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Inspired by Homeward Bound and A Dog's Way Home.

After a successful performance at a charity fair, the Rainbooms were on their way home. Unfortunately, in their haste, they accidentally left poor Spike behind.

Lost, alone with no companions, Spike must learn to adapt to survive in a harsh world, where survival means everything, if he is to stand a chance to return home.

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This is neat. I can imagine in his attempt to find his way back to the girls he ends up in a situation like this from Snoopy Come Home

They done goof up.

Excellent job on the start of this story. Yeah, I COULD actually see this happening. Loved how the girls were getting ready for that charity concert as well as the post-concert scenes where they are discussing the talking dogs on television. And, indeed, I COULD see Spike getting frustrated concerning certain situations. Somehow, I can't help visualizing the Rainbooms looking frantically for Spike the instant they found out he's missing (Twilight ESPECIALLY) only to keep missing him by just a few minutes (maybe even by a few SECONDS). And I also can't help visualize Spike, on his journey home, sharing adventures with the dog versions of Ember and Smolder and occasionally running afoul the dog version of Garble (who is just the right mix of sadistic bully and overprotective big brother to the dog version of Smolder to be extra-persistent as far as Spike goes).

Whoops. Sorry about that. Just got TOO excited about the possibilities.

Anyway, REALLY good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places.

You know I always wondered why Spike was left out in some adventures in recent installments of 'Equestria Girls', even though I mainly had the idea going into this story I can't help buy sympathize with Spike's plight. When this series was initially getting started, we'd wonder just how Spike would turn up or maybe he'd be a human boy while the others were teenagers. But it seemed as if the show only wanted Spike to be a talking dog, whether it's the Equestria Spike or the Canterlot High Spike, either to make the fact clear that Spike and Rarity will never be an item or because it was to once again poke fun at the poor lad. And sure, some kids at the school have seen Spike talk before unless they just assumed it was a trick or something. Still, I can understand why the girls would be hesitant about Spike being able to speak in front of millions of people who've never seen this kind of magic before.

Besides you never know just what kind of people could be on the lookout for strange phenomenon. I'm sure with all the magic stuff that has gone on in some time and despite all the efforts to attempt to cover it up, there are going to be those with so many questions and may decide to do their own investigation. And if Spike was to be discovered to be influenced by magic to grant him this ability to speak, he'd have a lot more to worry about than to be left behind to fend for himself in the wild. Now I would hate to think the girls would be 'that' distracted to not notice Spike isn't with them, unless they mistook a 'stowaway' that happened to be nestled in Spike's kennel if they brought that along (You know those carry-on metal boxes with the cage doors and stuff). Anyways, I am anxious to see what Spike will do to reunite with his friends while also learning a few things about himself along the way.

Speaking as a fan of 'Homeward Bound', at least the versions with Sally Field and Michael J. Fox, I am curious to see what shenanigans Spike will be up to trying to get home. For me, taking shelter in a trash can in the rain reminds me of when the pets were left behind and had to take shelter in a cardboard box before they'd continue their journey to the bridge that they think will get them back across to their house.

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