• Published 29th May 2019
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Luminous Skies: Element of Courage - Luminous Skies

The funny, random, pro’ly chaotic adventures of a green Pegasus named Luminous Skies.

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Making new friends

Author's Note:

I’m sorry took me so long to post this chapter. I’m still in school.
Eight references, good luck!

Luminous Skies flies through the woods towards the screams as fast as he can. Crap! Her screams are getting closer but I don’t think I can get there fast enough! He thinks before he flies into a tree. He grunts in pain as he falls to the ground. He slowly gets back to his feet. “Okay...OW,” he says as he stands up. Suddenly from deeper in the forest he hears the same screaming voice desperately crying for help. “Dammit, Luminous! You can’t give up yet!” He grunts as he starts to sprint but then screams as he could have sworn that he felt his ears touch because of how fast he was running.

He stops. Jesus! How fast was I going?! He asks himself as he pulls out a speedometer and gasps in shock and excitement as it reads 387 mph. What the hell?! When did I get SUPER-SPEED?? Yeesh, with all these powers I’m gonna become a Gary Stu. He takes off again, reaching a clearing next to the bottom of a cliff in under a second thanks to his newfound speed.

He hides in a bush and looks into the clearing. He sees a certain yellow-coated, pink-maned pegasus mare backed up against the cliffside, trembling. “Yep, that’s Fluttershy alright.” Luminous whispers. “But what is she doing all the way out here in the Everfree Forest? And why did she scream?” He asks himself but then notices that she is whimpering and crying, and his look of concern quickly turns into a glare. “And what kind of heartless prick sent her to tears?!” He whispers in hatred towards whatever asshole did this to such a sweet and innocent mare.

As if to answer his questions a pack of six seven-foot-tall wolves who seem to be made of wood emerge from the trees, and they are closing in on Fluttershy.

“Timberwolves,” Luminous says through gritted teeth. “Those no good tree mutts make me SICK.”

Fluttershy immediately notices them and begins to sob. “P-please d-don’t h-hurt me!” She manages to get out between sobs, but the timberwolves ignore her pleas, as they continue to advance towards her, with their putrid-smelling green drool dripping from their mouths.

It takes every single ounce of strength Luminous has to refrain himself from just barging through there and tearing those timberwolves apart. But he knows that he has to be calm about this because if he rushes in there carelessly and makes one wrong move, both him and Fluttershy will be as good as dead. So he forces himself to calm down.

While he was still human, Luminous took martial arts lessons. During those lessons he learned how to break through wood with his fist. After what he did, he learned how to break through cement. Then concrete, and finally brick. He read somewhere that horses are almost 15 times stronger than a grown man. And if his strength was multiplied by 15 when he turned into a pony, he should be able to break through boulders, and timberwolves...

“...like it ain’t shit.” Luminous finishes with an evil grin. I’m gonna enjoy taking you six down. He says to himself as he runs towards Fluttershy and the timberwolves. One wolf pounces at Fluttershy and it would’ve been the end of it if Luminous hadn’t jumped in at the last second and punched the wolf with his hoof, causing it to burst into pieces. Fluttershy gasps and the timberwolves step backwards, both equally shocked that one, the green pegasus appeared out of nowhere. And two, that he took down the timber-wolf in only one punch. Luminous looks behind him at Fluttershy and says in a caring tone, “Stay behind me if you want to live.” He doesn’t wait from an answer as he looks back at their attackers which have already snapped out of their stupors and are now advancing toward the two once more.

“Alright, which one of you crap-colored chinkapin canines is next?” Luminous says with a glare. The first timber-wolf charges at him with bared teeth. Only for Luminous to dodge to the side. “I’m gonna deck you in the schnoz!” He says as he punches it in the nose, causing the timber-wolf’s head to burst into splinters as the rest of its body follows suit. Another wolf charges him from the back, but Luminous notices and immediately turns around. Discombobulate. He says in his mind as he slams both of his hooves on both sides of his face, crushing the wolf’s head in the process. Luminous notices that the rest of the wolf’s body is still intact, so he picks it up with his wings and uses it as a weapon and swings it towards the other wolves, hitting them, and destroying them the process. Then Luminous slams the wolf he is holding into the ground, destroying it as well.

“Come on! Is that the best you can do?!” Luminous says with a smirk as he looks at the large heap of pieces of wood.

Suddenly the pieces of wood float off the ground and spin around in some kind of vortex before forming into a forty-foot-tall Timberwolf. Luminous’s smirk quickly falls off his face. At this point Luminous knew...he fucked up. I had to ask.

He got in a fighting stance. Well we ain’t gonna get no where just staring at each other. He looks behind him at Fluttershy, who had been hiding behind him the whole time. He speaks to her in a calm voice. “Stay right here and don’t move, okay?” She nods, and Luminous turns back to the giant Timberwolf and pulls out a black baseball bat with a red handle and a yellow circle in the middle. “Imma hit a homer t’day.”

And with that, Luminous flies up to the wolf’s face and hits it with the bat. As it makes contact, the bat makes a loud ‘KREEEEENG’ and the wolf is sent up and up and up until it’s gone and is only a star in the sky.

Just like the ex girlfriend who will never return. He then floats down to check on Fluttershy. Luminous walks towards Fluttershy, but she moves back in fear. He says in a soft voice, “It’s alright, I ain’t gonna hurt you.” Fluttershy stops moving and eventually Luminous walks up to her. “Are you alright?” He asks concerned. Tears begin to well up in her eyes she wraps her arms around his neck, crying into his shoulder.

Okay, not that I’m complaining but why is she hugging me?? We barely met! Author? Explanation?! Hey! This is my first story, I’m trying here! Well try harder, dammit! She’s probably traumatized by the near-death experience! What do you expect me to do?! Well, find a way to calm her down for one! You’re the one in the story, not me! Think of something! Like what?! Gee, I don’t know! How about using the Aurora Borealis to guide her home? Or perhaps SINGING to her? That always works! (sigh) Okay, I’ll try it. You better hurry, her crying is getting worse!

Luminous looks at Fluttershy to find her downright bawling into his shoulder. Alright, here goes nothing! Luminous takes a deep breath, picks up Fluttershy, and begins to sing while making a lighted pathway in the direction of her Cottage.

Caleb Hyles-Fix You

When Luminous finished singing, they have already made it to Fluttershy’s Cottage and she’s sleeping silently with a calm smile. Yes! It worked! Luminous silently opens the door, walks in and sets her down on the nearby couch. He gets ready to leave. He hears Fluttershy say something behind him. He turns around to see her wide awake and says, “Come again?”

“I-I said thank you, for saving my life back there.” She says, offering a smile. Luminous gladly returns the smile and says “Of course, no problem.” He then walks back towards her, offering her his hoof. “I’m Luminous Skies. Luminous for short.”

“Fluttershy,” She says, then takes the hoof and shakes it.

“Well I hope that I see you around Ponyville, but I really got to go hoooooooooooooh no.” Luminous says with a look of realization and worry as he just realizes that he came to this world with absolutely nothing. And that includes a place to live.

“What happened? What’s wrong?” Fluttershy asks concerned.

“I have just remembered that I do not have a house.”

Fluttershy puts a hoof to her mouth and gasps. “Y-you’re homeless?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Luminous shrugs. “But no matter. I can just make one out of clouds!” He finishes with a smile.

“Where will you live until you finish making the house?”

“Oh, well I haven’t thought of that. Well, I guess I could probably find some lone cloud I could sleep on until I finish.” Luminous says nonchalantly.

“Oh, I know! You could stay here with me until you’re done!” She says with a smile.

Luminous waves his hooves in front of his chest. “Oh no, I don’t want to feel like a burden.”

“No, I insist! It’s the least I could do for you for saving my life.” She smiles kindly.

Dammit, I really do need a place to stay. Luminous sighs. “Well, as long as you want to...I accept your hospitality.” He smiles.

”Yay!” Fluttershy says with a beaming smile.

Luminous chuckles and shakes his head. “Heheh, wow. No wonder you’re the Element of Kindness.” Fluttershy tilts her head in confusion.

“What’s an ‘Element of Kindness’?”

Luminous his eyes widen as he just begins to realize that he has no idea WHEN in Equestria did he land. “Hol’ up. Fluttershy, when is the Summer Sun Celebration.” Please say five to six months.

“Five and a half months, why do you ask?”

After doing a victory dance in his mind, he says, “Oh, just curious, that’s all. Anyways, where am I gonna sleep? I could honestly fall asleep anywhere in the house at this point.” He says, clapping his hooves and rubbing them together.

“Follow me!” Fluttershy says with a smile and gets off the couch and walks upstairs.

“I’m not sleeping there.”

“B-but why not?”

“Don’t get me wrong it’s an excellent place to sleep, aside from the fact that it’s YOUR bed!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Where are YOU going to sleep?”

“Uh, in my bed?” She answers as of it’s an obvious question.

Luminous’s eyes turn in to pinpricks. “I’M SORRY?!?!”

“What? Is there something wrong?” She asks innocently.

You’re too innocent for this world, I swear to Faust. “Fluttershy, look. When two ponies—especially of different genders—sleep with each other...” he walks over to Fluttershy and whispers something into her ear. Her eyes slowly begin to widen and her face goes beet red.

“I-I’m so sorry! I had no idea that-

Luminous waves it off with a chuckle. “Don’t worry about it! I knew that wasn’t what you meant. Anyways I have an air mattress so we’re A-Okay!” He says as he pulls out an already fully inflated air mattress, blanket and all.

“H-how do you do that?”

Luminous is already tucked in the mattress. “How do I do what?”

She gestures towards the mattress. ”That.”

“Oh, how do I make random things pop in and out of existence? Well, you know Pinkie Pie, right.”

Fluttershy nods her head suspiciously. “I guess.”

“Well there you have it.”

She tilts her head in confusion. “But she makes no sense at all.”


Fluttershy finally catches on. “Oh! So it makes no sense, but you’ll go crazy trying to make sense out of it, so you should just leave it be?

“There you go!”

“Well, in that case, I’ll just leave it be.” She says with a smile as she climbs into her bed.

“Great! You do that. While I turn off the lights.” Luminous claps his hooves twice and the lights turn off. “Okay, even I don’t know how I did that. I guess I need to take some lessons from Pinkie Pie, eh Fluttershy?” He says, chuckling at the end. He then becomes uneasy when Fluttershy doesn’t answer. “Fluttershy?” He sits up to check on her, he finds her looking up at the ceiling with a sad look. Luminous immediately became concerned for her. “Hey, are you alright?”

Fluttershy snaps out of her stupor. “Huh-what? Oh! Y-yes I’m ok.” She says putting on a smile.

Luminous gives her a deadpan look. ”That’s a fake smile.”

Fluttershy’s smile becomes that of a nervous one. “N-no it’s not.”

“Yeah it is.”

“I’m telling you, I’m fine. Really!”

“And I’M telling YOU that you’re lying. Come on just tell me what’s up.” Luminous says in a soft tone.

Fluttershy lets out a sigh of defeat. “I just can’t stop wondering what would have happened if you haven’t saved be back there in the Everfree Forest.”

Luminous nods. “You’re thinking about what would have happened to your pets if you hadn’t come back. You don’t know anyone who could take care of them so with no food or water they will eventually...kick the bucket.”

Fluttershy looks at him in astonishment. “Yes...that’s exactly what I was thinking. How did you know that?”

“It’s a gift. Anyways, you should stop think about what happened. The important thing is that you’re alive. Hey, you know what helps me when I’m in doubt?”

“What helps you?”



“A wise Irishman once told me that when in doubt...Sbevè.”

Fluttershy giggles. “What does that even mean?”

Luminous shrugs with a grin. “Don’t know. But Sbevè anyway!”

Fluttershy giggles again. “Ok, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Now no more of this sad talk, Okay? It ain’t healthy.”

“*sigh* I know, but I just can’t stop thinking about my poor animals suffering...” Fluttershy sighs. “Never mind, it’s not your problem. ‘If you burden your friends soon you won’t have any.’”

Luminous looks at her with a raised eyebrow. “What are you, a fortune cookie? That’s what friends...y-you consider me a friend?” He puts a hoof on his chest.

“Of course, what else would I consider you?”

“I don’t know, and embarrassment, a way to rebel against your parents, a desperate cry for help, the list is endless.” Luminous chuckles at the end.

“Let’s just, stick with friend, okay? Luminous?” She turns over to see him looking up at the ceiling, silently sobbing with a smile on his face. “*gasp* What’s wrong??”

“Well,” Luminous wipes his tears, “I’ve never had a real friend before. And I guess finally having one kinda pushed me over the edge with feels.”

“Well I’m glad to be your first.” Fluttershy says with a warm smile.

“Thanks. You know, after one guy—who I thought was my friend—completely humiliated me in front of everyone I ever knew (please don’t ask how), I always doubted that I would ever be capable of friendship again.” He says, looking back at the ceiling.

“Hey, Luminous.” Fluttershy says with a small grin.

“Hm?” Luminous looks back at her.


Luminous chuckles. “Thanks, I needed that.”

“Well, once a wise green pegasus told me that when in doubt, Sbevè.”

Luminous laughs. “Oh really? And who is the wise, handsome, strong, courageous, caring, and all-around awesome hunk of a stallion that told you this?” He says with a smug grin. Fluttershy give him a deadpan look. In which Luminous returns with the same look, but with a small grin. The keep at this for around thirty seconds, and then both burst into laughter. Only for them to stop after a few minutes, and start laughing again, but even louder than the previous time.

This went on for thirty minutes until both were all laughed out. “Welp, even though today may have been a bad day, remember. There’s another one coming tomorrow!” Luminous says.

Fluttershy nods with a smile. “Mm-hmm. But I do think we should both get to bed, though.”

“Can’t disagree with that.” Luminous turns over and completely submerges into his blanket. “Good night.”

“Sleep tight.” Fluttershy says, doing the same.

“Dream of bedbugs tonight. Kidding.” Luminous says, and then immediately falls asleep, along with his new and first ever friend.

Yo Skies, still there? Yep. What’s up Author? Just gotta say, congrats on your first friend. Thanks. I’m gonna protect her with my life, no matter what. Well, it shouldn’t be too hard, did you see me with those timberwolves? I clapped their asses! At this rate, I’ll be unstoppable in battle! Don't get to cocky, Luminous. And why not? Because you need to realize that timberwolves are only wood, you are gonna go up against enemies that can move mountains.