• Published 29th May 2019
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Luminous Skies: Element of Courage - Luminous Skies

The funny, random, pro’ly chaotic adventures of a green Pegasus named Luminous Skies.

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Does this make us the Main 7? (Friendship is Magic Part 2) EDIT

Currently in Town Hall, blue clouds are circling all around the roof whhile everyone looks on in fear. Nightmare Moon is laughing maniacally. That is, until she hears this.

“Ya know, your laugh is REALLY annoying.”

Everyone looks around in search of the sound, while Nightmare Moon speaks up. “Who said that?!” She shouts in confusion and a little anger at the insult.

”Probably Celestia after she banished you to the moon!”

Everypony in the general vicinity goes ‘oooooooooh’ while Nightmare Moon’s face contorts in anger. “WHOEVER SAID THAT SHOW YOURSELF!!”

”Yeesh, fine!”

Suddenly a black comet comes from the ceiling and lands in the center of the room, and Blacklight emerges, eliciting cheers from everyone in the room.

“Who are you?!”

”I am Blacklight, Guardian of the Night! And it seems to me that you’re abusing it! Sooo, I’m gonna have to kick your ass.

Nightmare scoffs. “HAH! If you think you’re a match for me, then you’re deeply mistaken!” Using her horn, she then blasts a beam of energy at Luminous’s face causing his head to jerk back and everyone to gasp.

Nightmare smirks, thinking she has already won, until Blacklight looks back at her with a raised eyebrow. Everyone sighs in relief, especially Rainbow and Twilight.

”Was that supposed to hurt?”

After gaping at Blacklight for a while, she glares at him. “No...” She then teleports right I front of him. “This is!” She then blasts an even more powerful beam straight at his chest, causing him to skid back. The entire room is silent, until Blacklight looks up at Nightmare with a smirk. Everyone in the crowd cheers for him.

“WHAT?! HOW?!!”

“My turn.” Blacklight punches Nightmare in the face causing her to grunt in pain and fall into her back. She’s practically fuming when she gets back up.

”Go ahead, come at me! I’ll just kick your ass again.”

She charges at him, and he jumps out of the way and delivers a hook kick right to her jaw, causing her to once again to grunt in pain.

She glowers at Blacklight. “In done playing nice.” She punches Blacklight square in the jaw, causing him to yelp in surprise and pain. Everyone gasps in fear and worry.

Blacklight stumbles around, dazed. He then grins at Nightmare Moon, still a bit off kilter.

”NOW we’re talking!” Blacklight jumps and delivers a roundhouse kick right to Nightmare’s side, sending her to the other side of the room. She flies back towards him screaming in rage, and delivers a punch to the face, only to be blocked by Blacklight’s own hoof. In stead of fuming, Nightmare Moon has a sinister grin on her face. Blacklight looks at her horn and sees that is looks fully charged up with energy.

Before Blacklight could react, Nightmare Moon pulled his hooves up leaving his chest exposed.

This finna hurt!

Using all of the energy charged up in her horn, Nightmare Moon blasted a hole through Blacklight’s chest and then throws him across the room to the Main 6.

Everypony watching what just happened reacted as if they’ve seen their favorite character in a series die before their eyes. Rainbow Dash and Twilight reacted as if they just saw the love of their life killed right in front of them.

Rainbow Dash with tears in her eyes runs over to Blacklight, who has reverted back into Luminous Skies.

“Lulu! Are you alright?!”

Luminous chuckles at the question. “Actually, yeah.”

“Dammit, if you die on me I swear to Ce- wait what?”

Luminous starts to stand up as the hole in his chest begins to glow green. “There’s one of many things that The Author blessed me with.”

Luminous fully stands up on his feet as the hole in his chest disappears. “And that’s a healing factor.”

He turns to Nightmare Moon who’s giving him a look of shock and anger.

Luminous gives her a death glare. “If it’s any consolation, THAT REALLY FUCKING HURT.”

Luminous shoots off the floor like a cannon and punches Nightmare Moon square in the chest, cracking her ribs and causing her to scream in pain. Luminous wasn’t done though. He kept on wailing down on her, punching too fast for her to react. Each punch elicited a scream or yell of pain from her, until he eventually kicked her to the wall, cracking it.

Luminous walks towards her with a glare, and Nightmare Moon glared back. But the vast amount of fear behind her glare was obvious to Luminous.

Nightmare Moon, knowing that she’ll die at this rate, quickly takes her leave and turns into a blue fog and flies out the window, out into the night.

While flying off, she notices a floating island in the sky. Assuming that’s where the Guardian of the Night resides she sends a battalion of shadow ponies to destroy it.

Griffins POV (Co-writer Unknown_Griffin taking over)

As I stood in the shadows of the house, I see the shadow ponies coming towards the island. I counted sixty of the little twats, and deciding to have a little fun, I stay in the shadows and pick a couple of them off before they could even land.

By the time they started to land, I had shot down about thirty of them. As the rest landed I begin to walk out of the shadows and towards them with my railway rifle at my side at the ready. As I make my way over to them I see them looking around trying to find me. So feeling like having a bit of fun, I decided to shout at to them “I’m here to cause anarchy and smoke weed, but am all out of weed!”

After I had said this all their heads snap towards me with a look of shock and confusion. Once I saw the look on their faces, I couldn’t help but laugh. As I was laughing at them, the ones at the front line grew angry at being made fun of so they charged towards me. But before they could even get a foot aways, they all hit the ground with a loud thud. At the sound of their bodies hitting the ground, it made the rest of the shadow ponies come out of the state of shock they were in.

Once they saw the bodies of their friends with huge spikes sticking out of their chests, they began to look around trying to find out who did this. As they were looking around, I decided to introduce myself

Clearing my throat I then say “Evening cunts, I am known as the ‘Mad Wonder’. You can call me that since you won’t be needing my real name and I will be your demise for this evening.” As I say the last part, a mad sickening smile starts making its way across my face. Not wanting to give them time to understand what was going on, I pull my railway rifle in front of me and line up 10 shots taking out 10 of the remaining 25 shadow ponies.

As after I had emptied the clip, the remaining shadow ponies saw this as their moment to attack as they took to the skies again to ready for the attack. As I watch them take to the skies, I decided to have a little more fun, and I put away the railway rifle and pull out my dual lucky revolvers and started to pick them out of the sky one by one. This is causing them to suddenly attack. As they came in close to me I rolled out of the way of two of the pegasi and shot them both in the back of their heads. The bullets hit with enough force to come out on the other side and hit two other pegasuses flying towards me with blades stuck to their hooves. As I continued shooting I had taken out 12 of them and needing to reload, I ejected the spent magazine and used my magic to create 12 more rounds and began to reload. As I was doing this 6 more pegasus came in for an attack but missed as I just sidestepped all their attacks.

Once I was done reloading, I proceeded to take out the six that was attacking me with my left gun as I used the right to take out six that was in the sky. After I had taken them out I look around seeing another shadow pony standing there as I went to reload.

She put her front hoofs into the air and said, “W-wait, I surrender! T-to show my proof, I-I will give you this!” as she said the last part she used one of her wings to reach behind her and pull out a bag of weed.

Once I had reloaded I began to approach her with both my guns pointing one at each eye. I then used my magic to pull the bag over to me and checking to see if it was good. With a bit of magic after checking to see that it was worthy of smoking, I then summoned my bong and packed the bowl. And then used my shishkebab to light it. After taking in the whole bowl I was then hit in the back of the head knocking me out. Sometimes, I hate being a stoner.

(Back to Original author)

Meanwhile back at the Town Hall everyone is staring at Luminous as he looks around, confused. “What?”

Suddenly everyone erupts into cheers, the loudest ones being Rainbow Dash and Twilight. He walks over to the Main 6. “I don’t see why everyone is cheering, she still got away.”

“Well yeah, but you still kicked butt! And you also saved all of ours!” Rainbow says, then gives him a smirk with lidded eyes “This causes for a reward~”

Oh my...

Rainbow quickly pulls Luminous into a passionate kiss. Pinkie oooooh’s, Applejack smirks, Rarity and Fluttershy smile, and Twilight pouts in envy and leaves. Rainbow suddenly moans as she leans more into the kiss, while Luminous’s eyes widen.

Oh crap! That’s her tongue, that’s her tongue!

Applejack finally pulls her off. “Now, now, we don’t want ya suckin’ his face off.”

“I was just having a little fun.” Rainbow says with a pout.

“Haaaaaaaaaa...” Was all that comes out of Luminous’s mouth.

Later with Twilight in the library, she’s tearing the place apart trying to find any information about the Elements of Harmony. “Elements, Elements, Elements, UGH! How can I stop Nightmare Moon without the Elements of Harmony?!”

“You can’t.”

Twilight turns around, and is met with a mixture of shock and excitement. “Luminous Skies? What are you doing here?!”

“I’m not the only one.” He moves to the side to reveal the rest of the gang.

“We heard you say something about t ‘Elements of Harmony’. What does that mean?” Fluttershy asks.

Twilight decides to explain. “I read all of the theory about Nightmare Moon. Some mysterious objects called the Elements of Harmony are the only things that can stop her.”

“But you don’t know an inkling of a thing about them, do you?” Luminous concludes.


“Well, lucky for me, I do.” Luminous pulls out a red and gold book.

“Where did you get that?” Twilight asks.

He doesn’t answer, he only reads the book he opened. “There are seven Elements of Harmony, but only six are known. Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Honesty, Loyalty, and Magic. The seventh remains a mystery, the six Elements can be found in the ancient castle of the royal pony sisters. Which is located in which is now...

“The Everfree Forest!” Five out of seven ponies say it out of fear, while Luminous and Fluttershy say it as if it’s a walk in the park.

“Fluttershy, you aren’t terrified?” Rarity asks.

Fluttershy shakes her head with a smile. “No. Ever since Luminous saved my life many months ago, I never feared this place again knowing that he will always be there to protect me.”

Luminous rubs the back of his head with a sheepish smile. “Oh c’mon Fluttershy. You’re making it seem like I’m this brave, courageous soul.”

“But that’s exactly what you are!” Rainbow says in interjection. “You are always putting other's lives in front of your own. That’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with you.”

Everypony goes, “Aaaaawww.”

“Okay, okay! Can we please move on before I get a monster blush?” Luminous says with a smile.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Twilight says. And with that, they entered the Everfree Forest.

“Wait a bloody second, where’s the seventh Element?!” Luminous asks in confusion.

The Main 7 are at the castle, but only six of the Elements of Harmony are seen.

“Wait a minute! The book said something about a hidden light that will make the seventh known!” Twilight says.

Suddenly the scene pauses, and everyone freezes. Except for Pinkie Pie and Luminous Skies.

Hello readers!

Welcome to ‘Flash Forward’ where we tell you everything you’ve missed!

First thing is when we were walking through the Forest, we were caught in a rockslide!

While Fluttershy grabbed Rarity, and Rainbow grabbed Pinkie, Twilight had to trust in Applejack’s honesty in order to let go of the cliff and fall into my hooves!

And you can guess how that went!

“Uhh, Twilight? We’re on the ground now.” Luminous said while Twilight nuzzled into his chest with a smile. Much to the disapproval of Rainbow Dash.

Who does this whorse think she is?!

If this is a dream, I never want to wake up!

Yeah, that was awkward.

Furthermore, after that we ran into a manticore! Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack all tried and failed to take down the manticore.

But then me and Fluttershy came to the rescue!

The manticore ran towards Luminous, letting out a roar. Luminous ran towards the manticore letting out a battle cry of his own.



Luminous flies up to the manticore’s face and says two words.

“Bitch slap.”

Luminous then slaps the manticore hard enough to knock him out for a little while, which gave Fluttershy enough time to do her thing and tame the beast.

She definitely showed real kindness there.

Right you are, Pinks! And after that we were walking through a dark part of the forest and the trees had reeeeaaally scary faces. Which caused most ponies to scream!


“I don’t get it! They’re just trees!” Luminous said in confusion.

Luminous probably would have had eardrum damage if it wasn’t for me and my silly faces and song!

That’s correct! Using laughter, Pinkie Pie was able to get everypony to stop screaming and start laughing!

Now that we got that over with,

The next thing that happened was that we were facing some...difficulties.

The Main 7 walk out of the thicket, still laughing it up. Until they see a raging river.

“Well, Dammit! How are we supposed to get across this thing?” Luminous says in frustration.

It turns out the raging river was caused by a sea dragon missing his moustache!

So, in an act of pure generosity, Rarity sacrificed her TAIL in order to make the dragon beautiful again! Talk about generous!

After that whole fiasco, we were met with a chasm with a broken bridge!

“Oh great! A CHASM!!” Luminous said, even more frustrated than before.

Rainbow Dash flew over to reconnect the bridge, but while over there she was tempted by the Shadowbolts!

But because of her loyalty towards her friends, she was able to resist the Shadowbolts’ temptations and successfully reconnect the bridge and come back to us!

Luminous put his hooves on Rainbow’s shoulders. “Words cannot describe how proud I am of you right now.”

And it was MY turn to pull her into a passionate kiss!

It took us like five minutes to pull her out of her daze!

Now that we’re fully caught up...


“Well if it’s light you need,” Luminous’s eyes glow green. “Then I can happily provide!”

Oh my Faust, I’m about to see Luminous Skies use Aurora Borealis right in front of me!

Luminous slowly raises off the ground, and tendrils of green light come out from his wings and circle the Elements. But before anything else could happen, blue clouds begin to raise the Elements into the air in a tornado.

“Oh God.” Luminous says.

“Oh God? What does ‘Oh God’ mean?” Asks Fluttershy.

“It means that Nightmare Moon is about to teleport me out of this pla-“ Luminous disappears along with the Elements before he has time to say anything else.


Luminous reappears in a different room of the castle. He looks up to see Nightmare Moon with the Elements. He sighs and begins cracking his wings and turns into Blacklight.

Nightmare glowers at him. “I’ve been itching for a rematch!” She charges.

Blacklight doesn’t respond and charges as well. Before jumping over her and landing in the middle of the elements. He turns back into Luminous and covers them with light again. Nightmare Moon tries to stop him, but to no avail as he just keeps slapping her away. The Elements seem to raise on their own...until falling back onto the ground.

Luminous tilts his head. “Huh. That was very anti climactic.”

Nightmare starts laughing, and stomps her hooves on the ground, breaking the Elements.

“Ah, piss.” Luminous says with a face hoof.

“You fool! Thinking you can defeat ME!”

“Well, to be honest, I kinda already did.”

Nightmare glares again. “Shut up with your LOGIC! Anyways, you will never see your princess or your sun. The night, will last, FOREVER!”

“Okay, guess I’ll kick your ass again.”

“Oh, I would advise against that.” She gives him a devilish grin.

“And why would I do that?”

“Because of you don’t, you will never see you friend again!” She moves to the right, revealing Griffin chained to the wall.

Luminous sighs in frustration. “Are you kidding me Griffin?!”

“In my defense, they offered me weed.”

Luminous suddenly hears voices coming from the stairs. “Is that who I think it is?”


”Babe! Where are you?”

”We’re coming! Just hold tight!”

As Luminous sees the shadows of his friends, his eyes glow white for a split second. He then turns back to Nightmare Moon with a grin.

“You honestly thought you could destroy the Elements of Harmony, just like that? Ya see, that where you’re wrong. Because the Spirits of the Elements of Harmony.” The scene zooms out to show the Main 7 is reunited again. “Are right here.” The broken Elemental crystals begin to rise.

“What?” Nightmare begins to frown.

Luminous turns to Applejack. “A.J., who reassured Twilight when she was in doubt (Sbevè) represents the spirit of Honesty!” Crystals begin to circle around Applejack.

He turns to his first ever friend. “Fluttershy, who tamed the manticore with her compassion, Represents the spirit of Kindness!” Crystals start to surround Fluttershy.

Luminous then looks towards his partner in reality-bending. “Ma girl Pinks! She’s the one who banished fear by looking danger in the eyes and saying (Southern Accent) ‘You’re funny lookin’. She represents the spirit of Laughter!” Crystals begin to circle a round Pinkie, causing her to jump in the air in joy.

Luminous then gazes at the fashionista. “Rares! Who calmed the sorrowful serpent with a meaningful gift represents the spirit of Generosity!” Crystals begin to surround Rarity as well.

He then turns to his marefriend. “Rainbow! You could never abandon your own friends for your own dreams! If that doesn’t represent the spirit of Loyalty, I don’t know what does.” Rainbow blushed at her lover’s kind words as crystals began to surround her.

Luminous’s eyes fall onto his number one fangirl. “And Twilight! Through your travels you have learned the true value of friendship! And with that, you have also realized that friendship is more than it seems, you could say it has a certain...Magic, to it!” Crystals begin to circle around her as they had with the others.

“The spirits of the six ponies got us through every challenge you threw at us! You know, if you would have just let us be, we would have never figured this out. Congratulations!”

“You played yourself!” The Main 7 say at once.

“You still don’t have the Seventh Element! The light didn’t work!” Nightmare Moon retorts.

“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrooooong~! It was a different kind of light. A light ignited inside of me when I heard my friends’ voices. I realized how happy I was to hear them! I realized how much they cared about me, just like five months ago when I made friends for the first time in my life!”

Suddenly above them all, another Element with a perfect sphere crystal appeared. And floats down right in front of Luminous.

“You see, Nightmare Moon, these past five months have taught me something. That if you have your friends, there is nothing that can stand in you’re way! That is why I went on this adventure! That’s why I prevail in every battle I fight! That’s why I would lay down my life for the ones I love! Because I know that as long as I have my friends I have nothing to fear. Even if all hope is lost, there will always be one thing that I have and that NOPONY can take away from me. The light in the hearts of us all. The Seventh Element! COURAGE!

The Element transform into necklaces with a new shape. “Applejack’s an apple, Pinkie’s a balloon, Rainbow’s a lightning bolt, Rarity’s is a diamond, and Fluttershy’s is a butterfly. Twilight’s is actually a crown with a star in it. Luminous’s is an entire cloak. The cloak seems as if it’s made out the Aurora Borealis itself, with a big green jewel rimmed with gold as it’s clasp.

It falls on Luminous and fits him perfectly.

The Main 7 rise up and a rainbow begins to form. “Hey! Hey Nightmare! Look at me.”

Nightmare Moon, in complete fear, complies.

Luminous gives her a smirk. “BITCH.” The rainbow flies towards Nightmare Moon.

“NOOOOOO!!” Nightmare starts screaming in fear and in pain as the rainbow swirls around her. Luminous’s and Twilight’s eyes glow white as the entire room is engulfed in a blinding light.

When the light dies down, the Main 7 are on the floor, unconscious.

Rainbow is the first to get up. “Ohh, my head!”

“Is everypony alright?” Applejack asks.

Rarity’s tail has grown back.“Oh thank goodness!” She says in relief.

“Oh Rarity, it’s so lovely.” Fluttershy says.

“I know! I’ll never harm it again!”

“No. I meant your necklace. The gem looks just like your cutie mark.”

“Well, so does yours!”

Pinkie bounces towards Applejack. “Look at mine! Look at mine!”

“Oh yeah!” Rainbow says with a smirk as she looks at hers.

After looking at hers, Twilight asks a question. “What does yours look like, Luminous?” She looks around for him, so do the others. Twilight spots him still on the ground. “Luminous!” She gasps.

The others find him and gasp as well as they all run towards him in concern and worry.

Luminous is still in his Elemental cloak, completely rigid, eyes closed.

“You don’t think he’s dead, do you?” Rarity asks, tears welling up in her eyes.

Rainbow gasps. “What?! No! H-he can’t be!” Tears begin to roll down her cheeks, as well as the others.

Suddenly, Luminous wakes up with a huge inhale of breath. Everyone gasps out of pure shock and joy.

Rainbow sprints towards him with a teary-eyed smile. “LUMINOUS!!” She shouts in joy.

”Wait, I’m alive?! I’M ALIVE!”

Luminous sighs in relief with a huge smile, and sprints towards his marefriend. “Rainbow?! Oh my god! Give me a hug!” He wraps his arms around her as she does the same.

“URGH!” He suddenly gets glomped by the entirety of the Main 6 (Who are still crying by the way).

”We thought you were dead!”

”Come on, Nightmare couldn’t lay a hoof on me!”

”Don’t you EVER do that again!”

”(Chuckle)What was I SUPPOSED to do? Just let Nightmare Moon win?”

”We don’t CARE what you do! Just don’t die in us, o-ok?”

”Now, you know I will never let that happen.”

”Please *sniff* never do.”

Luminous begins to laugh and he stands and picks them all up, causing them to laugh along with him.

“But are you sure you’re fine?” Twilight and Rainbow want to make sure.

Luminous puts them down and backs up a bit before jumping in the air and doing a dance to check for any pain.

After confirming that he’s fine, Luminous looks back up at his friends with a smile, only to find them all bowing. Aside from Twilight, whom he assumes has ran up to whoever’s behind him to greet them. From behind him he also sees a bright light. He smiles and turns around and gets in one knee. “Princess of the Sun.”

Princess Celestia returns the smile and bows a bit herself. “Guardian of the Night.”

He stands up. “How’s the penny hunting going, eh?”

She pouts. “I have searched everywhere and I still can’t seem to find any.”

Luminous chuckles. “Don’t worry, I got you covered.” He pulls out a bag of copper coins and throws them towards Celestia, who happily grabs them with her hooves.

“Many thanks, Luminous Skies!” She says with a huge smile, and then opens the bag and takes a huge whiff of the pennies, moaning in satisfaction.

The Main 6 look understandingly weirded out, even Twilight’s going “Eeeeeeeehhh?”

“When one ascends to alicorn status, their senses enhance dramatically. One of those senses being scent. Which means that certain materials that smell fine to a normal pony, are much more sensitive to an alicorn. In some cases, certain scents can smell better. In the sense of better-smelling materials, the scent copper gives off is one of the most enhanced scents there is. So in order to satisfy their senses, alicorns made small copper-made coins called pennies. But the formula no how to make them was lost and forgotten to time. That is, until a few moths ago where I was able to pull a pile off pennies out of my tail while I was at home. And Celestia,” Luminous chuckles nervously. “Let’s just say SHE FOUND OUT.”

At night, Luminous while chilling on his couch, decides to play with some pennies. As he is shuffling them around in his wing, he hears loud footsteps coming from outside his house.

“What the hell?” He begins to stand up to investigate, until the front door bursts open. Revealing Princess Celestia with an unusually scary smile on her face.


She immediately runs into the house, sprinting towards Luminous as fast as she can, Luminous could have easily evaded her, but he currently had a look of pure fear on his face.


“Let’s just say, she got her pennies.” Luminous concludes.

Celestia, who had a light blush on while Luminous told the story, changes the subject. “No that we got that over with.” She turns towards a certain cobalt alicorn on the floor of the castle. “Princess Lu-hold up.” Luminous stands up and interrupts her.

Celestia is taken aback. “Excuse me?”

“I got this.” Luminous says and begins walking towards Luna. “If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do this right.”

“What do you mean?” Celestia asks.

“You’ll see.” He makes it over to Luna, who has winced and closed her eyes tight, imagining the worst. Only to open her eyes in confusion when Luminous pats her head. “Don’t worry. You ain’t in trouble. You just weren’t yourself, that’s all. So how about I help you up and we make amends, a’ight?” Luminous offers her a wing and a smile.

Luma happily returns the smile and takes his wing with her hoof and stands up. Being shorter than Luminous she looks up, and gives him a grateful smile. “Thank you.”

Luminous nods in response and turns to Celestia. “You. Here. Now.” He points to her and then points to the ground a few feet away from him.

Everyone is in shock that Luminous would command the Sun Princess to do something, but Celestia simply raises her eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

Luminous looks slightly annoyed now. “Did I stutter? I said get over here!”

Now everyone audibly gasps at Luminous, even Luna. But without changing her expression, she complied.

When she makes it over she has an edge to her voice. “You better have a good reason for this.”

Luminous, unfazed by the princess, answers. “Don’t worry, it is.”

I didn’t do all of this just to see you two give each other some basic-ass side hug like y’all did in the show! Nuh-uh, y’all didn’t see each other for a whole-ass millennium and imma make sure y’all act like it! Now, your highnesses, allow me to remind everyone what’s going on.

He walks in between of Celestia and Luna and gestures to them both. “Celestia. Luna. If I’m not mistaken, you two are sisters. Am I right?”

“That is correct.” Celestia confirms.

“Wait, SISTERS?!” The Main 6 all say at once.

“Yes, sisters.” Luminous continues. “You two have been together, for your entire lives. You played together, fought together, you even taught each other to fly.”

“I remember those days.” Luna says in nostalgia.

“Everything that you two have ever done, have ever accomplished, you have always done it together. If there was a problem, you would solve it together. If there was somepony that bullied one of you two, you would kick their asses together. You would do everything together, because you loved each other more than you loved anyone else. And I know you still do.”

The two sisters smile at each other, knowing that it’s true.

Luminous frowns. “But then, Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon for a millennium. I can only imagine the pain Celestia went through when she had to cast out her only sister, whom she loved with all her heart and then some.”

Tears begin to well up in Celestia’s and Luna’s eyes as they both remember the day that they’ve been separated from each other.

“Every night, Celestia would go over to the balcony and weep, lamenting over the loss of her beloved sister. Because she now knew that all of those memories she had with Luna. Their first spell, their first flight, their first adventure, their first day ruling the kingdom. She now had no one to share those memories with, or make new memories. And I know that deep down, Luna felt that same way while she was on the moon.”

At this point the Main 6 were crying, and the royal sisters had broken down in tears at the horrible memories. Luminous closes his eyes, letting a tear of his own shed.

Finally, he smiles again. “But finally, one thousand years later, these two sisters have reunited at last. Now they have the opportunity to make amends, and make new memories. Hopefully they have learned from their past mistakes and will never let each other go. For they both love each other with all their hearts...”

“...and then some.” Celestia and Luna day, now looking at each other with huge smiles. Their tears are still flowing, but now they are out of happiness.

“Now how about making your first memory back together again?” Luminous said with a smile.

The royal sisters ran into each others hooves and embraced. Both sobbing out of happiness of finally reunited once more.

Luminous nods. “My work here is done.” He walks towards his friends who are smiling at him, some still have tears in their eyes.

“That was a beautiful thing you said back there.” Fluttershy says.

“And were so proud of you.” Applejack says.

He rubs the back of his head. “Ah, it was nothing.”

“Nothing? Nothing?! That definitely was something!” Rainbow shouts.

“Indeed it was.” Rarity says. “The way you showed them that they could always have each other was inspiring.”

Twilights nods. “I agree. I have to admit, when I first met you I had no idea what to expect. But now, I see that you’re better than I could have ever imagined!”

Luminous couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks, girls.” He then looks around. “Wanna get out of here?”

“Yup!” Rainbow says, and hops onto her coltfriend’s back.

”What are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

”Hey! Don’t you hog him to yourself, move aside!

”Ooh! Ooh! Lemme get on too!”

”Unfurl your wings sugarcube, I ain’t missin’ out on this!”

”I suppose I could get on too.”

”W-well, if it’s okay with you...”

”Huh. Looks like we’re doing this now.”

Now Twilight and Rainbow are on Luminous’s back, Pinkie is on his shoulders, Applejack and Rarity are on each of his large wings, and Fluttershy is in his arms like old times.

Luminous walks out of the front of the castle. “Alright everyone, hold on tight.” Luminous gets in a stance. “Call it!”

”On your mark!”

”Get set!”

”Wait for it...”



When they get out of the Everfree Forest, Luminous stops. “Everyone okay?”

As everyone gets off of him, they all look like they’ve just gotten off of the best rollercoaster in existence, even Fluttershy look ecstatic.

“That, was, AWESOME!” She said with a huge smile. Everyone quickly agreed with her.

Rainbow taps Twilight’s shoulder and walks away, beckoning her to follow.

Pinkie and Luminous suddenly huddle together, then they start bouncing up and down slowly, still huddled together. The others shrug this off as Pinkie and Luminous being Pinkie and Luminous.

But not Twilight. She’s confused out of her mind.

The duo slowly get faster and then they point in a random direction and scream, “CHANGE THE SCENE!”


”Come on, babe! You’re gonna kill it!”

”You can do this, Luminous!”

”You just gotta calm down first, okay?”

”Quite right. Whatever you do, you mustn’t freak out.”



”Don’t worry Luminous, we’re all behind you one hundred percent. I believe in you!”

”I appreciate that, Twilight...but the pressure is GETTING TO ME!!

Twilight can’t take it anymore. “Look at me!” She takes his face in her hooves and presses her lips to his. Right before Rainbow does the same.

Rainbow separates still holding his head, then smiles. “You got this.”

“I got this.”

“You can do this!”

“I can do this!”

“Are we gonna own this thing?!”

Luminous pumps his hooves in the air with newfound determination. “WE’RE GONNA OWN THIS THING FOR SURE!!”

“Then get out there and blow them away!!”

“Obtain the grain!”


”You take the moon and you take the sun!”


”Okay, we’re getting carried away! Just get out there!”

Luminous practically sprints on stage, the sight of the green pegasus elicits cheers from the whole crowd(Which is nearly every pony in the whole kingdom), including the Royal Princesses.

Luminous begins. “As you have all heard, Nightmare Moon has been defeated and our beautiful Princess of the Night has returned!” More cheers from the crowd ensue. While Luna’s cheeks redden a little at Luminous calling her beautiful.

Celestia notices this and smirks. “Someone has a cruuuuush~”

Luna immediately shakes off her blush. “We do not know what you are speaking of, dear sister.”

“Again with the denial.”

Luna gives and begins to blush again. “Well, can you blame us?!”

Back with Luminous on stage, “And for the dawning of a new season, you can thank the Elements of Harmony! If I can find them!”

Luminous searches the crowd but can’t find his friends anywhere! “Where did they go?!”

He then realizes they are still backstage. “Hold on!”

He runs backstage and the Main 6 are still standing there. “Are you guys coming or what?”

They gasp in shock and a tad of excitement. “Really?!” Pinkie asks.

“Yeah! We started this together, we’re gonna finish it together! Now let’s do this!” He runs back on stage along with the others.

“Alright everypony put your hooves together for Pinkie Pie: Element of Laughter! Applejack: Element of Honesty! Fluttershy: Element of Kindness! Rainbow Dash: Element of Loyalty! Rarity: Element of Generosity! and Twilight Sparkle: Element of Magic!” At the sound of her name, each mare activates her Element and slightly bows. The crowd cheers, and cheers, and cheers.

Suddenly the Main 6 surround Luminous in a semi circle. They all point their hooves at him and say at once,

“And last but not least, Luminous Skies: Element of Courage!

This was not what I planned on happening, but I might as well.

Luminous walks up, activates his Elemental Cloak, and bows. The cheers from the crowd become louder than before. Even the princesses are cheering, one more than the other.

Gee, I wonder who?

“Now before we get started, I want to do a little something in honor of the reunion of the royal sisters!” Luminous pulls out a piano and signal his friends to take a seat in the crowd.

He gets to the piano and cracks his wings. “Alright, this may get a little emotional.”

Bruno Mars-Talking to the Moon

While Luminous was singing, more and more ponies in the crowd begin to cry, the royal sisters crying the most. During the final chorus, Luminous begins to shed some tears. When he is finished, the applause from the crowd left a ring in his ears.

“I just want you to know Luna, I'm really glad that you’re back.”

Luna’s face went crimson as a smile creeps on her face.

Luminous smiles a wide smile. “Now, who’s ready for a light show?!”

The crowd cheers their loudest cheer yet in response.



Back in the ancient castle, Griffin remains chained to the wall. After hours of thrashing around, he just sighs in acceptance.

“Eh, I’ll get out of here one way or another. But until then...” With his magic, he grabs a bag of pennies he kept just in case of severe boredom. He begins to play with them, until he hears noises coming from the stairs. His pupils dilate in fear as he sees Princess Luna with a scary smile.

“WE SMELL PENNIES!!!” As if on cue, Princess Celestia and Cadence appear right next to her, both showing smiles similar to Luna’s. They break into a sprint towards Griffin, unholy sounds coming from their throats as they run. Griffin can only do one thing now, scream.


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