I smell pennies XD I didn't know what that was until reading this story so thx for that

Only if we can voice call sometime then sure. You’ll need to know how I act and what I will do. I always wanted to go to Equestria IRL and that's why I love HIE stories.

(Sorry for the spam of Private Messages, I kept thinking of more of my contact names...)

Now if only my nine tailed fox OC can get meet those 2 and pinkie that would be funny

Well hes a white black and white furred nine tailed fox about the size of a Chevrolet Silverado truck not including his tails and hes a dimension hopper goes to aus of other worlds and uses chakra magic chi and ki and is a father to 3 little fox kits who he adopted as a human

Omg make it a random part of the fight like he just appears beats up the one they r fight and leaves out of a portal for no reason like an accidental summon lol omg that would be funny

Hey, so you are ok about using other people's OCs? If so I would be interesting for Luminous to meet my human turned Alicorn ponysuna Gargon. It would also be interesting what would happen if Luminous and his friends encounter my OC changeling hive called the Shadow Hive Kingdom.

I am rereading the chapters and didn’t luminous pass out on the floor of the house and Rainbow found him and at the end she finally noticed the house? That’s weird if so

This is what happened:

Luminous passes out on the floor

The next day he takes off towards Fluttershy’s Cottage

On the way there, he is far away from his house at this point, he runs into Rainbow Dash

Rainbow didn’t need to go all the way to the floating island because on the way there she already ran into Luminous

Since Fluttershy described what Luminous looked like to Rainbow she knew that he was the stallion she was looking for

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That is the MOST TERRIFYING IMAGE in my entire life! :twilightoops:

You will be getting your wings soon Twilight.

Thank god! Another chapter! I am now happy.

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