• Published 29th May 2019
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Luminous Skies: Element of Courage - Luminous Skies

The funny, random, pro’ly chaotic adventures of a green Pegasus named Luminous Skies.

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Twilight arrives...some other stuff happens too! (Friendship is magic Part 1)

Five months later...

At night, there is only one who roams the skies. He is a black pegasus with pure white eyes. He wears a black hooded cloak with a dark green inside. All you can see of his face are his glowing white eyes. He looks to the ground, searching. Suddenly he hears a scream come from down below. A scream oh too familiar to his ears. He immediately flies down to the source of the sound and is led to a dark alleyway. Classic.

The pegasus sees three large earth stallions closing in on am certain blue-furred rainbow-maned pegasus mare. Who seems utterly terrified. But the cloaked pegasus can tell that she’s only acting and smiles at that.

“W-What do you guys want with me?!” She says feigning a voice similar of Fluttershy. Something that she’s surprisingly good at.

“Oh, we just want to have a little fun with you, that’s all.” One stallion says in a deep husky voice. The others nod and chuckle in agreement.

If the cloaked pegasus wasn’t already pissed at these perverts for confronting this innocent mare, the fact that they planned to rape her made him nearly go bat-shit ballistic.

“Y-you guys d-don’t have to do this.” Rainbow Dash says, her voice breaking as if she’s about to cry. Even though he knows her cries are fake, the cloaked pegasus is still angered all the same.

“We know, but where’s the fun in that?”

With that statement, the three stallions slowly move towards Rainbow, each showing scary grins. Rainbow finally “bursts into tears” and slides down to the floor. The cloaked pegasus can’t take this anymore and, without making a sound moves towards the three stallions.

Rainbow looked up at them, glaring through her tears. “When my coltfriend finds out what you three did...”

Their leader scoffed with a smirk. “Oh yeah? What’s he gonna do?”

”He’s gonna kick the living crap out of you. THAT’S WHAT HE’S GONNA DO!”

The three stallions’ eyes quickly widen in fear as they realize whose voice that belongs to. They look to the right and see the cloaked pegasus glaring at them with rage in his eyes. “B-BLACKLIGHT!”

“Babe!” Rainbow Dash shouts in joy and relief as she quickly runs to Blacklight’s side and nuzzles him affectionately with a smile, which he returns with a smile as well. Before turning to the three stallions in question.

“What are you guys doing with my mare?” Blacklight says calmly, which only made the stallions quiver in fear. Anyone knows that if The Guardian of the Night is angry, but doesn’t raise his voice, he’s beyond pissed.

“N-Nothing! W-we swear!”

“Yeah! A-all we were doing was just talking!”

Blacklight nods, and then turns to his marefriend. “What happened?” He asks in a soft tone.

“The-they cornered me in this alley, a-a-and then they tried to r-ra-rape me!” Rainbow says, sobbing the entire time. Even though Blacklight knows she’s only acting, these stallions still threatened to rape her. And NOBODY tries to harm his loved ones without expecting an ass-whooping.

Blacklight stands on his feet (hind legs) and walks toward the three. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

The three stallions seem to forget who they’re about to fight, so they make an attempt to fight back. The first stallion throws a punch at Blacklight’s face, but Blacklight catches it with his wing. He then begins to crush it in his wing, causing the earth stallion to cry out in pain. Blacklight then picks him up by the crushed hoof and swings him at his other two companions, dropping them without breaking a sweat.

”And now for good measure...” Blacklight then proceeds to break their legs, and the three stallions’ screams and cries of pain echo through the night.

After he finished, he walked over to his marefriend, Rainbow Dash (who has already dropped the victim act and is now smirking at him), and removed his cloak, revealing none other than Luminous Skies.

“C’mon Lulu, was that really necessary?”

“Hey, I made it loud and clear what happens to anypony who harms my loved ones in any way a few months ago.” He offers a hoof out to Rainbow and slightly bows. “Shall we, m’lady?” He says with a smile.

Rainbow’s smirk turns into a blushing smile as she takes his hoof and kisses him on the lips. “Yes we shall, O Guardian of the Night.”

Can’t go wrong with chivalry.

And with that, they take off into the night sky.

Next morning, Luminous wakes up with a stretch of his wings. He turns to his side expecting to see his marefriend smiling back at him but instead is met with a note. He picks it up and begins to read.

Dear Luminous,

I had to leave early to practice my flying routine for the Summer Sun Celebration. I heard Princess Celestia would be raising the sun here in Ponyville so I really want to impress her. Even though there’s no possible way no one can’t be impressed by me. I would suggest that you make a light show for her. If everypony in Equestria loves them there’s no doubt that the Sun Princess loves them too. Yes, I love them too. Anyways, I put your breakfast in the fridge. I hope you like it!


Rainbow Dash

If you readers were wondering, yes. Rainbow Dash is a whole lot nicer than usual. Luminous Skies is responsible for that. Since he watched the series before, he knows how Rainbow can be unusually egotistical at some times. So after he knocked some sense into her, he started to help her become a better pony. It definitely worked, and one of the reasons that Rainbow has always had a thing for him was because of how much he cares about others.

Luminous shakes his head with a smile. “She spoils me too damn much.”

“This coming from the one that gives her breakfast in bed every other day of the week.”

Any other pony would jump up and scream, but since Luminous matches Pinkie Pie in stuff that makes absolutely no sense he just sighs.

“Hi Luminous!”

“Sup Pinkie, how’s it going? Ready for the Summer Sun celebration?”

“You bet I am! Oh, I just can’t wait!” Pinkie starts bouncing up and down on the bed in excitement.

“Ya know, I heard that the Princess’ protege is coming to Ponyville as well.”

Pinkie gasps and her smile grows wider. “Really?! You knows what that means!!”

Luminous begins to smile just as wide. “Oh yeah I do!”

They get into each others faces and say at once. “A whole new friend to make with parties on the side!”

“Well, what are we waiting for?!” Pinkie starts to run downstairs.

“Definitely not for me, that’s for sure!” Luminous runs down to follow her. Soon they’re out at the edge of the island in the sky. Suddenly they see a purple speck on the ground. Luminous points at it. “New face twelve o’clock!” He looks over at Pinkie who is practically bouncing in excitement. “Well what are you waiting for? Get in there.” He slaps her back which was enough for her to fall of the edge and fall towards the ground far below.


Somehow she isn’t hurt when she landed in front of Twilight and Spike a few minutes later, but Luminous expects as much. “Thank God I put that trampoline there.” So now he waits.

After a while of waiting, he sees Rainbow crash into Twilight and both fall into a pile of mud. “And that’s my cue.” He get up from sitting on the edge and jumps off. “Maximum effort.”

Meanwhile on the ground, Spike and Twilight had just witnessed Rainbow clear the sky in ten seconds flat, and both of them are completely awestruck.

“Wow! She’s amazing!” Spike says in awe.

Rainbow waves it off. “Oh come on, I’m not even the fastest one here in Ponyville.”

Twilight snaps out of her stupor. “Wait, you’re telling me that there’s another even faster than THAT?! Who?”

“Well my coltfriend, of course! Well, at least on hooves.” Rainbow says.

“And who would that be?” Twilight asks.

As if on cue, a green comet lands right in front of her, making a shockwave and knocking her and Spike off their feet. When the dust settles they see a green pegasus stallion standing in the middle of a crater. Offering them a hoof. “That would be me. Are you guys okay?”

Twilight takes his hoof and gets up, rubbing her head. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Hey babe!” Rainbow jumps down from the bridge and runs over, tackling Luminous into a kiss. When she breaks it, she giggles at her coltfriend who has a goofy grin.

“Ain’t that a way to start of the day!” He says with a chuckle.

Spike’s and Twilight’s eyes widen to the size of pie plates. “Wait! You’re Luminous Skies!!”

Luminous looks at them. “You know who I am?”

“Bro! You’re famous!”

“I’m hwat?!”

Spike goes on. “Yeah! You’re light shows go all across Equus! I’ve even seen some ponies walk out in the middle of the night just waiting for you!”

Luminous smiles. “Oh my goodness, that’s awesome!”

“I know, right?!” Spike says, clearly star struck. “In fact I’m even part of your fan club!”

“Wait, I have FANS?!”

“Yeah! You’re basically a superhero! Heck even Twilight here’s one of them.” Everyone looks to said mare as she looks away in denial. “Pffft, as if.”

“Denial.” Spike, Luminous, and Rainbow Dash say at once.

Twilight fights off a blush. “Whatever, Blacklight’s a better superhero than you’ll EVER be.”

Luminous and Rainbow look at each other and smirk, then look back at Twilight. “Blacklight, you say?”

Twilight glares back at them. “Yeah, so what?”

Rainbow nods to Luminous who then gives a toothy grin, and suddenly black tendrils start to swirl around his body.

“What’s happening to him?!” Twilight asks/shouts in fear.

Luminous speaks from inside the tendrils. “You wanted Blacklight...,” the tendrils finally disappear and the pegasus standing there leaves both Twilight and Spike awestruck, ”You got Blacklight!”

Spike pumps a fist into the air in joy. “I KNEW IT!!!”

Twilight is so awestruck that any words that come out is only a wheeze.

Blacklight turns back into Luminous Skies. “Heheh, I think I broke her...”

Suddenly Twilight just shouts at Rainbow, “You’re telling me that you’re dating HIM?!!”

Rainbow puffs out her chest and smirks, “Uh-huh!” Before looking up at Luminous and smiling, “And I’m the luckiest mare in the world.”

Luminous looks back down at her and raises an eyebrow. “Oh I believe it’s the other way around. I’m the one dating the nicest, awesomest, coolest, most ADORABLE mare I know!”

Rainbow pouts with a red face. “I’m not adorable.”

“What are you talking about? You have the most adorable smile, most adorable laugh, everything about you shouts adorable!”

Rainbow giggles a bit, but quickly pouts again. “Nuu! I’m not adorable!”

Luminous laughs, “Even your denial is adorable!” He then gets an idea and starts tickling Rainbow Dash.

“Hehee, stop it! It tickles!” She then starts giggling uncontrollably.

Luminous then picks her up in a hug. “There she is!” He then swings her around in a circle, both laughing all the while.

“Oh come here, you!” Rainbow immediately tackles Luminous again, but this time gives him a much more passionate kiss.

Spike goes ‘D’aww, while Twilight just sighs and says, “Come on Spike let’s go.”

Spike, confused but still obedient, follows Twilight. “What’s wrong?” He asks.


Spike grins. “You’re jealous, aren’t you.”

“What? No!”

Spike deadpans. “Twi, you were in denial last time, and look where that got you.”

She sighs. “Okay, maybe I’m a little jealous.”

“A little?”

Twilight cheeks redden. “Okay, a lot!”

Back with Luminous and Rainbow Dash, she finally broke the kiss, and Luminous was stumbling like he was drunk with a goofy smile on his lips.

Rainbow giggles, “The way you react is so adorable!”

Luminous looks at her with a mischievous grin. “Adorable you say? I’ll show you who’s adorable.” He then slowly walks towards Rainbow, wiggling his feathers.

Rainbow knows he’s gonna try to tickle her again and let’s out another giggle and takes off. “NUUUUUU!!”

Luminous gives chase. “YEEEEEEE!!”

Later at the Golden Oaks Library, the entire population of Ponyville is waiting for Twilight and Spike to arrive. Until then, they are all trying to find hiding spots. Well, Luminous is trying to find a hiding spot, everyone else is just standing in the open. Luminous just gives up and turns off the lights as soon as Twilight and Spike enter.

“Hmmph. Rude much?”

Twilight sighs. “Sorry Spike. But I have to convince the princess that Nightmare Moon is coming, and we’re running out of time! I just need to be alone to study without a bunch of CRAZY PONIES trying to make friends all the time.” She then smiles, “Even though, I guess it was not all bad.”

Spike raises an eyebrow. “You fantasizing about Luminous Skies again, aren’t you?”

Finding no reason to deny it she just sighs dreamily. “Yeah.”

Wait, This has happened before?!

Who does she think she is?! Fantasizing about Luminous is MY JOB!

Luminous can tell that Rainbow is getting worked up, so he wraps a wing around her to comfort her. He knows it worked when she leans into him.

“Anyways,” Spike says, “Where’s the lights?”

The lights immediately turn on and Spike and Twilight jump four feet into the air.


Twilight, obviously not in the mood for a party, just sighs. That is until Luminous walks over to her causing her to gasp with a blush on her cheeks.

“L-luminous Skies! What are you doing here?”

Luminous raises his eyebrow. “Uhhh, I live here, in Ponyville?”

“O-oh! Right! Of course!”

Luminous chuckles. “I just wanted to say, Welcome to Ponyville!” He then gives her a friendly hug. When he breaks it, he sees Twilight in a daze. “Uhhh, hello? Equus to Twilight.”

All of the sudden she swoons with a goofy smile on her face.

“Okaaaay? I’m gonna just...” He slowly backs away and his space is replaced by Pinkie Pie.


Pinkie immediately starts talking to Twilight at a very, very, fast pace. Twilight just walks over to the drink table and pours a drink while Pinkie is still going on. Before Luminous could warn her, Twilight downs the entire cup. Her mane appears to catch fire and she races up to her room. Spike picks up whatever she drank and finds out that it’s hot sauce. Pinkie pours some on a cupcake and eats it in one bite. The Mane 5 are shocked, but Luminous just pours some hot sauce on a cupcake of his own and eats it in one bite also.

Pinkie and Luminous look at each other and say, “Questa è una torta piccante!”

“You two will never cease to amaze us.” Applejack shakes her head.

Luminous suddenly realizes something. “Oh crap! I have to practice for the light show! I gotta go.” He kissed Rainbow Dash on the cheek, causing her to blush, and then runs out of the library and takes off towards his mansion in the sky.

Later when he gets there, he sits on the edge, looking at he moon, which is now glowing blue. He sighs, “Welp, looks like we’re doing this shit.” He then pulls out a walkie talkie and turns it on.


“Griffin? It’s time.”

“Already? Damn, time flies doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, you got your stuff?”

“Yep, just gotta grab my, ‘medications’, heheh.”

“*sigh* You know you’re gonna get cancer off of that stuff, right?”

“Well, I don’t have it yet.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just when are you gonna get here.”

“Look behind you.”

Luminous turns to see a white unicorn stallion with a white mane. One of his eyes is black while the other is white. He has a cutie mark in the shape of a black gear with three ones in the middle. The smirk he’s wearing shows his wolf-like teeth and a cigar.

Luminous walks up to him with a smirk of his own and puts a hoof on his shoulder. “You ready to kick some ass?”

Griffin chuckles and puts his own hoof on Luminous shoulder. “Is that a rhetorical question.”

Luminous gives a chuckle of his own and turns into Blacklight. You’re damn right it is!

They look down at Town Hall to see dark blue clouds coming out from it and swirling into the sky.

“Shit, it’s already started!”

“You go ahead and take Nightmare Moon, when the shadow ponies come I’ll take them out so you and the others can find the Elements.” Griffin says.

”Somebody has been reading their books.” Blacklight walks over to the edge and jumps off. ”MAXIMUM EFFORT!!”