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Foal Star

I am just like Discord....just without the god powers


This story is a sequel to Pinkie Diaper Pie

Discord has found himself in a postion to enjoy himself with the diapered ponies of Equestria. But he soon learns that many of them hate this new predicament that they are in and he decides to take advantage of the situation and exploit them in his own fun way. These are the stories of the ponies he played with.

Co Author:Zubric

Chapters (3)
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Padded ponies... Padded ponies everywhere...

Love the concept, looking forward to where this is going

That hair will become popular as soon as you step into that throne room

Discord turned around and snickered, “I'll shave you too Luna don't get all jealous and turn into Nightmare Night again.”

It's "Nightmare Moon", not "Nightmare Night."

Foal Star, I have devotedly followed pretty much every padded pony fic you have ever done. I adore your writing, and I always have. But looking at some of your collaborations versus the ones you do on your own, It seems like spelling goes to the wayside in the collaborations. Obviously, that should be expected with the foal talk, and boy do I expect it, but everywhere else, not so much. I love your work, and I adore this concept, but bad spelling is very off-putting for me. I have seen the greatness you are capable of. I loved "How To Train A Baby Dragon", and "Royal Guards In Training" honestly made me cry during the sweet moments. I just want to see you showing your best work, because you are so incredible at what you do. You inspire so many of my own padded pony fics, and you've inspired me in my own tough spots. I don't like the idea of giving criticism of any kind, and I hate to actually do it because I get it quite a bit at home and hate the way it makes me feel, But I sincerely try to say it with the best of intentions. You have done great things, and I know you will do many more.

that's okay, I'll continue to write and do better. But my life is quite busy and sometimes I don't have much time for editing as I should. So I apologize if some of the spelling or grammar is off.

Well this was a fun read keep it up.

it. Looks cute and beautiful as well. When it te next chapter is going to be and im like to see more of this story

How can there be a sequel when the story that this is a sequel to is incomplete?

These were side stories going on around the same time as Pinkie Pie's just to give more context of the extent of the Diaper curse

This was so adorable! I can’t stop smiling!

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