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Sunset Shimmer is not a morning person. Never has been. Yet the one thing that makes mornings tolerable for her nowadays is the fact that she wakes up next to the most wonderful girl in the world. Now, if only she could get said girl to stay in bed with her when they wake.

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Not bad...though I feel like Trixie would be the one who Twilight would get smoke bombs from.

And then the story will be treading in an hour or so, calling it right now.


I love every single thing in this story!

Yeah, this is basically my fiance and I in the morning

If there was one thing that could safely be said about Sunset Shimmer, it was that she was, without question, not a morning person

That's why she's Sunset Shimmer, not Sunrise Shimmer.

"Smoke bombs. Gotta thank Pinkie for those later."

You'd think it'd be Trixie.

"Mornings are evil! All they do is wake you up from dreams and make it so that I can't keep hugging my Twilight-shaped pillow."

Waifu shaped pillow :rainbowderp:

Great just great Sunset you had to mention that particular thing

I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve encountered someone using that particular method to get out of bed.

Adorable though how did Twilight sneak a smoke bomb into bed

This was adorable as shit.

Ponies expect superhuman levels of snuggles. It's baked in.

its true. mornings are nothing but pure evil

A pretty cute little fluff Sunset/Sci-Twi story.

What's their ship name, by the way? SunTwi? SciSet?

Keep up the good work. :)


Cute! Adorable! Snuggly! Just, lovely.

This is by far without a doubt the cutest Sunny and Twily story I have ever read!

Love this. Top SSS tier ship fir me here. Though wouldn't it have made more sense for Sci-Twi to get the bombs from Trixie?

I am a fan of this adorableness. Yis. X3

In the wise words of one, Rainbow Dash

"Sunset meet sunrise"

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