• Published 29th May 2019
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Luminous Skies: Element of Courage - Luminous Skies

The funny, random, pro’ly chaotic adventures of a green Pegasus named Luminous Skies.

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Sideswipe: And then there were three!

A month later

After Griffin returns to the land of the living he lays there trying to remember what happened to him yesterday. As he thinks about what happened he starts to remember being captured by Nightmare and being left behind again by Skies.

Hey! I have to teach him to quit somehow!

Then he started to play with his pennies only to be bum-rushed by 3 princesses then blacking out.

After he fully remembers what happened, he then realizes that he was not in his little den on my hammock, but on a rather warm and soft bed. As he lays there he starts to feel around on the bed, trying to find the edge of the bed without opening his eye. Yet I am stopped in my search when my hoof meets something as soft as silk, as fluffy as cotton, and as warm as sun-dried sheets. Wondering what it was, Griffin started to poke at it. After a couple of pokes he freezes upon hearing a cute but muffled giggle. After hearing this he slowly open my eyes to see that he was laying in bed next to Princess Celestia.

Wondering why he was in her bed but too tired to be surprised, Griffin turns fully to her and asks, “Celestia why am I in what I’m going to guess is your bed?”

She nods at me guessing this was her bed, she then smiles before replying, “Well, I brought you to my room since I do not know where you live, and I feel like I owe you for what had happened.” After she said this her smile wavered for a split second but then returned to her warm smile.

“Celestia, it's okay. Shit like that always happens to chaps like me and Skies,” He says, trying to reassure her.

She then loses her smile as it is replaced with a look of pure shock she then asks “What could you have went through that was worse?!”

Griffin takes a moment to think about it, but then decides to tell her about his world and how he met Luminous Skies.

=Time Skip 2 hours=

By the time Griffin was done explaining his past to her, they were in the dining room. Celestia had a sad and disgusted look but before she could ask him any questions they heard the door open to see Luna walking in singing Bruno Mars-Talking to the Moon, as she was halfway to the table she stopped once seeing them before giving them a warm smile before she continued to sing, only stopping once a maid coming to get our orders.

“Hello your majesties, what will you and your guest be having this morning,” she asks after bowing.

Celestia was the first to answer. “I would like a hot chocolate and a fuit salad, please.” The maid nods as she writes down her order.

Luna then answered her. “I would also like a hot chocolate, but I would also like toast with chocolate spread if you would be so kind.” The maid nods again as she writes the order down.

She then turns to Griffin. “Sir, what would you like?”

He shrugs before saying, “I would like to have a hot chocolate that’s it, por favor.”

She nods once more and writes that down before leaving the kitchen. Once she leaves, Griffin uses his magic and summons up some Banana yucca fruit. As he was about to take a bite he could see Celestia and Luna out of the corner of my eye with looks of curiosity. Sighing, he turns to them and asks, “Would you like to try some?” They both look at each other before looking back at him and nodding. Once Griffin has passed, it to them they take a small bite before slowly chewing and swollowing the bite.

They both stop and look back at me with a look of pure shock before Celestia speaks up in a low shocked tone, “What is this, why haven’t I seen this fruit in my entire life before, and where can I get more?!” which Luna agrees with her.

Griffin chuckles but before he can answer her they hear the sound of an old friend of his.

“A’ight, what did I miss?” Luminous Skies asks with a grin. At the sight of him Griffin grins, Celestia smirks at her sister, and Luna gasps with a smile and a blush at the sight of Luminous.

Griffin chuckles again. “Sup Bro?” He walks over and gives Luminous a hoof-bump.

“Nothing much. I was told to come here by a bat-winged pony. She said that it was a sense of urgency so I came here as fast as I could.”

Celestia looks at Luna with a knowing grin as she blushes and looks away. Griffin catches on and smirks at Luminous. Luminous looks confused.


Griffin quickly points at a still blushing Luna and points back at Luminous. Luminous finally catches on and his eyes go wide. A huge smile slowly creeps up on Luminous’s face.

As if today couldn’t get any better. I best go talk to her.

Before Luminous can talk to Luna they all hear the sound of some stuck up cunt shouting at the guards about some maid. Once the shouting stops the doors were pushed open before a white stallion and a blond mane came walking in with his nose sticking so far up he could probably smell his own ass. He’s about midway to the table when he stops. After seeing Luminous and Griffin he gasps and shouts, “What are you two peasants doing here?! You vermin shouldn’t be allowed in here let alone the castle!”

“Blueblood.” Luminous and Griffin say, their voice laced with venom.

“That’s PRINCE Blueblood to the likes of you lot.” He says with a snooty smirk.

Once he says that Celestia took on a look of shock but Luna has a look of fear as she remembers what Luminous and Griffin had done to her and her shadow ponies.

The two stallions in question look at each other and smirk.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.”


Without missing a beat Griffin pulls out his Abilene Kid le bb gun while Luminous stands up on his feet. Griffin shoots him four times one in each of his knees and a final shot to the tip of his horn. He then put my gun away before saying in a dead icy cold tone. ”Your turn, Luminous.” Griffin then heals Blueblood which confuses Celestia but only frightened Luna even more because she knows what’s about to happen next.

Luminous walks up to Blueblood who is now trying to get back on his feet and struck him down with his wing. He then kicks Blueblood in the side, causing him to cry out in pain and roll onto his back. Luminous softly places his right front hoof on Blueblood’s chest, and presses down. The sounds of Blueblood’s bones cracking and cries of pain flood the room, causing Celestia and Luna to gasp in shock and fear and Griffin to sinisterly smile. After a while Luminous finally gets off of Blueblood’s chest and walks back next to Griffin, who speaks in a the same cold tone as before. “Don’t you EVER try that shit again.”

“Think of this as a warning.” Luminous says with the same tone as well.

“Next time you try something like this we will make you pay.”

“And trust us. You WON’T like the price you will have to pay.”

Once they finish speaking, two of the guards come rushing in and drag a still whimpering in pain Blueblood off to the medics.

They walk back to Celestia and Luna who have looks of shock and a little fear on their faces.

“What?” Griffin and Luminous ask at once.

After looking around. Both of them speak in loud voices.

“We did not approve of this!! That was not how you were supposed to handle the situation!! We have always dreamt of mauling that prick. We are appalled at you two!! We are so glad you did that. He can be a little stuck up at times, He has always been a spoiled rotten bitch. but he is still family and we love him!! We hate his guts. We want you to go to the medical wing and heal him immediately!! Make him suffer. And then apologize to him for doing such a thing! Make him wail in pain.”

Luminous and Griffin look at each other and then back to the princesses. Luminous speaks first.

“So I’m guessing that you hate Blueblood as much as we do.”

”NO!! Is it that obvious?”

“Yeah, it is. You’re not fooling anyone. But don’t worry you’re in good company.” Griffin says with a grin.

Luminous looks around at the ponies who witnessed what went down and asks. “Anyone who hates Blueblood raise your hoof.”

Every single pony in the room, the princess included, raise their hooves high.

Luminous chuckles. “Yeah, I thought so. Anyways.” Luminous looks at Luna with a smile and walks towards her, causing the night princess to blush and the sun princess to smirk.

“So, I understand you have your eyes on me, your highness.”