• Published 29th May 2019
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Luminous Skies: Element of Courage - Luminous Skies

The funny, random, pro’ly chaotic adventures of a green Pegasus named Luminous Skies.

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Dragon Battle!

Author's Note:

Shoutout to Onyx Wulfgar for his OCs!

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Dear Fluttershy,

I have left the house to work on my own house. So do not feel alarmed when you come downstairs and don’t see me anywhere. Just in case I finish building my home today, I just want to tell you how much I appreciated your hospitality. I will never forget it, and I will be sure to return the favor soon. If you want to find me, then look to the skies for a floating island.

Your friend,

Luminous Skies

Luminous Skies is up in the air, far away from the ground, brainstorming. “Alright, how exactly am I going to get a giant rock up here-“ he facepalms himself. “I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that already!” He flicks his tail towards the open sky and out comes a rock the size of a cubic acre...which quickly starts falling towards the ground far below.

“Ahhh shitfuck.” Luminous says and dives toward the rock at high speeds. He pulls out a Spellbook and frantically flips through the pages. “Shit shit shit shit shit fuck shit!” He then finds the spell he was looking for. “Here we are! AZARATH METRION ZYNTHOS!!” Meanwhile the rock was about thirty feet from the ground and all of the sudden stopped and was seemingly levitating on its own. After a giant sigh of relief, Luminous flies to the bottom of the rock to push it up into the sky once more, and he finds out the the rock was right over a brand new house and a single pony couple with looks of fear and shock in their eyes. Luminous puts his hooves on the bottom of the rock and looks at the couple. “Woah, that could have been messy. Well, good day.” And with that he flies off into the sky with the rock. With the pony couple, the stallion immediately faints. The mare tries to hold him up. “Chester? Chester?” She asks in worry and concern for her husband.

“Alright, got the blueprint out.” Luminous says as he pulls out the blueprint for his home. He chuckles with a grin “Hooooh, this home is gonna be ginormous!” He then lands on the rock and pulls out a large assortment of tools. He has some steel bars and wooden planks over his right shoulder, blueprints under his left arm, holding a saw in his left wing, a hammer in the right, and finally holding a toolbox with his tail. He walks towards the middle of the rock with a smile of determination. “My super-speed should make this easier. Montage time!”

Seventeen hours later...

Luminous lays on the ground in front of his new home, completely sprawled, breathing heavily. “Finally...I finished.” After he caught his breath, Luminous flew away from his rock to get a better look at his handiwork. Needless to say... “HOLY SCHEISSE!” He screams in shock, excitement and awe with a wide smile. “I made THAT?!”

Try to imagine this house above on this rock below...

Luminous hops from hoof to hoof and squeals like a filly. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I can’t wait to tell Fluttershy!” With a wide smile, he takes off towards Fluttershy’s Cottage. Only to stop and realize that it’s nighttime and she’s probably asleep by now. Luminous scratches the back of his head with a sheepish smile. “Oops, heheh. I guess I kinda lost track of time. Meh, I’ll just tell her tomorrow.” He then flies off back to his new house. As soon as he steps foot into his house and closes the door, he falls face first into the floor and starts snoring.

Luminous’s eyes crack open and he slowly sits up and begins to stretch. “Hoooooooooly crap, I slept like a rock! I guess I was more tired from building the house than I thought.” He says, yawning at the beginning.

He heads out the door of his house. And walks over to the side of his little island that is facing the same direction of Fluttershy’s Cottage. But, only a minute after he took off, he was facing the eyes of an anger-fueled Rainbow Dash. Oh shizzle... Luminous quickly flicks his tail, and out comes a green-colored pearl falling in the direction of Ponyville.

Luminous knows exactly what happened. Rainbow Dash went to Fluttershy’s Cottage and Fluttershy told her about her near-death experience in the Everfree Forest. And as soon as she mentioned the likes of me, Rainbow Dash automatically assumed that I had to do with Fluttershy nearly dying (well, she’s not wrong), and immediately demanded where I was. And Fluttershy, remembering the note, told her to look for a floating island. And Rainbow, not being the one to think things through, immediately took to the skies looking for me. And she found me.

“Are you that pegasus Luminous Skies?” She asks as if she’s about to kill him.

Play dumb. “What’s a pegasus?.” Not that dumb!

Rainbow Dash slowly advances towards him, giving him a death glare. Luminous chuckled in his mind. This is gonna be gooood. He feigns a frightened look with a sheepish smile. “Heeeyyy, buddy. Let’s, talk about this...later!” And then Luminous disappears in a tiny cloud of purple dust.

Luminous reappears in the middle of Ponyville in the exact place where he threw that pearl. Luminous chuckles with a smirk. “Good ol’ Ender Pearl. That should buy me some time.” He then walks around for a while, looking for someone. “Hey, where’s Pinkie Pie?” Then he smiles. I know how to get her out here. He then gets on his hind legs, cups his mouth with his wings and yells “PIE IN THE...WHAT?!”

As if on cue, Pinkie Pie jumps in front of him and yells out “HORSE!”

Luminous’s smile grows wider, “Now give me one!”

Now it’s Pinkie’s turn to widen her smile. “Name something a burglar doesn’t want to see when he breaks into a house!”

“NAKED GRANDMA! Name a word or phrase that starts with pot!”

“POTATO! Name a word that follows pork!”

“CUPINE!” Then they both say in unison, “Name an animal with three letters in its name!”

The get in each others faces both with unbelievably wide smiles and scream,
”ALLIGATOR!!!” Then they both fall on the ground laughing up a storm while everyone else in the town looked at them in confusion and shock, all thinking one thing: Pinkie Pie finally found someone as random as her! How is this possible?!

After they have finished laughing, Pinkie and Luminous look at each other with shock and excitement. Luminous breaks the silence. “Wait a minute. On the count of three, name your favorite dinosaur. Don’t think about it just name-ready?”

Both of them say it at the same time. “One, two, three! VELOCIRAPTOR!”

Luminous stands up on his feet (Screw you comment section I’m gonna call my front legs arms and hind legs just legs from now on! Yea! Screw you comment section! ) and screams “WHAT?!?!”

“Did we just become friends?!” Pinkie yells in excitement.

“Yup!” Luminous pumps his hooves into the air, jumping a bit.

“Do you want to chant some weird Zebrican words while bouncing on a branch on a tree?!” Pinkie says with a huge smile. Luminous puts his hooves on her shoulder, matching her huge smile. “You read my mind!”

They spent the next hour or so doing just that. The first time, they fell off, but then got on another branch and chanted again, and again, and again. Luminous even brought out a boombox and they started chanting to the beat.


The chanting duo were interrupted by a Sonic Rainboom followed by a scream of rage. Luminous immediately hops down from the tree and waves to Pinkie. “This has been fun, but I believe that scream was meant for me. So if you’ll ever so kindly excuse me, I must start running for my life.”

“Okie Dokie Lokie!” Pinkie waves back. “I’ll see ya later.”

“It’s a date. Gotta blast!” Luminous runs off at speeds that could almost rival Rainbow Dash’s...almost.

As Luminous is running, he looks behind him only to see Rainbow Dash gaining on him. His eyes widen a he tries to run faster. “Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!” But then...something happened.


Everything seemed to slow down and blur out, only becoming streaks. He looks behind him, only to see Rainbow Dash out of sight. Thinking he’s safe, he stops, only to be carrying two ponies. One confused, one angry.

The angry one speaks first with a thick Scottish accent. “What the fuck to ya think ya’re doin’?! Let the fuck go of me! What’re ya, fuckin’ gay?!”

The calmer one of the two speaks up. “Holy Celestia, Radio Wave, calm down! It’s obvious that he was running for his life or something!”

Luminous takes a look at the two ponies to find out that they both are unicorn stallions. The one with the Scottish accent matches Luminous in his height and build. And since Luminous is tall and muscular (because he was that way as a human) stallion, that’s saying a lot. He has a Blue, Lightning Blue, and Pale Light Blue mane. He is wearing headphones around his neck. His eyes are Lightning Blue and has a Lightning Blue goatee. His cutie mark is a Black Single Bar note surrounded by crackling electricity.

The other stallion matches Luminous in height, but is rather lean. He has Lightning Blue fur and a White mane and tail. His cutie mark is a battle axe made of lightning.

“To be honest, I actually was. Rainbow Dash thought I nearly killed one of her friends, in which I didn’t. In fact I was actually the one to save her life. But Rainbow Dash doesn’t really think things through, so she’s out to get me. And when I was running, I must have ran into you two.” Luminous explains. Both stallions nod in understanding.

The Scottish one speaks again. “Aye, I understand now. Sorry about before, lad.” He extends a hoof. “Name’s Radio Wave.”

Luminous shakes it. “I’m Luminous Skies. And don’t worry about it. I probably would have done the same thing if I were you.”
They shared a chuckle, then the blue unicorn steps up and offers a hoof. “And I’m Lightning, nice to meet you.”

“Same here.”

“Anyways, do ya wanna tell us where the bloody hell you carried us to?” Radio Wave says.

Luminous looks around to see what looks like the surface of Mars but with tons of volcanoes. “Looks like we’re in the dragon lands.”

Radio Wave scoffs in disgust. “Ugh, dragons. A bunch of no good greedy shite stains, the lot of them.”

“I agree with you there.” Lightning says with a glare.

Luminous intervenes. “Well, come on. Yeah most of them are, but there has to be at least a few good ones out there.”

“He has a point Radio, it’s not like all of them are bad.” Lightning says.

Radio Wave shrugs. “Well, I guess so.” He says causing Luminous to smile.

“But then again, most of them are, so we need to keep our guard up.” Lightning says, and Radio Wave and Luminous nod in agreement.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”

The three quickly turn around to find no other than Garble and his goons. “Speak of the devil.” Luminous says with a glare.

“Looks like we have some cute little ponies, eh boys?” He says with a smirk, causing the other dragons to chuckle along with him.

“Look, what do you guys want.” Lightning says with an annoyed look.

“Aye, I don’t talk to wee babbys.” Radio Wave says, getting a high-five from Luminous.

Garble’s smirk quickly turns to a glare. “What did you just say to me?!”

“If you didn’t understand what he just said, then you are either deaf or just plain stupid. And I’m thinking stupid.” Luminous says with a smirk, and gets a high five from a laughing Radio Wave and Lightning.

“Do you wussies have any idea who you’re talking to?!” Garble shouts with a snarl.

“A dumbass apparently.” Luminous says causing Radio Wave and Lightning to go “OOOOOOOOOOH!”

“Watch this and see if your still laughing!” Garble walks to a boulder, a with a loud grunt, heaves it up with sweat beads going down his head. Then with a loud yell, he throws it about sixty feet. “Ha!... I can... throw rocks... the size...of you!” He says smirking between heavy breaths and his goons cheer for him.

Luminous scoffs, walks over to a giant boulder and punches it. The boulder obliterates into tiny pebbles. “Bitch please, I can destroy rocks the size of YOU! And that’s only a taste of my abilities.” He says with his own smirk at the dragons’ shocked expressions. He walks over to his buddies. “Tell them what you guys can do.” Radio Wave walks up first. “I am practically an expert in Lightning magic. In other words, I can electrocute all of you fuckin’ yanks’ by just a stamp of my hooves.” He then stamps his hooves, causing the dragons to flinch.

Then Lightning steps up. “My ability is to turn my body completely into lightning. From there I can shape shift my Lightning body, absorb energy to grow larger and more powerful, and make constructs of lightning. Put me in a few lightning storms or worse, a nuclear power plant, and I’m almost unstoppable.” He says with a smirk of his own.

Luminous notices that Garble has a look like he’s about to piss himself. Radio Wave and Lightning notice this too and soon all three are laughing.

Garble’s look of fear quickly turned to an embarrassed glare. “O-oh yeah?! Why don’t you laugh like that in my face?!”

Luminous flies right into Garble’s face-which has already turned back into the ‘I’m about to piss myself’ face, and utters one word with a glare.


Luminous went back to Radio Wave and Lightning, and the three just started laughing.

“Oh, you think you’re funny?!” Garbled shouted.

“Aye! I think we’re pretty bloody hilarious.” Radio Wave says, still laughing.

“Well, laugh at this!” Garble let’s out a high and loud whistle. And suddenly hundreds of dragons land and surround the trio, all teenagers. The three stallions don’t seem afraid of this.

“Well, looks like Garble brought the rest of his goons.” Lightning says glaring at the dragons.

Garble smirks again and says, “You really done it now! I hope you enjoyed the laugh while you could! Because it was definitely your last laugh.” Garble and the dragons roar at the three.

“Don’t ya think ya overdoin’ it a wee bit much there?” Radio Wave asks.

“Yeah I can’t believe that you need hundreds of dragons to take down three ponies. Pretty pathetic.” Luminous says.

“Nobody makes a fool out of me!” Garble screams. “And now you’re gonna learn why! DRAGONS GET READY!!”

“Wow, they’re really going through with this.” Lightning says with raised eyebrows.

“Good, let them fight. I’ve been wanting to stretch my hooves.” Luminous says with a grin. The trio get into fighting stances. Luminous gets into a low stance with his wings balled into fists. Radio Wave’s horn sparks with electricity, and Lightning transforms into his Lightning Form.

“Alright I counted four hundred and thirty-eight dragons.” Lightning said.

“So that’s one hundred and forty-six dragons for each of us. Hm, this shouldn’t be too hard.” Luminous adds with a grin.

“Well we’re goin’ ta skelp their wee behinds then, aren’t we?!” Radio Wave says with a determined smile.

“You’re damn right we are!” Luminous says.

“CHARGE!!” Luminous and Garble say at once.


The three stallions rush to the dragons in different directions. Radio Wave charges up his horn and immediately electrocutes about thirty of them with his horn which puts the other dragons in shock. The dragons quickly recover and charge him once again, and in return, Radio Wave electrocutes another bunch of dragons. “Ya clarty wee naffs are no match for the likes of me! So I suggest ya sod off me fuckin’ lane ya daft cunts!” One dragon thought he got a punch on Radio Wave only to whimper in fear when he caught the punch with his magic. “You what mate?” Radio Wave says with a glare. He then kicks the dragon into some more dragons, making them all fall over. “I’m just gettin’ started with ya bloody weans!” He shouts with a smirk. And continues fighting.

With Lightning, he runs to his batch of dragons and leaps into the air, only to come down punching the ground with his hoof. Causing him to make an electric shockwave that takes out all the dragons in a sixty-foot radius. “Superhero landings are the best.” He then dives into some more dragons, spinning head-first. When he does so, the lightning emulating off of him electrocuted all of the dragons that are near him. He then makes an axe out of lightning and throws it. The axe then starts spinning around, attacking all of the dragons that are to far away to get to Lightning, and the ones that are close enough, Lightning punches them, electrocuting them in the process. “The funny thing is, this is only a fraction of my power!”

Luminous is standing in the middle of his batch of dragons with his arms crossed. “I’m ready when you are.” All of the dragons rush him at once. Luminous combines his strength and speed and starts punching, one-shotting every single one who got close. Some dragons started to attack him aerially. But that didn’t do anything at all, as Luminous simply curled his wings into fists, and started pummeling them as well. Garble sees this, and makes an attempt to catch the trio of ponies off guard.

They all hear Garble shout out, “Once we’re done with you three, we’ll take to the skies and go on a rampage all over Equestria! And I think we’ll start with that Cottage with all of the animals as a pit stop.” Garble smirks as the other dragons cheer, but none of them see the look of pure hate Luminous has on his face.

“Just to clarify, you mean that Cottage in ear the Everfree Forest, correct?” Luminous says, with an edge in his voice.

“Yeah, so what are YOU gonna do about it?”

“That’s the home of the only friend I’ve ever had!”

“Oh, well then I kill your friend too!” Garble says with a laugh.

“Ooh, you shouldn’t have said that, lad.” Radio Wave says with a shake of his head.

“You’re in for it now.” Lightning adds.

“What? I’m in for what?” Garble asks in confusion, then everyone looks at Luminous.

The look in his eyes is full of rage, his fur and mane has taken the color black and his eyes are glowing pure white. Garble and the dragons had looks of fear and shock.

“You know, it all my years of violence and ass-kicking, it was never personal. But, what I am about to do to you, you stubborn, annoying, dragon, I’m going to enjoy it. Very very much.”

Garble and the other dragons glare at him, because a dragon’s pride is something they hold very dear, and Luminous just shattered it.“ATTACK!” Garble yells. And all of the dragons that were still standing ran toward Luminous.

“Do you think we should help him?” Radio Wave asks Lightning.

“No need. If he learns to control this new power, then in a few months, he’ll be able to pick a fight with me at full power and win.”

“Do you really think so?!”

“I know so.”

Lightning and Radio Wave are both thinking one thing. Garble barked up the wrong tree.

Luminous Skies runs towards the battalion of dragons with nothing but his four fists. And he is gonna use them. Due to his strength it shouldn’t take long. The first dragon throws a punch at him, only for it to be grabbed by Luminous’s wing. Luminous then punches the dragon with such force that the dragon is blasted back through a giant rock pillar. Then the rock pillar falls, Luminous grabs it and swings it around like a giant hammer, taking out all of the dragons that stood in his way. He then grabbed two unconscious dragons from the ground, and used them as nunchucks and taking out must if he dragons. He does all of this while death glaring at Garble. He doesn’t seem to be getting tired, and when he throws the two dragons he’s holding at the final dragon standing and knocks him out, Luminous walks towards Garble and hasn’t even broken a sweat. In fact, Luminous isn’t even breathing heavily. In a desperate act, Garble breathes a steam of red fire in the direction of Luminous, and soon he was engulfed in flames. Only to come out the other end of the flames completely unscathed, to Garble’s dismay. Luminous is at his throat in a millisecond.

“If I ever see your face again it’s going up on my wall, understand?” Garble nods with a whimper.

“Good. Now piss off before I change my mind.”

Luminous let’s go of Garbles neck, pulls out the black baseball bat, and hits him off into the sky.

Luminous finally calms down and gets his green fur and green/blue mane and tail back. That must’ve been my Darkness...AWESOME!! He smiles to himself and walks back to Radio Wave and Lightning. “Sup guys?” He says with a smile.

“Bloody hell! That was pretty fuckin’ badass, laddie.” Radio Wave says with a chuckle and high fives Luminous.

“I’m gotta say, I’m pretty fucking impressed!” Lightning says with a chuckle and fist bumps Luminous.

“Heheh, thanks guys. Anyways do you guys wanna ride home or...”

Lightning waves him off. “Oh no need. We can get home from here.”

Luminous turns to Radio Wave. “Ya sure?”

“Aye, we’ll be fine.”

“Alright then. I’ll see you later, I guess.” Luminous says with a wave. Radio Wave and Lightning wave back, and Luminous runs off towards Ponyville.


Luminous makes it back to Ponyville and runs back to the tree where Pinkie Pie was waiting for him. He finds her laying down on the branch, sleeping.

“Yo, Pinks!”

Pinkie springs off the tree and lands in front of Luminous with a smile. “Hey, Luminous!”

“So... where were we?”

Pinkie puts a hoof to her chin. “I believe we just finished saying ‘Squash Banana’.”

Luminous shrugs. “Seems right.”
And with that, they both hop onto the same branch and start chanting, “HONGINANA HINGINANA DIGININANA SQUASH BANANA HONGINANA HINGINANA DIGININANA SQUASH BANANA HONGINANA HINGINANA DIGININANA SQUASH BANANA HONG-hey.” They turn to see Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy walking up to them.

“Well?” Fluttershy says and nudges Rainbow Dash forward.

“I’m just gonna see myself out.” Pinkie says and disappears.

Rainbow Dash walks up to Luminous, who has gotten down from the tree, and she looks at the ground. “Listen, I’m so-it’s fine.” Luminous interrupts her.


“I understand that you were just looking after your friend, all is forgiven!” Luminous says with a smile. “Hell, I would have probably done the same thing of somebody hurt my friend.”

Rainbow Dash chucked. “Thanks. You know what? You’re not so bad.”

“And to show you that there are no hard feelings, follow me!” Luminous says and takes off, tailed by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.

Luminous takes them to his floating house. “Welcome to ‘me casa’! That’s French for ‘front door’!”

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy look at his house in awe. “HOLY SCHEISSE!” Rainbow Dash screams.

“That’s exactly what I said!”